“I Have a Dream” Speech by Martin Luther King

“I Have a Dream” is the most well known masterpiece of spoken art in the XX century United States. It was spoken on August 28th, 1963 by Martin Luther King at Lincoln Memorial. The speech was meant to attract the peoples’ attention to the very important problem of racism, which had to be put an end to in such a democratic country as the United States. Martin Luther King spoke of his dream, a dream of a free, independent country, the USA, as it was seen by the people, who were there in the beginning of the US history. The country would embody American Dream, a dream of freedom and equity, a dream of a country, where people would be judged by their talents, personal qualities and not in accordance to “the color of their skin” or any other elements of their appearance (King 2008).

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Martin Luther King was, with no doubt, speaking about the problem, which used to be the most important for American democracy of that time. However, the dream is not limited to fighting against racism and being able to win against it. The concern King speaks about is much wider. He does not manage to notice it, but American dream is something that presupposes absolute freedom. This freedom is not only of people or states around the US, but, rather say, from things within individuals. They do not allow people to comprehend each other only in accordance to their abilities, regardless of the color of the skin, appearance or state of health, or the size of the wallet. It is a dream of a country, where people are blind for such things. It is the country where people have got equal opportunities, notwithstanding where they were born and whom their parents were.

Fifty years have passed since Martin Luther King has delivered his speech at Lincoln Memorial. It seems obvious that the dream he spoke of has already been reached in modern, highly civilized United States, the country, which appears to be a pattern of democracy, especially for the majority of developed nations. However, the question arises whether this is true or is there any American dream, and, therefore, if the dream of King comes true. It is doubtful. In fact, just like any dream, this is an ideal all people should seek, which needs to inspire them to make new achievements, to make the country ever better and brighter. Nevertheless, fortunately or not, this ideal is never to be reached. Additionally, nowadays there are numerous things we need to work on in terms of achievement of the American Dream. In many cases, we can see perverted racism, when people are judged by the color of their skin. Thus, now those who were discriminated half a century ago are still discriminated in some cases, whereas in other ones, they are favored just in order to stay away from possible conflicts, having to do with accusations of racism. Possibly, this is, with no doubt, another side of racism. Persons still have not learnt to believe each other to be equal and having equal rights. We still have got lots of disabled people in the streets, for who we have not created the conditions, in which they would feel themselves equal to the rest of American society. There exists gender discrimination of various kinds and so on. In other words, the dream has not been reached and, of course, the speech of Martin Luther King does not only remain a very important historical document, but it also a masterpiece of spoken art. It is still inspires the citizens of modern United States to make new achievements, to reach new goals on individual way to the American Dream. This is something to be always remembered and kept within people’s hearts. The world will never be ideal. The United States will never embody the American dream, especially taking into account the fact that with the time the dream will gain new connotations, which are not too obvious today. However, this is not the reason to give up. On the contrary, it is the reason for hard and consistent work, and constant movement towards the American Dream.

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