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      Anyone who starts working on a dissertation should know that the Title page is not the first to begin with. The first step to make is to write a research proposal. Even if you are not seeking for the funding you need to get an approval of the tutor and institutional committee. To make things clear, we will explain to you some of the essential points of research proposal writing. In essence, the research proposal is a persuasive prediction of your dissertation, its idea and structure. According to the academic requirements you are to follow the strict patterns and rules specified by your university.

     The first part of your research proposal is an introduction. Since one of the main purposes of the research proposal is to get the disposition of the reader, you have to be brief and instructive – get straight to the point. You are to formulate the main idea very clearly and persuasively. Your task is to prove the reader that your topic is urgent, important and will be helpful in the subsequent studies.

      First of all you have to state the problem. Your second, but not less important step is to dwell on the previous investigations of the topic, give an analysis of the researches performed by other scientists, make a list of the terminology used, speak about the most important theories and studies which can be linked with your own theoretical ideas.

      When you have finished with the presentation of your topic, next step you are to make is to clear up your next actions to the reader. Explain the main proceedings you are going to make and their necessity for the investigation of the problem.

      Bibliography is one of the required elements of the research proposal. It is written to prove that you haven’t made any academic frauds. Whatever your theory may be, it is based on the works of the renowned scientists, who are to be cited in your research, and listed in the Bibliography. It also proves the value of your dissertation and shows the amount of work you have done in the theoretical domain.

      Please keep in mind, writing a good research proposal is a substantial task. This stage of your academic career is a crucial moment of your life and future career. You have to follow the demands, rules and specifications of your academic institution since a coherent and well developed research proposal is a sign of your professionalism. Your ability to deliver the main purpose to the audience and make this exposition interesting is your direct way to the success. The appropriate methodology and correct presentation will make your work more catching, more comprehensible and even more interesting. offers you all of that – freshness, creativity, and depth of the content. We offer the wide range of services – we will teach you, assist you and lead you to the success. All the papers and abstracts we develop are plagiarism-free original researches that reflect your personality and show it in the best light. We guarantee on-time delivery, proper citing and careful attitude. If you make your first order now, you are guaranteed to get a 15% discount.

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