How to Write a Reaction Paper

How to Write a Reaction Paper: Core Strategies for Writing

It is essential to know how to write a reaction paper if you are a college student since this will be one of the most frequently assigned academic writing tasks. Sooner or later but your college professor will definitely assign you reaction papers in a variety of disciplines. Normally, reaction papers are written on books, movies, videos, plays, etc., so you must be sure how to maintain proper reaction paper format in order to succeed in it. Another name to a reaction essay is a response essay. As it can be inferred from its name, you are expected to provide a response to something, so it is essential that you understand what is a reaction paper. Before writing the very essay, you need to go through the preparation stage, for example, read a book or an article, or watch a movie or a video, or listen to a podcast and only then write your reaction to the studied material. So, how to start a reaction paper, how to make it properly organized, how to format it, and many other questions will be addressed in this article.

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Reaction Paper Topics

If you have to write a reaction paper but you have not been assigned any specific topic, below you will find many creative and original ideas of reaction paper topics for writing. Check out the following categories.

1. Good reaction paper topics on Psychology:

  • Legal, religious, and moral issues connected with child adoption by LGBT members of community;
  • Child obesity as a form of parental ignorance and negligence;
  • The role of biological, anthropological, and environmental aspects in hyperactive children;

2. Reaction paper topics on Mental Health:

  • How can one infer that a person has suffered from emotional abuse?
  • The phenomenon of shyness among adults: what are the causes and effects?
  • Differences in perception: The concept of attractiveness;
  • The concept of designer and brand babies in the modern community;
  • The mechanism of habit formation.

3. Topics on Crime and Social Life:

  • The impact of crime rates on communities. Who are the most frequent victims?
  • What are the emotional aftermaths of solitary confinement?

The topic you choose will define what idea will be central in your paper. Moreover, it will help you choose the most suitable paper among the types of reactions. Therefore, make sure you do not change the topic in the process of writing because otherwise you will not be able to create a logical and smooth reaction paper outline.

Reaction Paper Guidelines for Summary Writing

As you are summarizing the issue, you are going to react to, make sure that you ensure proper organization and logical structure of idea. As such, have a look at some samples of reaction papers and compose a reaction paper outline. Before designing the outline, make sure you identify the purpose of a reaction paper and know what idea you intend to convey. Still, when you summarize the information, be brief and concise, and do not provide irrelevant data. Focus on the following:

  • the type of work, the author, the title, the publication, and other formal details;
  • the most vivid and striking facts and details of your chosen work;
  • objective narration of the work.

Make sure you do not let in on much information. Only provide the necessary background context to understand the general idea of what you are writing about. When you switch over to the main part of the text, make sure you clearly pinpoint how the topic is related to the discipline or subject you have been assigned the paper in. Moreover, you need to identify some problems or issues raised in the reacted work and pinpoint to where they are provided in the text or video. At this point, you are recommended to pinpoint to your personal perspective and how you developed it. As you finish writing your reaction paper, make sure you emphasize on whether you recommend it to others or not.

How to Write a Reaction Paper in APA Format?

If you still do not know how to write a brilliant reaction paper in APA format, read on the following information and find out specific details. Normally, a reaction paper APA format is written when you are assigned a paper in psychology or other similar classes. An APA reaction paper should have the following components:

  1. Cover page. Here you provide a running head at the header, where you provide the formulation of the title as well as the page number. Make sure to write the phrase “Running head” before you proceed with the very title name.
  2. Abstract page. Normally, it should include 150-250 words and it should be a brief overview of the paper and what it is about. As a rule, an abstract is written only for papers of at least 5 pages in length unless there are no other specific requirements or instructions from your professor.
  3. The main body of the paper. Here you should provide the very text of your essay. Make sure to follow the rules of organization, namely introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion.
  4. A list of references. If you have used some outside sources for supporting information, make sure to outline them all separately and in alphabetical order in a reference list.

The structure of an APA reaction paper may seem challenging at first when you are just starting to get familiar with the writing style. However, the core idea how to succeed is to know how to split a huge assignment into short-term and long-term goals. With smaller and simpler steps, it will be easier to cope with the assignment since the steps will be manageable.

If you encounter difficulties writing an APA formatted paper, do not hesitate and consult some online writing resources. With the help of high-quality paper samples, you will know how to structure the paper, how to develop paragraphs, how to provide a proper outline, and how to elaborate on the very discussion. If you want to use samples from reputable sources, visit and download free previously written paper samples.

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