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Not sure how to write a book critique or scholarly article critique? What is an article critique? It is far more than merely summarizing a story or article. In order to write a critique paper, you have to be able to examine the article or narrative at a deeper level, focusing on the strengths and weaknesses of the material under review. If you are having difficulty with this, the best solution is to buy a custom article critique from the academic writing experts at

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Students who are unsure about their academic writing abilities often buy an article critique paper from If you are asking yourself, “What is a critique?” chances are you are not fully prepared for the task. Fortunately, the expert writers at are ready to help. We offer our academic writing services for a reasonable price, and the result is a custom scientific journal article critique or book critique that gets you the grades you need. Let us take a deeper look at what this type of assignment entails.

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How to Write a Critique of an Article

Let us examine how to write a critique of an article. First, it is important that you understand the process so that you can better understand how to write an article critique. When writing a psychology article critique, it is important that you examine the strengths and weaknesses of the particular psychology experiment, using information from the article itself as evidence.

It should be noted that, for instance, a nursing research article critique does not necessarily entail criticizing the article. In this way, a “critique” is actually merely intended to highlight the main ideas of the paper and discuss them in a comprehensive manner. It is perfectly acceptable to determine that an article or book is close to flawless. For instance, you may contend that the author used highly reliable sources and organized their thoughts really well. The main point is that you are able to back up your assertion by pointing out parts of the text that support this.

In order to properly critique an article or book, it is not enough to skim through it since you will almost certainly miss important details. In fact, it will not suffice to simply read it once. At the minimum, you should read it twice. The first time you read it, it is important to develop a general understanding about the article and the way in which it is organized. When you read it a second time through, identify the main ideas as well as any important supporting details. As you look through the writing, note the ways in which the author supports their main ideas. Are they using reputable sources? If they conducted an experiment, were their methods sound? These are the first steps to knowing how to do an article critique.

When writing your critique, it needs to be stressed that providing general feedback and stating that you merely liked or disliked the article or book is not enough. You need to take the additional steps and justify your feedback. For instance, if you question the accuracy of a study, you might point to the small sample size that the researcher used. Furthermore, you could point out that the sources used in the article have been refuted.

How to Critique an Article

Here are some suggestions if you still are not sure how to critique an article. First, you could provide some general information about the author of the work. For instance, if they have already proven themselves an authority over a certain subject, this could serve you well as you critique their work as it indicates credibility.

Before discussing the specific contents of the book or article, think about it in more general terms. For instance, is the tone appropriate based on the given topic? Was the paper easy to understand and presented in a logical manner? Think about the article’s target audience. Does the article offer anything meaningful to them? At this point, you can then dig deeper and discuss the research. Did the author use sound methods? Were there any flaws in their logic? Did the statistics and other data used in the paper help the author make their case? If you know how to critique a research paper then you definitely understand how important it is for the author to demonstrate the importance and relevance of their study.

Now that you have a better idea about how to critique a research article, all that remains is to choose a style that suits you best. Just make sure to avoid using bland, repetitive language and do not focus on the unimportant details of the work. Just put all of your energy into discussing the main ideas.

If you have never written a critique paper before, just be patient. It takes time to master the skill of proper critiquing. Just practice writing them and eventually you will get the hang of it. In the meantime, if you need help with your academic assignments – including your article critiques – is here to help. For more than a decade, our expert writers have been helping thousands of students just like you out of a jam. When you place an order for a custom critique paper, you gain access to a professional writer who as the appropriate academic background to complete your assignment. Best of all, we deliver unique content that is guaranteed to be free of plagiarism. You could try to complete your assignments on your own, but why take that risk? By ordering your custom papers from, you can have peace of mind in knowing that your essays will be written in a way that your professor requires.

Our friendly customer care representatives are available 24/7 to assist you with your order and answer any questions. So make a sound investment in your education and buy custom critique papers from today!

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