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The dissertation introduction is designed to introduce the essence of your work and identify the problem(s) addressed. Although the introduction is a short chapter, it is, nevertheless, a critical one. The introduction must isolate the problem succinctly and prepare the audience for reading your dissertation. It also determines if the problem has been properly stated and addressed.

A dissertation introduction must provide enough information so that the reader entering the ensuing chapters had a solid understanding of the purpose of your work. On the other hand, this chapter must not divulge too much detail that will be repeated in other chapters. It is supposed to spark interest and motivate the reader to move forward.

For a seasoned writer, a Master’s Thesis or Doctoral Dissertation introduction is not a problem. However, most people only write one Master’s Thesis and one Doctoral Dissertation in their lives and therefore lack the experience of creating a fully appropriate introduction. That’s where we come in.

Our team of professional writers possesses knowledge and expertise in dissertation and thesis writing. They are fully experienced in writing dissertation introduction chapters. At ExclusiveThesis.com you will find any kind of writing assistance, from review and revision of an introduction you have already written to the full service of writing the entire introduction chapter or even the entire dissertation from scratch. You determine the level of service you require.

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