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University assignments are different in the level of their complexity, and some of them require particular skills and extensive knowledge from the students. Besides, the students frequently disregard the aspect of their passion and involvement in a special major or course, but it is actually their interest that serves as motivation to struggle with the tasks and spend hours and days on writing them. ‘Could you please rate my thesis?’ Some students send this desperate request to the writing companies to know whether their efforts were made fruitful. They need to know if the papers they have completed are worth the time spent on them. Comprehensive expression of ideas, as well as the student’s ability to present the arguments clearly, is essential for the success of every paper.

Please rate my college essay! Students want to know whether the texts they have written correspond to the key standards of writing. They know that great papers are always characterized by proper citation, thorough analysis of the subject matter, excellent grammar, exciting content, flawless structure, careful punctuation, and a number of other aspects. The list of requirements for a certain paper is typically very long, and it is customary for a professor to base the grading on assessing your skills as a researcher and a writer. Thus, it is understandable why we often get a request like ‘Can you analyze my writing?’ as the students need to know whether they have implemented an ethical approach and made their writing effective. Fortunately, there are numerous tools that can be helpful for you. As for our online service of paper analysis, it has a target group of clients in need of assistance with papers that need polishing.

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We know how to analyze a text and after our assistance, you will be surprised to see the reaction of your professor. Your text will no longer be an average piece of writing no one will remember. The paper analysis writing company we have established takes into account all the factors and aspects of the grading rubric.

First of all, in case you have certain doubts about covering the chosen topic, addressing the asked questions, or fulfilling the requirements, we offer you to contact the customer support service we have and get all the needed clarifications. We are sure that the Master’s and Ph.D holders we have on the team will not only analyze grammatically but also cover all the instructions and requirements of your particular assignment. No matter which topic you have chosen, the knowledge of our writers will be sufficient to check its adequacy and relevance. We will let you know if there are any off-topic parts in the content. You will also be informed about the availability of inconsistencies in logic or certain flaws in the content. The comments left on the paper margins will help you trace the reasons for the made mistakes and see the way to improve the covered sections.

Secondly, if you ask us, ‘please, rate my thesis!’ we will assign the best specialists to your paper to evaluate the structure of the composed text. We trust our experts who know how to take into account all the peculiar features of the text structure in every assignment type. They will check the Table of Contents, Executive Summary, Abstract, sections of the main body, and conclusion with the utmost attention. Analyzing quotes and other aspects of quality writing, they will also inform you about certain weak parts of the paper, if any, generalized sections, or lack of evidence.

Thirdly, analyzing sentence structure will be done by scrutinizing the mechanics of writing and grammar structures. We want you to convey your ideas and main message very clearly so that the readers could understand and accept them. Checking every word and word combination for mistakes in punctuation, spelling, and grammar, we will add the missing final touches to your paper. You can choose the variant of the English language you need for your writing: there are the options of US English and UK English.

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What is more, accepting your request ‘Could you rate my thesis?’, we will help you with  the following paper aspects:

  1. capitalization of proper names and headings in the paper
  2. acronyms
  3. abbreviations
  4. figures and tables
  5. italics for technical terms or borrowed words
  6. parallel structure lists

Furthermore, by analyzing sentence structure and grammar, our proficient writers will emphasize the errors related to:

  • redundancy
  • repetitions
  • lack of transition words
  • use of contractions
  • informal expressions
  • run-on sentences
  • dangling participles
  • too much passive voice
  • faulty parallelism
  • spoken language
  • racism, prejudice or bias, etc.

Fourthly, we will check the paper for issues with formatting. ‘Please, rate my thesis’ means that we will evaluate the quality of the paper in terms of correct margins, font type, font size, alignment of the text, and readability of the paper. We will also consider whether the references and in-text citations are properly arranged.  No matter which formatting style is requested, we handle your MLA, APA, Chicago, Harvard, Vancouver, AMA, IEEE, Turabian, ASA, or any other paper.

Fifth, in case you doubt how to analyze a text and how the chosen methods can suit the research objectives, our professional analysis writers will give you the advice you need and you will know how to handle different scenarios.

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Finally, the unique nature of every paper is a must for us. Using the latest checkers of plagiarism, we will guarantee that the paper has no valid plagiarism contained. We will show the plagiarized sentences and give explanations on how to eliminate them. One of our additional services, additional plagiarism check, can make it possible for you to detect plagiarism in any text not longer than 1,000 words and then to get rid of the insufficiently paraphrased content not to cause any breach in the of academic integrity. The option of our VIP Support service is also valuable for emergency cases or situations when you want to take full control of the circumstances. The paper analysis will be done promptly in the most convenient manner for you.

The analysis service we offer will let you know about the improvements you may introduce to get only positive instructor feedback.

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