How do I place an order for my custom written paper?

First, open the Order page. If you are a new client, we will ask you to provide some basic contact information. For clients that have ordered from us before – simply login. Then describe your order, upload any files our writer might need while working on your paper. Make sure you provide us with detailed instructions and guidelines. There is a separate section that offers VIP service, so make sure to check it out as well.

I would like to extend my order. Can I add more pages to it?

Yes, of course, you can add more pages to your paper by placing an additional order. To do it, you will need to go to your personal account and place a new order indicating the ID number of the order you want to have extended. If you have no time to do it manually, you should just get in touch with our support team and one of our managers will gladly do it for you.

Do you send papers through e-mail? How will I receive my paper?

Once the deadline expires, you will find a perfectly completed paper in your personal account in the Files section. Besides, you will also receive an e-mail with the link, which will allow you to download your paper with only one click of your mouse.

I want to check if you can do my task. Can I do it before making an order at your service?

Yes, sure you can do it by communicating with our support managers. One of our agents will forward your request to our Writing Department and they will ensure they can handle your assignment.

What time frames does your company offer?

We offer a relatively wide range of deadlines starting from 3 or 6 hours, all the way up to 11 days for essays, 14 days for PowerPoint Presentations, and 60 days for Dissertations. Please note, that your deadline starts from the moment we receive your payment. Also, while choosing the type of assignment, make sure tight deadlines are available or it.

Do your writers add a list of references to the paper?
They do. When you place the order, you specify the number of sources you need in the paper. Please check your paper rubric carefully to let the writer know the exact details. Adding a list of works cited requires no extra payment. The writer also provides a title page for the paper in the style you need and you do not have to pay for that. Writing an abstract and a table of contents are also free, if needed. We follow all the instructions you provide, so just mention the citation style (Chicago, MLA, Oxford, APA, etc.) and we will handle the task for you.

Do you ensure thorough proofreading?
We give customized services and you can choose between the basic packages and VIP services with extra options. One of them is additional editing after the writer has finalized working on the task. Placing your order, you can tick the option and the price will change automatically so that you could add an extra fee for it. You will download the paper according to the set deadline. One of our sophisticated editors will thoroughly proofread, edit, review, and polish your paper.

Can I order from a website without having an account?

Only after you sign up, you can use all the functions of the website fully. Otherwise, you will not be able to exchange comments with the writer, post messages, upload files, or get access to the ready papers.
From your account, you will be the only person who can ask for a revision, submit files, or remove the assignments.

Will I receive notifications from your team?

Yes, you will receive an automatic e-mail in case of any actions or updates of your order. Besides, you can receive notifications through SMS, system messages, and phone calls.

How can I be sure that the paper I receive from you is original?

Before being sent to the client, every paper undergoes a complex anti-plagiarism check using modern software. Upon your request, we can send you a copy of the plagiarism report completely for free to ensure you that the paper is completely original and free of plagiarism.

How can I get a discount on my order?

First-time clients are entitled to a 15% discount. We also have a system of lifetime discounts that offer 5, 10, or 15% based on the number of pages ordered. There also are seasonal and promotion campaigns that offer discounts from 10 to 20% with a discount code for a limited period of time. In order to receive these discounts, simply let us send you occasional emails while placing an order and check it regularly.

When will I receive my paper?

You can be sure that your order will be delivered to you within the deadline allocated. Please note that we count the time from the moment the order was placed and verified. As such, if you want to receive your order in 48 hours, you will need to choose a 2-day urgency and pay for your order right away to verify it in our system.

I haven’t received my paper yet! What should I do?

First of all, check if the deadline is over. Please remember that we register the deadline from the moment we received your payment, not the moment you have placed an order. If the deadline is over and you haven’t received an email and there is no file in your Membership Area (sometimes email delivery delays happen), that contact our support team immediately and they will help you out.

What can I do if I don’t like my paper?

Once you received the paper and believe your instructions were not met, simply request a free revision. You have 48 hours for orders under 20 pages, and 30 days for complex orders of 20+ pages. If your requirements have changed, you might need to put additional requests, and rewriting fees will be applied. In such a case, please contact our Support Team and they will help you figure out everything.

How will you deliver my paper?

Once the deadline is over and the paper undergoes all the examinations, it will be uploaded to your personal account and a copy will be sent to your email. Should you experience any difficulty downloading it, just reach out to our support team and they will gladly assist you.

Can I change my phone number (e-mail, password)?

Yes, you can update personal information in your profile by using the Edit tab. Besides, you should not forget to save changes to get your profile updated.

Will our cooperation remain confidential?

We highly respect the privacy of our customers and never disclose their personal data to third parties. As such, you can be sure that our partnership will remain absolutely anonymous.

Will you deliver my paper on time?

Yes, timely delivery of all orders is one of our main guarantees. No matter what the deadline of your project is, you can be certain that we will deliver it in a timely fashion because we know that timely submission is particularly important for receiving a good grade.

What assignment type should I choose?

If you are not certain about what writing service to choose, you will need to seek assistance from our support managers. They will study your instructions thoroughly and guide you on the writing service you will need to order.

Do you guarantee grades? How can I be sure that I will receive a high-quality paper?

We cannot guarantee any grades and the reasons for that are obvious. You should understand that each tutor has their own system of assessment and we cannot guarantee that they will put the highest grade for the paper ordered at our writing service. Nevertheless, we can guarantee that the paper written by one of our skilled experts will meet the highest quality standards and will be absolutely flawless in terms of structure, content, and formatting.

What is your pricing policy?

The cost of your paper will be very fair and moderate. In fact, it depends on many aspects including the length, the urgency, and the writing level requested. For more information, you will need to check our “Prices” section or contact our support representatives asking them to calculate the price for your order.

How do your work?

We are working 24 hours per day 7 days per week for your convenience.

Can you work on urgent orders?

Yes, we have sufficient experience in dealing with really urgent assignments. If you want to be sure that your urgent task can be completed before placing an order, feel free to ask our support managers for guidance.

Can I ask for a revision if I need to have my paper corrected?

If the paper written by one of our experts does not fully meet your expectations, you will have it revised because we never look for excuses for our mistakes. Pay attention that a free revision can be provided within 48 hours of the order delivery in case your initial instructions weren’t changed. However, if you are introducing new guidelines in your revision request, you will need to compensate for extra work.

I need to have my paper corrected but the free-revision deadline has expired. What can I do?

If you would like us to work on a late revision request, you will need to place an additional order of Revision type.

I checked my order details and noticed that I mistakenly specified the erroneous details, such as academic level/paper type/deadline/word count. Is it possible to resubmit this information?

You cannot resubmit the details of your order if you saved them previously. Yet, you can address our Support agents to edit the instructions instead of you. Keep in mind: changes may entail recalculation of the overall order price.

I need to make sure that my project is being written according to the requirements. Can I request a draft of the work while it’s still in process?

Indeed, your personal writer can make a separate draft. Usually, it entails 1 page and it can be done after the paper is at least half-finished. You need to pay an extra fee for the work drafted in advance.

What are the most active hours of your company to address your agents without delays?

Our Support Team is ready to respond to your inquiries 24/7. Our writers and editors also work in shifts, so there is always a chance to find a suitable expert.

Do you assist with passing exams?

Yes, we can help you prepare for exams as well as pass online tests for you. Still, such orders are quite specific, so you need to inquire about the available specialists before placing the actual order. In this case, you should choose the option “Online Exam”. Please make sure to elaborate on the details of the upcoming test. It is equally important to attach the necessary files, books, and lectures, or share links to the educational material. It will help your potential expert to prepare thoughtfully. Do not miss the date and time of the exam within your time zone. The moment your specialist receives all the necessary information, he or she starts learning. When the test day comes, the expert logs into the required platform and passes your exam.

Can you accomplish a project in web development?

We can write about coding or web development as linguists, but we cannot code as developing specialists. Programming is a technical skill, which does not belong to the scope of responsibilities of our authors.

I have encountered payment issues. How can I proceed?

We are not in charge of money transaction issues directly. Our Financial Department may know how to cope with certain nuances, but payment failures usually do not depend on us at all. If you come across a payment error, try an alternative credit card or transaction system. One more typical problem is using a less flexible local browser, which hinders international transactions. You can also address our Customer Care and they will try to give you some useful hints.

I saw the option called “Preferred Writer” on your website. As I understand, it stipulates supreme writing level. How much should I pay to use this feature?

Indeed, it guarantees the creation of work at an advanced level. It also entails the selection of a top-rated author from our 30 writers with impeccable ratings. Besides, such an order becomes highly prioritized, so it is assigned more urgently than regular orders. We will also attach a detailed plagiarism report to highlight the sources used if in-text citations are needed, as well as prove the overall authenticity of the project. If you ordered from us several times and you liked cooperating with a specific expert, you can request this very wordsmith to become your Preferred Writer. As such features belong to the VIP category, you will have to pay 15% more to make all your projects spotless.

How can I check the uniqueness of my ordered text?

We would not have been a reputable and trustworthy company if we had not produced unique written works. Our professionalism is reflected in our authentic strivings. We also have our own cutting-edge plagiarism scanner, and we use it to check each paper’s inimitability. In addition, you can pay for a detailed plagiarism report. Our professional editor will prepare it for you.

The expert who created my previous assignment surpassed my expectations. I got A+, and now I want all my grades to be excellent. Can the same writer accomplish my next order?

Of course. It also leads you to our wonderful feature, which allows everyone interested to choose their Preferred Writer. You can add the ID of this author to your order in the process of placing it. It means we will not search for alternative writers, but we will entrust the requested expert to do the work for you. There is only one aspect to pay attention to: you will have to pay slightly more, namely 15%, to initiate this perfect cooperation.

I purchased the paper successfully, but then I saw another payment request in the system.

It may be a technical error or simply a glitch. Yet, in some cases, it may be related to issues with your bank, not our system. The steps we advise to take: 1) check your email where you may find an invoice from our company; 2) if you found it, please forward it to our official email; 3) check your Spam folder; 4) if nothing has been found, check the availability of your bank receipt to be certain that you were charged. In case you discovered a spammed bank statement, make a screenshot and send it to us. In our turn, we will contact our Financial Department to solve the issue.

I received an email about the order refund. How many days should I wait for the compensation?

Refunds are not processed too quickly. However, it usually takes from 5 to 7 days to compensate the money and send them back to your card. The work schedule of your bank also influences this process.

Can I ask my personal writer to purchase the required material for me?

Our policy entails that every customer should share their material with our experts the moment they place an order. We do not buy books and any other documents to complete your papers.

Can the price for my order be negotiated?

Our initial prices remain stable, but there are possible alterations. The cost may be reduced owing to bonuses, seasonal and personalized discounts. Although we cannot promise that your order will be discounted, you can address our agents with your individual request and we will see what we can do about it. In any case, we generated a favorable bonus program for loyal clients, so you have a high chance to benefit from it.

There are two hours left before my online examination starts. Can you find an expert to take an urgent test?

We cannot guarantee to find a specialist in your sphere if time is extremely limited. Yet, you can still write your online exam inquiry directly to our Live Chat. You may be lucky to find the desired expert to pass your exam with ease.

There’s something wrong with the website when I’m trying to place an order. When I submit my details, the page keeps loading.

Our website works decently most of the time. When the order page freezes or keeps loading, it may be related to the files you are trying to upload. Check whether the size of your attachments is not large. If you have to upload an extensive file or several documents, please consult with our agents to find alternatives to share these files with us

I was asked to extend my project. Can I add more pages to the order I already paid for?

Yes, you can. We do not set limits on the ordered pages, even if you add them in the middle of the paper creation process. Yet, it should be done by placing a supplementary order on the same topic. Indicate the ID of your ongoing essay to let us connect it to the additional pages. Whenever you encounter some difficulties, you are welcome to contact our Live Support.

Will I be informed when the chosen writer starts working on my order?

To stay updated on your order status, you can check it right within your profile. When the essay is matched with a suitable expert, their ID number will become visible next to your order. Its status will be “Processing”. You can also make use of an additional option of instant messaging notifications regarding the stages of your work’s accomplishment.

Can my writer turn in the assigned essay several days before the deadline is over?

The pace of our writers’ productivity cannot be predicted, as it depends on their creative potential and the scope of the research itself. Even if your writer copes with the task significantly in advance, the paper will be uploaded in line with the identified deadline. We cannot upload our customers’ orders much earlier than their initial time frames, as urgent orders are considered hot and not the cheapest ones. If for some reason, you need to receive the final version of your work much faster, then you will have to pay for the difference between your original and new deadlines.

I would prefer not to share my private number. Is it necessary to disclose it?

Of course, you are not obliged to provide us with your phone number. Yet, we suggest that you leave at least your valid email address to help us contact you whenever we need to clarify something. Our interaction directly influences the comprehension of your task and the ensuing quality of the finished project.

I need to make sure that my essay is assigned to the right author on time. Will I know about it?

We can reassure you that there will be no significant delays in finding the right author. The writers’ search rarely takes several hours. We do our best to find a suitable writer as soon as possible. The moment your order is verified by our system, we start searching for an ultimate wordsmith to accomplish your project. Before the writer is found, your order will have the status labeled “New.” Then, you will know that your order was assigned when the order status changes to “Processing.” You will also identify when the final version will be uploaded to your profile. All the completed orders have “Sent” statuses.

What are the basic functions of ExclusiveThesis.com?

Our proper functioning directly depends on the logical steps every client tends to accomplish. You have to be our registered user to make use of all the ExclusiveThesis.com features. Look through a variety of academic works within our professional competence and then place the necessary order. Your instructions have to be clear, easily read, and coherent. Besides the step-by-step essay guidelines your professor provided, include the topic of your research, academic level, deadline, and the project’s length. Upload the additional files or share your material via our official email in case it exceeds the required document size. After you submit your order and pay for it, we will start monitoring all the available writers, who would perfectly fit your project’s criteria. You can communicate with your writer to discuss separate stages of the creative process. Our editors check the final version for stylistic and grammar errors, as well as make sure that the work contains no plagiarism. When the deadline is due, the responsible quality manager uploads the essay into the system and it becomes visible in your account. Keep in mind: if you have some remarks, it is better to send your paper for revision right away to avail of the free 48 hours.

I fail to submit a form of my order. The website keeps reloading.

Such an error is oftentimes related to the large files you try to attach. The simple way to check whether the problem is in the file size is to refresh the entire page. If you submit your instructions successfully without the attachments, then the problem is solved. Do not worry, you can still share the necessary materials with us: simply contact our customer care managers to help you out.

My assignment is sophisticated and I am not sure if your team can cope with it. What should I do?

As long as your project is embodied by a written composition (not a coding or programming assignment or an engineering project, which demands drawing and calculating instead of writing), we are 99% sure that we can handle your task. Our scholarly prodigies have completed thousands of modern educational projects in various topical disciplines. To be on the safe side, contact our agents and explain the particularities of your assignment to them. Our experts will instantly understand whether the task is manageable.

Do I get a chance to interact with my writer whenever I need to shed light on some important details?

You are free to get in touch with your writer provided that your questions will be related to your order. We created a secure messaging system for such instances of direct communication. As an alternative, you can write or call our support agents and they will forward your requests or clarifications to the expert responsible for your project.

How qualified is the writer working on my assignment?

The simple fact should put your worries aside: amateurs never become a part of ExclusiveThesis.com. Every potential writer should take a range of qualification and erudition tests. Everyone on our team is a graduate with a decent diploma and a well-regarded degree, from Bachelor and Master to Ph.D. The assigned writer will reflect the required academic level. Returning clients often choose the same writers for all the subsequent orders. Thus, if you liked cooperating with a certain specialist, you can make this person your Preferred Writer. However, it belongs to a VIP Package options and it entails an extra fee. Besides, you can choose from our Top 30 Writers – such cooperation guarantees amazing results!

Do you have storage for credit card details of your clients?

No way! Authorization of your financial details takes place directly in the banking network. Our website stores no information at all! We do guarantee that we keep all your personal details, in particular name, phone number, email address, and details of your school confidential as well. No third parties have access to your personal details.