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Conflict Between Human Law and Conscience
There are many instances whereby there is a conflict between human law and conscience. In such a situation, an individual is always at a loss and a dilemma as to which way they should follow. However, according to the opinions of various ...
International Business Law
Liebermann, Inc. was a small computer company started in Marina Del Rey, California by Miguel Liebermann and Lisa Cienewski in September of 2002. The company rose to fame after offering for sale computing products with specifications far above what ...
Sports and the Law
Question 1 The resolution of the case for Chand can be effective with arbitration and litigation approach. There will be an appropriate application of the procedures of the law in order to settle the differences or by use of a neutral party. On the ...
Vehicle Hijacking
Contrary to popular belief, hijacking is not a crime contained to the worst ghettos or economically disadvantaged urban areas. Hijacking is a crime that is relative to a certain demand for a car and the difficulty in attaining one. In areas where an ...
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