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The Great Gatsby

“Great Gatsby” written by F.S. Fitzgerald is one of the most considerable works of the author where the main idea surrounds a question about ‘the American dream’ and pursuit of happiness. The author describes time where he lived and a tragic story of life of the main character, Jack Gatsby. Fitzgerald is one of the most significant authors of the time and still his works influence the modern generation. His works are devoted to subjects of “the American dream” where his heroes waste their life achieving success and wealth, however, do not see real values. In “Great Gatsby”, the author was willing to show internal part of the American values and a way of life during eyelids of the jazz and after. In this book, the author is willing to warn the American society, and show the inside of materialized and cruel world where he lived.

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The issue is that “Great Gatsby” became a critical work F.S. Fitzgerald and defines as reflection of the American society of the 20th years. The plot of the story surrounds round a subject of “the American dream” 20th years, and main values of that time of society. It was the type of a constant of celebration where magnificent life was the main point. Values of that time were wealth, a holiday, and success. People forgot about the presents of feelings, and love has too high cost. The main character Jack Gatsby devotes all life of a fantasy the world. As well as in any of Fitzgerald’s works, it uses such approaches, as symbolism. The lighthouse in this history means Jack Gatsby’s hopes and dreams that, therefore, he never will achieve. He was the poor boy from middle class which was rejected to the girl of the dream Daisy. The main lines in the books are dedicated to American Dream. All characters are divided into rich and poor, with high and low status. The main hero sees happiness only in wealth, and this issue reflects the main values of people in America.  The author shows the parties that were made on the highest level, beautiful houses that full of wealth and beautiful people who enjoy their life. However, inside this happiness there is emptiness, where everything is dedicated to wealth. 

Another issue that the author is willing to show how that wealth was gained, by what approaches. Corruption is the core of the business in 20th. In order to get the profit and realize the American Dream, people were involved in crime and corruption. Gatsby was a good person, however, he achieved his wealth by criminal business, illegal alcohol production. His methods to gain profit was not pure, even Buchanan, a husband of Daisy reminded him in their argue, but appears a question whether it was possible to gain profit in legal way. The book reflected the time, where corruption was in every business activity. All business in 20s was criminal, in order to gain more profit, people avoided ethical issues, and all money were made in not ethic ways. 

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Jack has a low status, and his American dream is to become a part of elite society and deserve love of Daisy. However, he cannot achieve this goal, as he was born in another world, and elite society will never accept him. He will devote all the life for achievement of success proving Daisy that he deserves it. The love to woman from the highest class has damaged all Jack’s life. He could not understand that he created love in his minds, and the world he considered ideal was counterfeit. The main idea of both stories was to show real “the American dream” and its counterfeit values. The main character devoted the life for ” American dream” and  thought that it can bring him happiness. The author defines “the American dream”, as the empty and false world full of luxury, wealth and parties where there is no place for feelings, and true love (“Great Gatsby: Subjects, motives and symbol”). All is devoted to achievements of success, and money plays a significant role in each aspect of life. Jack not to lead real life, instead of could construct the happiness. The lighthouse in “Great Gatsby” was the symbol means in the American dream, that, created the person and that defines the happiness and a wonderful world (Bruccoli 2000). The issue is that the hero was incorrect in interpretation of the happiness as he viewed happiness in success, parties and wealth, but that at you inside. The love and people who appreciate you are the most valuable instead of those who appreciates only for the status and wealth.

The disappointment is the main subject in Fitzgerald’s works. In Great Gatsby, the author shows two aspects of life, where the first is bright, beautiful, but fake, and secondly, the line of unhappiness and disappointment. The magic is the word, which means their feeling of life where constant parties and pleasure becomes the life center. Nevertheless, the author always shows other party where the main character understands errors of the life and emptiness of life. Jack was typical hero of the 20th eyelid, whose dreams broke after many years of pleasure. It was time period when people had to pay debts after celebration and cheerfully they had. In the end of the story, the main hero understands how wrong he was. (Fitzgerald). 

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Fitzgerald considered that people live in materialized the world where a main objective is achievement of’ the American dream ‘to become part of elite, and as a result people forget about real vital values which cannot bring happiness. Not only in love, but in each aspect Fitzgerald shows how a fake and full of evil was the time of 20s (Beckwith 2013). Jack sees the life of rich people of the highest estate, as pink and extremely positive wellbeing, where all people well well-mannered and well dressed, and also in an environment of beautiful things and wealth. Nevertheless, he does not see the reality of this world where people can be cruel and indifferent, the empty materialized also. The author describes history by means of various symbols and forces the reader to see main the message in the back. Such symbols as the boat and golf fields reflect wealth symbols. The issue is that in Great Gatsby, the author was willing to warn the world, and to show how wrong ideals can result in the most catastrophic consequences. In order to pursuit power and gain the profit, people become commit evil and violence, and start the wars. 

The author shows that only real love, and spiritual have value in this world, and wealth should not be the main goal, as it can lead to personal drama.  The fact is that Great Gatsby is the reflection of the 20s. The author shows how “American Dream” is fake from the inside. He warns the American society that their values are wrong and can lead to the most negative consequences. The modern world, faces with the same issues. Especially in USA, people still worry a lot about their wealth and success, and in most cases this does not bring them a full happiness. Fitzgerald wanted to warn the American society that it is necessary to change the values and dedicate life to love and spiritual things. 

In conclusion, “Great Gatsby” by F. S. Fitzgerald became one of the most popular and significant works of the author that still cause a powerful influence on the modern literature. In the story the main hero Jack Gatsby is a middle-class boy, whose main goal is to become one of those ‘old money’ elite and, as a result, he wants to dedicate all his life to achieve this goal. The main event that happens in his life and consequently influences all their actions is acquaintance with a girl named Daisy in “Great Gatsby” with whom the main heroes fall in love.  It is certainly the case where the author describes a tragedy of the society, where in pursuit of wealth, social status, and this well-known ‘American Dream,’ people forget about the real values which do not bring fake happiness. The main hero dedicates his life to achieve success and, consequently, understands that he lives in fantasies, whereas all his actions and achievements cannot bring him real happiness. In this book, the author reflects disappointment and predicts dramatic events that will happen after. 

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