What does fashion say about an individual?

Manchester United Jacket

One of the key occasions that guarantee an individual to put on a jersey is a football match. In this particular scenario, my jersey relates to Manchester United football club and I dress it up when Manchester United football club is competing in various football leagues matches. In the world, very few countries value sports. Amount of the countries that really love sports are the United Kingdom or the Great Britain and the United States of America. However, different countries around the world also cherish soccer so it has formed the basis of their lifestyle and character. In this particular type of competition, the Manchester United jacket shows patriotism and support to the Manchester football club. Many things originate from this jersey based on the culture of the society. My character, behavior and values reveal themselves when I am dressed in the jersey. The Manchester United jersey in this particular contest shows that I come from a community that has embraced a culture where people adore football. It means that the level of patriotism and unity, which exists among the people who are fans of that particular football club, prevail and it is a sturdy wave (Entwistle, 2010).

On the global scale, when the evaluation of performance and the characteristics of Manchester football club are completed, there is a diverse portrayal of attributes depending on the type of analysis. On a general scale, the team, known to never give up, but always formulate ways of beating its opponents. Evidence derived from the various rankings at the group levels in the champion’s league show the team’s performance. The team is popular, has many fans, and therefore contests at the top of the league. On a more critical analytical basis, when a team receives support from a large multitude of people, then some social and cultural values arise through this particular type of event. It is characteristic of many streets in the United Kingdom, especially in Manchester where the club has its own stadium, Old Trafford, to see a multitude of people flock into the stadium. They normally dress in the teams’ colorful official football gear, shirts, scarves, hoods, pair of socks, and pants that display patriotism and support to the team (Crane, 2012).

Supporting a football game is a social and cultural event, possessing items that compliment to this type of activity indicates unity. The jersey first implies that I am a cheerful person. I can unite with people to cheer, support and encourage the team. The particular attribute may also be extended to various characters and behaviors that the individual may possess. It also implies that the person can easily interact with strangers and get along well because they are driven and united. Their focus is on a main goal. Football brings together people of different social walks, gender, career and lifestyles together. A child from the remote areas of Africa is able to sit with one from the leafy suburbs in the Great Britain and cheer and share various opinions about the game. The jersey, therefore, means that I do not segregate anybody based on gender, class or lifestyle (Davis, 2012).

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Various societies have different cultures based on the foundations of the society set forth by the original dwellers in the olden days. It is evident that the society from which I come highly values football. Football is a sporting activity that considers gender. It brings together people of different races and languages and are all put in one platform to play together. The specific characteristics of a team, therefore, define the social character of the people who are supporting that particular game. In the Manchester United team, not every player is English. The team comprises of Germans, Italians, Portuguese and many other races. They speak different languages but they can coordinate and calculate moves to ensure that their team has emerged as victorious in the end. All these attributes describe a patriot who decides to have a Manchester United Jersey as I do. Yet, the researcher’s assumption is that the Jersey is used only during the days when the team faces an opponent’s team (Crane, 2012).

The normative order derives its definition in this particular scenario. There is no mix of events and the jersey is event-based fashion clothing. The representation of the normal order of things easily portrays that message to any fan of the club. It acts as a reminder in the case where they were not aware that their team was going to the contest. The clothing, therefore, boosts my self-esteem through socializing with various other fans to support or share ideas. It, therefore, boosts my self-development through the various patriotic activities I indulge in. It is also marks the individual’s improvement of problem solving proficiency, decisive thinking and the imaginative thinking aspects. A common slogan puts forward that the fan is always the best footballer. Various analyses that I have made improve my self-development and the societal social norms become enhanced since I can interact with different people (Davis, 2012).

Abercrombie and Fitch Shirt

I had a lot going on in my mind when I chose to but this particular type of shirt. I liked the style of fashion I was selecting. It had rolled up sleeves and collar, which brought out the essence of the fashion wear. This form of dressing is limited to a few events. I have particularly worn it on informal setups or formal occasions, which involved various field-based activities such as a field trip or reconnaissance. I think this shirt makes me look like a hard worker or a workaholic. In the particular type of scenario, I like being highly engrossed in work. I am also outgoing and industrious depending on the type and the nature of the job. However, the fashion can tell number of things concerning my career and its social meaning. The fashion, however, tends to lean more to the informal bit or sector because of the assorted combinations it can relate. When a person displays this particular style, then it depicts that the person has a calm charisma, is easy going, and focused on his ambitions. A khaki shirt can stay for long periods without being torn or subject to various forces of wear and tear (Davis, 2012).

Various social and cultural influences originate from this particular type of shirt. In the social perspective, the shirt is tough and not restricted to any form of event. Whenever I put on the shirt, I feel vibrant and can interact with any person across any level in the society. The older people will also respect me because they value the style of the shirt. It is not highly official which may cause mixed reactions with people I interact. The shirt also allows me to indulge in various activities without people raising eyebrows and wondering why I am tearing it apart. The society can be very unpredictable when it comes to various social occurrences. For instance, when an elderly member of the society requests my hand in the activity, I can easily do it without concern about the effect it will have on the shirt. I feel that this shirt draws me close to members of the society. I also think they view me as an easy person who can freely interact and assist. It is a multipurpose shirt, which is decent and promotes various cultural or societal values.

The secret behind any form of fashion is the implication it has on the culture and moral values that exist in the society. The shirt does not corrode or is not in any conflict with any cultural norms. From various comments that I have received whenever I put on the shirt, it is attributed to the hard work. The fashion piece demonstrates courage. In the particular type of setup, it therefore means that I am communicative and possess a composed charisma, where I can respectfully revoke a suggestion or unanimously agree with the opinion. Various interpersonal elements built in this particular type of scenario contribute to the social nature of the individual. The critical thinking aspect, in this context, bases on what the fashion implies. Problem solving can also arise. These are the key pillars that form the essence of an individual to work effectively and efficiently.

Some societies encourage its members to engage in various activities to reduce idleness, which may be a root cause of crime and other vices in the society. The fashion is in line with the normal order form since it can turn into a suit any type of gender and useful in particular occasions only. Fashion should not be all events inclusive but a rational consumer should be able to categorize it under the various events and occasions in which the fashion may dominate (Davis, 2012).

The Suit Set

The fashion in this context is a suit set. The suit set comprises of two pieces, a coat and pants. However, in this situation, I have chosen to highlight the top suit piece. It matches with a white slim fit shirt and a stripped purple and white tie. The particular type of fashion set is restricted to highly formal and special events, which may include company meetings, interviews, weddings or dinners. There is also one element of utmost important that majority of the critics and designers are ignorant to highlight its significance. The coat has two buttons. I have worn the suit on a wide range of special and highly formal events or occasions. The suit is a clear symbol of the social strata of the individual in the society. It means that I am in a position of influence and decision-making and the society looks up to me for various services. The particular type of fashion implies that I also interact with a certain group of people. However, this type of trait dependents on the individual characteristics I possess than what the fashion implies. A suit set is characteristic of various leaders in the society. I consider myself a leader in the process. One of the fundamental qualities or principles that a leader possesses is courage and eloquence. The fashion will portray that particular trait. I have derived maximum respect in any gathering I have attended whenever I show up dressed in a suit (Entwistle, 2010).

Clearly, society will prefer an individual in a suit than the one who is not. In the traditional setup, currently practiced, graduates were associated with suits. It was a sign of excellence and achievement. The particular fashion attributes various social values with various views derived based on culture. There is a shift of view between the modern culture and the olden day culture pertaining to this type of fashion. In the olden days, it was a sign of power and only a few individuals could afford to buy a suit. In the modern times, a variety of suits have emerged with different brands and very individual may have one pierce of this item in their closets. The suit demonstrates charisma and courage, a depiction of the status class and a formal way to show that the individual is educated (Davis, 2012).

In the cultural setting and etiquette, it is also a sign of respect to various older members in the society. When people dressed in suits visit them, the feel valued, appreciated and treasured. Foundations of love and peace exhibited by this piece become clear. The characteristics of a gentleman include one who does not leave situations that he is in charge of tom blow out of proportion. Majority of people who hold leadership positions in the government also choose this type of style because it complements majority of the functions in which they are involved. A society that comprises of individuals who put on this fashion type tends to be economically stable since these pieces are not cheap in price. While depicting its normative form, when the fashion clothing is dressed in accordance to an occasion, then it is appropriate. It is a delicate piece, which does not blend in majority of the occasions that may arise. It is highly restricted to formal and special functions that an individual receives invitations.

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