Graduation of High School

Everything has its logical end and now we came to this end point of a high school life. At the beginning it seemed like a long path with an open road for opportunities and fun. Now looking back this time seems so short and unpredictable. These days are time for us to graduate and start a new page in life. Nobody can come back to the past even if sometimes it is so desirable. The future is unknown and scary. There will be no longer the familiar surroundings of high school, no usual teachers or mates. This story of our lives came to the end.

These two years were unforgettable. They were tough and fun; they were not just a school. They were a real school of life. It may seem that it is easy to be in high school, no responsibility, no adult problems, however I disagree. The conflicts here are sharper and may break a person’s destiny. The relations here are sincere and sometimes hysterical. And everyone is fighting for his place under the sky. Isn’t it the same in the adult world? It is not a rehearsal before an adult life but it is already that life.

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I met various people in this school and sometimes it took a lot of efforts to get along. I searched an explanation and wanted to understand why I could not make friends at once, but afterwards throw away that ungrateful occupation and realised that such obstacles made me stronger, they taught me to be more patient and accept people the way they are. There is no need to struggle for someone’s respect if they are subjective from the beginning. The main lesson I received during the school time that nobody can judge you for being yourself. At this moment a good phrase from “High School Musical” came to my mind: “Remember in kindergarten how you’d meet a kid and know nothing about them, then ten seconds later you play like you’re best friends because you didn’t have to be anything but yourself”( High School Musical, 2006 ) Unfortunately we grew up from that attitude. But now I want to assume that time of accuses, blame, mockery and dissatisfaction is going away together with these school years. Let’s just leave it here and move forward with free hearts and souls. I am sure that wherever we’ll be we all will remember our teachers, our classes, our breaks, first tears, first true friendship that was born here. Many of us experienced here first love and all these memories unite us.

Nobody except us can proudly proclaim: “Yes, I am a senior of this school and I now ready to develop this world and this life to a better level”. Everything needs a foundation and this school is our groundwork. Our teachers have not just educated us or tortured us, but they became our support also. Thanks to them we found out that life is not a candy, it may be unfair, and it may be hard. However, that was the most precious lesson I learnt: never give up and never be afraid. Each failure is a one step back before the huge acceleration.

Sincerely I will miss this time and the people. It settled up in my heart forever. I would like us to spend good time together at this final period. I heard that people frequently do not value what they have until they lose it and can agree with this. I think that lot of things that happened here we’ll overestimate later but they should not prevent us from enjoying the last days in high school together. Let’s not waste time for elucidation of relations. Just be open to the world and people. Do not be afraid to seem untypical or be undervalued. I understood that not everyone is going to love you. But for sure there are people who are ready to appreciate what you can offer them and the right thing is to search for these people and do not waste energy looking for others.

As a conclusion I would like to wish you all to meet such people and have enough luck and courage to keep them in your life. The world is open to us and when we close the door of this school, too many choices are in front of us. But let’s live this moment and enjoy it. Future will come undoubtedly and all of us will make a proper choice then. As in “Mean Girl”, finally I want to say “I wish that I could bake a cake made out of rainbows and smiles, and we’d all eat it and be happy”(Mean Girls, 2004). And now let’s be graduates and prepare for finals, our last step to new life. Good luck and make it through!

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