Nurses on Wheels

The world population is constantly increasing year by year. As a result, the problems associated with its increase greatly affect various countries. Of great concern is the increased demand for medical attention and health services which causes a growing need for nurses and health facilities in general. The most vulnerable people would be the homeless as most of them have a lack of income to get appropriate medical support. This project is aimed at finding solutions how to make health services more accessible, especially to one of the most vulnerable population groups, the homeless. 

In order to solve the problem of the decreasing number of health workers (nurses) timely measures need to be taken. One of the ways to meet the shortage of nurses is through addressing the problem to the general public and the government. By sharing with the public, more students would be interested in studying nursing and also the government would find ways to attract more young people into the field.

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Project Description

These days most people are using social platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. It would be, therefore, easier to use such media to spread the information about nursing programs among those interested in studying nursing, so that intakes could be increased. Through such media a high demand for nurses will reach public awareness and might help attract volunteers who have a desire to help humanity through nursing. Moreover, by engaging more and more people through social media information such as high tuition fees at nursing colleges may be obtained and campaigns targeted at making the government reduce these fees would be initiated. As a result, the government would see the need to sufficiently increase the number of nurses to effectively serve hospitals and attend to the homeless in shelters. 

The use of direct personnel who provide support to the vulnerable population groups has proved to be effective as these personnel can walk and travel to the very place where these homeless people reside (SAMHSA, 2003). Furthermore, because of the available care homes in some areas, the homeless would be effectively reached by the dispatched nurses. This would be made much easier with the provision of housing to the homeless which has proved to be another way of ensuring that the homeless are easily reached. Community health personnel would be able to visit the housing areas and relay the necessary information hence promote health. On the contrary, bad housing policies have been noted to be the main causes of the rise in rampant health menace (SAMHSA, 2003). 

Research reveals that by providing housing to people who have been rendered homeless or who are on the verge of becoming homeless, such people would be less prone to mental health problems (SAMHSA, 2016). These shelters would either be provided on the basis of emergency or later on as permanent housing facilities for supportive purposes.

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Significance / Background

While contemplating the best ways to promote access to healthcare for the homeless, outreach plans have been considered the best ways to achieve the objectives. It has been recognised that by directly reaching out to the homeless, it would help maximise the efficiency of the services offered to the homeless communities. Furthermore, by providing both short-term and long-term housing facilities it has been noted to help stabilise people’s lives hence improving the outcome. Therefore, although it may require sufficient financial resources, the increase in nurses coupled with the provision of temporary and ultimately permanent housing facilities would reduce the number of both homeless people and the health problems associated with them (National Coalition For The Homeless, 2009). 

With the constant growth of the world population, there would be definitely an increased demand for nurses worldwide and in this country as well. For instance, it has been projected that America would be facing a nursing crisis very soon unless the young population is given motivation to go for the course (Ledbetter, 2015). With the majority of the registered nurses being retained by the hospitals, the rest of them could be distributed throughout the regions offering temporary and permanent housing facilities to the homeless. Therefore, it would be necessary to create these housing facilities to function as posting stations for the nurses and also accommodate the homeless thus reducing health issues associated with this social problem. 

The quest for increasing the number of nurses to take care of the growing population of homeless people and solving related health issues have started some states such as Florida (Florida Centre for Nursing, 2010).For instance, laws have been passed to address the future need for nurses (Florida Legislature, 2014) and all these are channelled towards the promotion of health and an enhanced access to healthcare, especially for the homeless. 


There is no doubt that a shortage of nurses means less people getting medical attention. Similarly, with less people trained to handle health issues associated with homelessness, the problems would still haunt us to death as nurses are scarcely distributed (Jimenez, 2016). It is therefore necessary to strive to increase the number of nurses to attend to the homeless and to enhance the availability of housing facilities. By doing this, the majority the homeless would find appropriate accommodation and sufficient medical care (NHCHC, 2003).

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Project Objectives

To achieve the goal of increasing healthcare access and outcomes in a vulnerable population group of the homeless, the following objectives are stated in the paper: 

  1. The project would serve the purpose of raising awareness of the public with regard to the need for more student enrolment into nursing colleges. 
  2. The project would also attract stake holders in the health sector to facilitate the increment of nurses in the country. 
  3. Through the project, the government would also see the need to provide reasonable tuition fees for the nursing students. 
  4. The project would raise the need to increase the number of nurses and reach public awareness concerning the destitute condition of the homeless. With the increased number of nurses it would be possible to delegate their work, when some of them would be attending to patients in hospitals, while others  would be sent to homeless people to provide the same services. 
  5. By engaging both the target and non-target audiences, the project would draw the attention of both the students and possible financiers so that those unable to pay college tuition fees would be able to afford such education.

There is no doubt the USA needs the sufficient number of nurses to meet the growing demand for health services needed by different vulnerable population groups, especially the homeless. Therefore, by raising public awareness of the pressing need for nurses, students from all-over the country would be motivated to enrol into nursing courses. Moreover, the government would see it necessary to lower tuition fees that in most cases have barred many young people from attending nursing colleges. Furthermore, the project’s goal to attract a large number of people to become nurses could be realised by raising the interest of well-wishers, donors and sponsors in nursing. By attracting public attention to the growing demand for nursing, the needy students will afford to enrol into nursing courses which will result in the increased availability of nurses and their enhanced mobility countrywide.  

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