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Synthesis Paper

The course under discussion has invoked my interest by its diverse and flexible teaching on various research methods. Research is fundamental in terms of gathering significant data and information that assist in understanding phenomena and making relevant decisions. For one to live in this ever-changing world to the fullest one should understand at least one aspect of research, and the entire process involved in it. This is especially because research leads to the creation of new knowledge and enhances appreciation of other people and nature. Studying this course has been important to my understanding of the vital elements that constitute research in all aspects of life.

This paper utilizes the case study as a research approach to reflect on what I have learned in this course. In addition, it reflects on the course teachings from a biblical and Christian perspective.

Personal Reflection

My personal reflection will be specifically narrowed down to the case study approach of research. As I stated earlier, this course has been vitally essential and it seems to have opened up my mind on the best way of gathering data and relevant information. One of the most significant things I have learned in this course is that the case study approach is one of the simplest ways of gathering reliable information. This course revealed the view that the case study approach is the simplest approach to the collection of firsthand data about a phenomenon, an individual, or a group of people. For instance, Yin (2009) opines that it gives the researcher a direct opportunity to link up with the phenomena or individuals under the study, hence boosting the reliability and authenticity of the information gathered in the course of the research. Therefore, the course has led me to understand the importance of the case study approach of research.

Additionally, the course has enabled me to understand the various approaches that one can undertake in the collection of data using the case study approach. Some of the key methods I have learnt about in the course include observations, interviews, document collection, and video data gathering. The availability of numerous methods of data collection present an effective opportunity to conduct a successful research. This is especially because these methods tend to reinforce each other. Cozby and Bates (2014) reiterate that the use of methods such as interviews and observations tends to be more reliable because these methods help gather firsthand data relating to particular phenomena or the behavior of individuals. Diversity in the case study approach of research simplifies everything in terms of the collection of data.

Due to this course, I have learnt that the case study approach assists in the in-depth understanding of a particular event or person under study. Yin (2009) confirms that it is a detailed investigation of the event, and this ensures that a researcher is able to gather all the required details in the course of the research. This means that there are no shortages in the nature of data gathered in cases one conducts a research according to the required standards. It is obvious that the desire of every researcher is to gain a deep comprehension of the subject under study. One may easily rely on the case study approach when trying to perform a research of a certain phenomenon.

However, I have also had an opportunity to learn that the case study approach might fail to present all the required information in cases where one does not conduct it procedurally. For instance, an observation would not succeed in cases where a group of people or an individual under study know that they are being investigated. According to Cozby and Bates (2014), it is crucial to approach it patiently and observe all the required procedures. Again, interviews might lead to the collection of scanty information about a group of people under study. Therefore, one should always assure safety and adhere to the standards.

All this information is vital to my development as a researcher because it will always help me to choose the best approach to use in any given research. I will always put this course in mind as a try to select the best approach to collect information on different groups of individuals and phenomena around the world. It also helps me be flexible and open-minded as I settle down to research.

Biblical and Christian Critique

From a biblical perspective, research is appraised and criticized in equal measure. This means some biblical verses support the process of research and others do not support it according to the course study. For instance, Bruce (2010) mentions that Proverbs 19: 2 affirms that desire without knowledge is not good, and all those who hurry would miss their way. In line with this verse, it is clear that the case study approach of research is vital because it leads to the build-up of knowledge. It is a conventional belief that knowledge is power, and one cannot overlook the contribution of the case study approach to the development of research and its methods. Thus, the biblical approach is positive about the entire process of engaging in research to gain extra knowledge about events and other people in the world.

On the other hand, other biblical verses, such as Proverbs 25: 2, state that the glory of God is to conceal things, while the glory of kings is to search things out. According to this biblical verse, God wants humans to leave events and things the way they are without necessarily going further to reveal detailed information about them. Bruce (2010) agrees that in line with this verse, God believes in the concealment of information, and this is the best way to praise Him. Again, the Bible, in this case, tends to imply that research is only for kings because they try to look for tangible evidence to assure their authority. God does not need this assurance because He is almighty.

However, Christianity in its holistic nature tends to support the process of research, especially the case study approach. Christians may move from one house to the next gathering data about the people to be assisted. Christianity encourages extensive research of the Bible teachings and the support of others in the community. It looks beyond the mere consumption of the word of God. Bruce (2010) insists that Christians are always encouraged to go an extra mile and collect relevant information to assist them in the explanation of their ministry to different communities around the globe. The best way to succeed in spreading the word is to get firsthand information about the characteristics of these groups and communities.


In conclusion, I have learned unique and significant information since I started pursuing this course. Without the course, I would be in the dark on anything relating to research. I have specifically gained a lot in respect to the case study approach of research. I believe that once I am done with this course, I will have the opportunity to practice these methods myself, following the entire processes we have been learning throughout the semester. For instance, I have learned that I would get in-depth information about different objects by keenly adhering to all aspects of this course. I have also had the opportunity to understand the entire process of research from the biblical perspective, and I can apply it with confidence in the future.

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