Women in Management Self Reflection Final

Self-reflection is an essential aspect of learning and acts as a motivating factor. When a person reflects on life, she determines how her skills have been in the past and whether they need adjustment to make her better. Reflection helps a person to avoid past mistakes and create plans based on the present and past learning experiences. This essay will reflect on my past, present and how I want the future to be. Additionally, I will create a plan that will empower me to achieve the future goals.

My family had core values that each family member was expected to uphold. The first value was tolerance. The family required its members to be tolerant of others because it appreciated the diverse nature people. Through tolerance, people can learn because the value creates an atmosphere where opinions are considered. The family also promoted integrity. It had a strong belief that a person of integrity could accomplish many things because others could trust him/her. When a person accomplished something, the family expected the members to appreciate him/her as a means of encouraging others to achieve their dreams. My family insisted on independence and hard work. Every individual in the family interpreted too much dependence on other as laziness. The most remarkable aspect of the family was that gender did not warrant a person to have leeway in terms of adopting the values. For instance, I was expected to work as hard as the male members of the family. Therefore, I had no choice but to adopt the values without exception.

One of my greatest heroes was Wu Ze Tian, a woman ruler who defied all odds and became a Chines emperor. The reason I made her my role model was that despite being a woman, she accomplished tasks that her previous male counterparts had failed. For instance, she unified the Chinese empire and expanded its boundaries up to central Asia. Some of the values I took from her accomplishments include courage and determination. The period during which she ruled, there were no women who competed for political power with men. Therefore, only her courage and determination enabled her to compete and outperform men.

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I gained self-esteem and recognition through my leadership as a leader of Chinese students’ association. Although my leadership faced various challenges, the previous values I had acquired from home enabled me to be tolerant, lead with integrity and work hard. Consequently, people appreciated my work, which increased my esteem and zeal to serve.

Networking and hard work were some of the skills that I started nurturing during my formative years. Through laborious activities in every undertaking, I gained admiration and praise from people because I succeeded in everything I set out to do. The networking gave me inspiration because those people with whom I interacted mentioned that I had leadership qualities. Such interactions helped me to build a support base that would later empower me to pursue the student leadership venture.

The patterns and values of leading that are part of my past include cooperation, open-mindedness, and tolerance. Through my student leadership, I learned that success could be achieved faster and with less effort through cooperation. Additionally, I embraced the concept of open-mindedness when dealing with people and solving problems. Consequently, I learned a lot by encouraging people to talk their minds out and tolerating their divergent views.

Honesty and effective communication define the skills and values that I have honed. My past experiences and learning exposed me to situations where dishonesty could save me from difficult dilemmas. However, my honesty prevailed and made me a stronger person. The reason I hold on to honesty is that people can trust me as a leader. Through the trust, they support my endeavors and make my work successful. Communication is a vital tool that helps in negotiations and dissemination of essential information. I have improved my verbal and non-verbal communication by understanding how different cues mean in diverse settings. As a person who has plans to work in multiple geographical locations in the world, I have honed communication because it determines how successful a mission is due to its mediating effect on other factors. I have realized that in an organizational setting, communication allows the translation of plans into action to yield expected results. Therefore, my focus on both honesty and communication has been influenced by the need to achieve goals.

The various conflicts that have arisen among teams that I have worked with indicate that I value fairness and objectivity. During team discussions, some colleagues used to dominate conversations and decisions because of their outspoken personalities. Those with reserved personalities sometimes felt masked and irrelevant. My role in most of the discussions was that of a moderator. I strived to ensure that every person had a chance to present ideas and defend them before a decision was made. I insisted on people supporting their ideas with facts to ensure that the decisions made by the teams were quality. Fact-finding missions by the teammates eliminated subjectivity and improved the objectivity of the results. From such conflicts, I emerged as a people’s person who promoted their welfare to achieve the set goals and objectives.

The parts that I feel need improvement include time management and social networking. Although I currently perform demanding and time-consuming activities, I have not been able optimize the available time. The reason I feel I need to improve time management is that I rarely write down activities and the time they require. Instead, I trust my mental organization that I will accord each activity enough time. However, as deadlines approach, some of the unfinished activities get limited time and thus their quality is negatively affected. Moreover, when stress pile up due to the time constraint, a large number of tasks are not completed. The stress then translates to frustration, which reduces my productivity. One of the plans that can help me manage my time include creating a list of activities, prioritizing them, allocating time and deadlines. Once I adhere to all the deadlines and accomplish my goals using the plan, I should then reward myself with some free time. This plan can improve my discipline and quality of my work because each task will get ample time depending on its importance to my strategies. Social networking is a critical part of my career development because it is the process through which I can connect with employers, colleagues and customers. The ability to create large social networks can determine how successful I will be in my career. Social networking is connected to effective time management because most social gatherings occur during free time. Therefore, proper time management can create time for social networking. Even virtual networking requires some free time. The best way to improve networking is freeing time from work-related activities.

In the future, I would like to be enthusiastic and decisive in my work because these are the characteristics I admire in my role models. Being enthusiastic is a critical motivational element that can enhance by ability to pursue challenging objectives. Being decisive is essential in making difficult decisions. Successful acquisition of these traits will ensure that when my career is over, people will regard be as a good person with whom working was fun.

My love for Wu Ze Tian is based on her success in her entire life. She undertook military action to expand the Chinese empire while taking care of her family. I would like to emulate her in terms of multi-tasking skills and ability to balance between family and job. Despite the challenges in her life, no other woman has ever reached her success in Chinese politics. Therefore, I would like to leave a legacy behind that is comparable to none. Should a headhunting agency enquire from my friends about me as an employee, I would like them to describe me as a hardworking, honest and goal-oriented person. It is possible to be goal-oriented after developing time management capabilities.

In my self-development plan, I will hone those qualities that I have developed and add others because my current and future development aspirations are not very different. For instance, I will include a practical approach to my career by seeking to work in organizations that relate to my career. Such an undertaking will be aided by my good communication skills and honesty. Additionally, I will seek mentorship from some role models with qualities that I aspire to develop. My mission statement is: I wish to acquire competency in my career through hard work and honesty and leave a success legacy for others to emulate.

In conclusion, the values that I adopted from my family include tolerance, integrity, hard work and independence. My hero is Wu Ze Tian from China because of her courage and determination. I gained recognition and self-esteem when I served as a student leader. I developed values such as networking and hard work in my formative years. Open-mindedness and cooperation define my past leadership. Honesty and communication are values I have honed. Past conflicts revealed that fairness and objectivity are valuable to me. Social networking and time management are areas that I need to improve. I want to be enthusiastic and decisive in the future. My self-development plan includes gaining practical skills and seeking mentorship. My mission is to be competent through honesty and hard work for others to emulate.

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