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You want to be a part of a team in this great company with excellent career prospects or enter a prestigious college, but you have to persuade the commission that you have no doubt about your decision and they will not regret if they accept you. So, your task now is to answer the question, “What is the reason for your desire to join this organization?” You suddenly realize that you have already spent hours thinking about the first sentence and the reasons you can write about do not look very convincing. You keep telling yourself that the only thing you have to focus on is writing a motivation letter PhD, but you have already had four coffees and two cakes. You feel terrified to realize that instead of composing your essay, you have been watching the last episode of your favorite sitcom, posting your selfies on Facebook, checking on the number of likes you get, and scrolling the newsfeeds of all your social media accounts. You cast a look at the blank file you still have and type something like, “I will definitely be an outstanding fit for the organization.”

You start wondering why you cannot explain that it has always been your cherished dream to join exactly that team. You know that your capabilities are sufficient for applying and you are competitive enough, but you just do not know how to present your reasons and explain what you have to offer. We have prepared some valuable tips for those who need to write a motivation letter PhD at high level of proficiency.

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Motivation Letter PhD: What Is It? 

What does a term ‘letter of interest’ or ‘motivation letter’ imply? It is a letter of introduction addressed to any company or organization, notwithstanding the fact whether they can accept the applicant. You have to communicate how much you want to be accepted into the team in case there is an opportunity to join it. It is also possible to refer to the letter of interest as a letter of inquiry, as the applicant sends a message about his or her intention to get a chance to be admitted for college or school, become an intern, start volunteering activity as a part of a peculiar organization, etc. It is possible to send a letter of interest even if there are other obligations or duties an applicant is having at the moment. It is important to know how to differentiate between a letter of motivation vs cover letter as the latter is sent in response to an actual opening or available position, while the former sends an inquiry about potential placement and requests for information about the availability of the job, showing a passionate desire to cooperate with this team in the future. It frequently happens that there should be direct relation between the organization and applicant’s training.

Motivation Letter PhD vs Cover Letter: The Main Difference

Considering the key differences of letter of motivation vs cover letter, it is essential to take into account not only their content, but also their spheres of use. Both of the letters are important for an applicant as they are aimed at seeking opportunities to join the company or organization of his or her dream. However, there is a feature that makes these letters different: a cover letter is aimed at sending an application to get an available vacancy, while a letter of interest is sent to get to know about potential vacancies. If you want to buy motivation letter services, you should know that you can get it from an expert and send it any day, no matter whether the company has an opening at the moment. If you want to get a cover letter from a writing expert, you should expect it to present your capability to match all the requirements and be a valuable asset for this specific job.

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Motivation Letter PhD Writing: Expert Guidelines and Tips

  • Look for ideas. Start with noting down all key thoughts to be included and then build up the letter on the basis of those ideas.
  • Work hard on the introduction. Get motivation letter help with your introductory part of the letter as it is the most crucial one. If the admission officers consider your introduction to be boring and not engaging, they will not take the rest of the letter seriously. Try to make your letter sound intelligent, but not excessively formal or boring. 
  • Sound personal and share facts about yourself. It is important to demonstrate your emotions, feelings, and interests as the officers will take them into consideration while choosing a successful applicant. Share some personal anecdote or a story that clearly demonstrates your ambitions and traits of character needed for this particular job.
  • Emphasize the most important facts. Every reputable motivation letter writing service can show you how to present your most valuable qualifications, tell about previous experience with the focus on the international one, explain which qualities you have, and structure the letter accordingly. They can help you arrange the middle paragraphs that can demonstrate which qualifications of yours are relevant to the chosen program, and so on.
  • Be concise. High quality motivation letter writing help is always delivered with the paper not exceeding one full page. Writing too much will be a mistake in that case.
  • Devote sufficient time for writing. You should think about your motivation letter PhD or personal statement for several weeks and only then out your pen to paper. What you do is important, so spare enough time for the process.

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Brainstorming is one of the strengths of our writers, and you will be amazed at the stories they can tell. Overall, you will impress the readers if you make use of our motivation letter writing help.

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