500 Word Essay

500 word essay

If you are afraid of writing your 500 word essay, we assure you that our guide will allow you to learn many handy tips and secrets that will turn the writing process into a very interesting experience. Let`s face it. Not all students can be good writers. Some of them lack writing ideas, some cannot focus on the assignment properly, whereas others have poor writing skills. However, if you are a determined and goal-oriented person, you will face this challenge with dignity. Improving your writing skills with every new writing task, you will be able to become a qualified and skilled academic writer, who will handle various academic tasks easier. In our article, we are going to help you find out what does a 500 word essay look like.

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What Is a 500 Word Essay and How to Write It Well?

As its name suggests, the main characteristic of the 500 word essay is its length. No matter what topic you are going to explore, you should not exceed the word limit allowed. Therefore, the main difficulty in writing this paper is to develop all the ideas within the pretty limited word count. As such, the writer should be able to focus on the most important arguments omitting irrelevant information. In spite of being pretty short, this paper requires attention to detail, creativity, and commitment. Let`s discuss the writing process in detail:

  • Select a good topic. Regardless of the 500 word essay format, the first and, perhaps, the most important stage of writing a 500 word essay is choosing a good topic. If your professor did not provide you with a specific subject, you should select the topic that perfectly fits your research interests. Also, the topic should be fresh and relevant to the subject. Writing your essay on a topic that was previously discussed many times, you put your grade at risks because the chances that you will discuss your subject from a brand new perspective are rather low;
  • Find appropriate resources. Most probably, your professor`s guideline will indicate the number of sources to be used in your essay. Pay attention that regardless of their number, your sources should be credible, up-to-date, and peer-reviewed;
  • Write your 500 word essay following the high academic standards. In order to write a paper that will meet the expectations of the demanding teacher, you will need to take great care of its structure, content, and formatting. Only if your ideas are developed well and your paper is absolutely free from any mistakes, you will be able to get a good grade for it;
  • Finally, when your paper is written, you will need to spend enough time on its revision. By underestimating the revision stage, you will submit an essay full of awkward sentences and mechanical flaws.
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How to Write a 500 Word Essay? Common Guidelines

  1. Write an outline. An outline for an essay is aa roadmap that allows the writer to know that he or she is moving in the right direction. As such, before you start writing your essay, make sure to compose an outline that will define all the points you are going to discuss in your paper;
  2. Write a catchy introduction. As well as in any other academic paper, an introduction plays a very important role in helping the writer engage his or her audience and familiarize the readers with the topic. For this purpose, you can also include some background information that will justify the choice of your topic and emphasize its value. Finally, your introduction should include a good thesis statement that will explain the main idea of your essay;
  3. Follow your introduction with the detailed main body. The main body of the paper always allows the writer to explore the topic from various angles. Your main body should be divided into several paragraphs and each of these paragraphs should be dedicated to one specific issue. Do not be afraid to include in-text citations that will prove that you worked with the reputed academic sources. However, make sure to follow the rules of the formatting style indicated by your teacher;
  4. Summarize your essay in a good conclusion. In the final paragraph of your 500 word college essay, you need to wrap up your discussion by restating your thesis statement and summarizing your main arguments. Remember that a conclusion is your last chance to make a good impression on your audience. As such, you need to write it in a clear and comprehensive manner;
  5. Pay attention to the style of your essay. Of course, before you start working on your 500 word essay, you will look for the well-written examples available on the web. Using them for improving your writing skills, you should develop your personal style that will help you discuss your topic in detail. Of course, the style of your essay depends on its purpose. For instance, if you are writing a 500 word essay about gun control, you should try to find the most convincing arguments supporting your viewpoint;
  6. Be careful about plagiarism. To bring you the best grade, your essay should be totally authentic and original. Even if you have written your paper from scratch using your own ideas, do not forget to check it through the reliable plagiarism checkers available online. We are certain that your professor does not tolerate plagiarism and being accused of academic dishonesty, you will never get a good grade. If you do not want to put your academic reputation at risk, you should do everything properly;
  7. Look through your essay with fresh eyes. When revising your essay, try to imagine that you are not its author. Looking through the text in an objective and unbiased manner, you will find it easier to notice the flaws compromising the paper`s quality. In addition to the errors in the logical construction of your composition, you should also pay attention to the grammatical, spelling, and punctuation mistakes affecting the paper’s quality.

How Long Is a 500 Word Essay?

Although it is pretty clear how long is a 500 word essay, some students experience difficulties with understanding the length of the paragraphs. If you are an experienced writer, you will do everything intuitively. However, if you are just a beginner, you should know that the length of each paragraph should be proportional to the length of the whole essay. Most probably, your text will be divided into five paragraphs. Each of these paragraphs should cover approximately 100 words. However, if you exceed the word count by 15-20 words, it won`t be a problem.

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How to Format a 500 Word Essay?

Actually, the 500 word essay format depends mainly on the formatting style indicated in your teacher`s guideline. As for the common formatting rules, you need to use double-spacing as it will make your text easy-to-navigate. Also, most probably, you will need to write your text in Times New Roman font.

Make Your Essay Brilliant!

When you have to work on a 500 word college essay, you should pay attention to detail and spend a considerable amount of time on the pre-writing, writing, and editing stages.

Although many students underestimate the importance of proper editing, you should make every attempt to make the quality of your paper better. Do not rely on the automatic spelling checkers. You should understand that they work in accordance with the limited set of rules and the algorithms of their work do not allow them to fix all the mistakes. Now you understand what does a 500 word essay look like. Follow our advice and create truly impressive papers on different academic topics!

In conclusion, we assure you that you should not be afraid of writing your 500 word college essay. Indeed, polishing your writing skills with such a simple task, you will be able to cope with the more complicated tasks in the future. So, forget about procrastination and start working on writing a 500 word essay right after receiving your task. We assure you that by applying a professional approach to work, you will be able to meet and exceed the expectations of your teacher. Good luck!