The List of the Most Popular Argumentative Essay Topics

How to Develop a Good Argumentative Essay Topic

If you have already selected a perfect argumentative essay topic, it will be much easier for you to complete a good paper, but you should know the basic principles of writing an argumentative essay. Such types of essays presuppose that the writer uses the strongest and the most convincing evidence to convince the reader in one specific point of view. Only having studied the question from different angle one will be able to write the best argumentative essay.

Each time when you have to choose a topic for writing, you have to understand that this will be the starting point for your essay. Therefore, you should write either about the point you know or about the problem you are interested into. Even if you buy a custom essay, you can impose the topic or highlight the problem you want to discuss and a professional writer will help you with the issue.

If you have decided to order the paper, you can choose the topic yourself or ask the professional writers to help you. No additional fees are asked for additional work on the topic and its development. Moreover, custom writing companies guarantee free selection of the appropriate academic sources to support the chosen argument to ensure that the statements are really convincing. Thus, you are sure to get your essay perfectly completed, if you use our professional writing service. Just do it and contact us for details.

However, if you know that your knowledge is enough for writing an argumentative essay yourself, you can choose any of the following topics. We hope this list will be helpful for you to develop your best topic for argumentative essay. At the same time, we recommend you use our professional editing service to ensure you receive top quality assistance and hand in an A+ paper.

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High School-Level Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Should students have a right to choose whether to go to high school?
  2. Should the age for driving be increased?
  3. Should teenagers get parental approval for buying contraceptives and/ or pregnancy test?

College-Level Argumentative Essay Topics

  1. Can the democratic society force people for military service?
  2. From what age should children be responsible for their crimes?
  3. Should you mind the educational level of your partner before marriage?

Topics to Avoid in Argumentative Essay

There are some topics, which cannot have an argument. These are ethically incorrect problems, which are not discussed in argument essays. You may have your position according to any of the following topics, but you cannot use them for writing your argumentative essay.

  1. Do you support the actions of the president?
  2. Do you support abortions?
  3. Is the salary of athletes too high?

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Structure of an Argumentative Essay

No matter whether you have decided to write an essay yourself or you have chosen the professional assistance, you should know how your argumentative essay should be structured. The first and the last paragraphs are the same as in other types of essays, the introduction and the conclusion. The introduction should state the background of the problem, why you have decided to discuss it and why you are sure it is important to focus on this issue. The conclusion should summarize your supportive arguments having stated that despite the presence of the opposing point of view, the issue has only one aspect, the one you have provided the evidence about. However, the main body of an argumentative essay should differ greatly from a descriptive or opinion essays. Depending on the number of the supportive arguments and evidence, the main body of an argumentative essay may consist of several paragraphs. Each paragraph is a new idea, which has strong supportive evidence. The last paragraph in the main body, the one before the conclusion, should state the opposing idea with the evidence. It is important to present the opposing idea with argumentation to show that the problem you are talking about is debatable.

Top 5 Contemporary Topics for Writing an Argumentative Essay

  1. Topics Related to Legal Issues

Living in the contemporary society, people constantly face the changes in the legislation in different aspects of their life. The choice of any side of legal change and providing either supportive or opposing arguments can be a good solution for your legal argumentative essay. The problems you may discuss can focus on tobacco products, prostitution, medical marijuana, drinking age, to birth control, or nuclear weapon.

  1. Topics Related to Moral Issues

Despite the fact that there are several ethically incorrect issues to discuss, moral aspects still require consideration. Your essays can be devoted to such problems as testing cosmetics and some medication on animals, using child labor and buying products from the countries which support such type of employment, euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide, beauty pageants, nude photos in public, and many others.

  1. Topics Related to Social Issues

Each society has a number of problems, which require resolution and it will be interesting to read about your vision of the problems and the ways of how they can be resolved. Some points we can offer for discussion are pressure on teenagers at the edge of college entrance, age allowed for voting, immigration, smoking and drinking as the diseases of the society, and many others.

  1. Topics Related to Advertising and Media

Media and advertising have become essential parts of everyday life. Therefore, it is impossible to imagine a student who would not want to write an argument on any of these topics. You can focus your attention on sex and violence on TV, opinion of celebrities about important social and political events, bias in mass media, or effectiveness of public service announcement

  1. Topics Related to Family

Family life is a crucial part of every person. Family is the beginning of human life. However, even such issue can have serious debates. For example, you can discuss the issue of sexual upbringing in the family, breastfeed in public, paying children for success at school.

Therefore, feel free to use the pieces of advice or order our custom writing services.