Our Special Additional Services

What We Offer for Long Orders:

A. Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery is a service available for lengthy and sophisticated orders (10+ single- and 20+ double-spaced pages) that enables customers to control the writing process actively if they want to. To take advantage of this option, customers need to pay +15% of order price, and they will receive:

1. A team of professionals working on the order, namely, a top writer, one of the best editors, who will edit and proofread the paper, and a personal manager, who will make sure that the communication between customers and writers leads to the mutual understanding.

2. An extended period for revisions that will last for 30 days instead of the minimal one, which equals to 2 days.

3. Drafts/parts of the paper that will be delivered to customers before deadline expiration. This way, customers will be able to provide feedback and express their preferences regarding content. The delivery will take place in the following manner:

– If the deadline is 4 or fewer days, customers receive 1 draft (25% of the paper done) when 50% of the time passes. Thus, if the order is for 24 pages for 4 days, draft of 6 pages will be sent to a customer in 2 days.
– If the deadline is 5-11 days, customers receive 2 drafts (25% and 50% of the paper done) when 25% and 50% of the time passes.
– If the deadline is 12 or more days, customers receive 3 drafts (25%, 50%, and 75% of the paper done) when 25%, 50%, and 75% of the time passes.

Attention: If customers need the amendments to either of these plans, it may be done. It is necessary to inform the personal manager about the changes that should be made, and they all will be implemented in a specially designed and individualized delivery plan.

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What We Offer for Short Orders:

A. Summary (1 page). Together with the final paper, customers will receive a file with all the most important aspects of the paper briefly presented in 300 words. The service will be especially helpful if apart from a research paper, professors require reports.

B. Draft (300 or 600 words). When 50% of deadline expires, customers will receive a draft of the paper. Its length will depend on the ordered spacing. Thus, if the order is for 6 double-spaced pages that are supposed to be written in 6 days, a customer will get 300 words in 3 days.

C. Extended revision. This service guarantees that the paper will be revised within 14 days instead of the usual 2 days if there is a need.

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