Men in Female Dominated Careers


The research paper is dedicated to certain individuals’ jobs. A lot of males nowadays choose female jobs. The research paper describes different types of male individuals and explains their reasons for such a decision. Being able to spend as much time with one’s family as possible, staying away from dangers, allowing the one’s wife to earn as much money as she wants to and pampering the one’s baby are the major reasons. It makes men occupy the women’s positions and keep up. Having gone over it and casting some light on the way, the male’s brain works, the research paper in question examines women in this situation and speaks in favor of their decision. Despite the fact that a lot of women nowadays try to match to the recent fashion of feminism, in many cases, it appears to be extremely difficult “to be strong” and to take care of both financial aspects of the one’s family and one’s own house. Though a lot of men pretend to be doing an outstanding job around the house, sometimes it is just impossible to substitute women while cooking, feeding infants and keeping home. Certain world countries are closely considered on this issue in order to reach the golden middle in the relationship “work-home-work” between men and women.


More and more men leave their blue collar jobs for pink collar ones nowadays. Most of them want to spend as much time with their family as possible. Also, they want to reduce the level of stress and chances of getting hurt if their job is connected with the hard physical work. Does this happen because it is incredibly difficult to find the job in various spheres of industry or because the salary is low? There are different opinions on this subject. To certain people, it seems that feminism has reached its highest peak these days. A lot of men prefer to stay at home and look after children. Others think that the issue itself is connected with an educational aspect. It means that very few people want to work physically. That is why they switch to office jobs where the chances of getting hurt and having various health traumas afterwards are barely low. The following research paper states that men nowadays are trying to avoid any kinds of injuries. This way it does not affect their happy family life. The men try to deal with the stress as less as possible. It does not go along well with their plans for the future family creation. Neither does it allow men to stay with their beloved ones as long as possible. Also, the research paper provides some explanations for the actions with examples, clarifying the issue in the easiest and most adequate way.

Literature Review

In the research work of Brunel University’s management professor Masculinity at Work by Dr. Ruth Simpson (2011) and the article written by Russell Smith under the title Pink-Collar Workers (2012), different kinds of jobs are closely examined on the issue of men’s domination in female careers. Namely, they are the occupation of accountants, administrators, various call-center workers, and attendance service workers. Sometimes even such jobs as nurses, primary school teachers, librarians, cabin crew and dental hygienists are more common with men than women. The jobs are divided into three categories. The first category is seekers. They are the people which are deliberately selecting female occupations and succeeding at them immensely. The second one is finders. Finders are those who accidentally happen to be involved in the female occupation despite their willingness in a natural course of events. Settlers are the third category. They are individuals which are dissatisfied with more “masculine” types of jobs where the high level of physical work, strength and endurance is required.

Also, it is impossible not to mention the issue of feminism which has become such a popular trend in the second half of the twentieth century. According to Martha Barksdale’s work How Are Men and Women’s Roles in Society Changing (2011), 47 percent of the workforce in the U.S. in the year 2050 will be women. Moreover, the number of females in the workforce might surpass the number of men much faster. However, there is still a sad part of this issue. Even though pretty soon, women will start working twice as hard as men. Males, on the other hand, will not necessarily take care of the household and children in their free time. Women are twice as likely to be taking care of both a financial aspect at the workforce and children at home.


All the authors whose works are mentioned in the research paper agree on two points. Saving a family is the most important thing in their opinion. Also, they believe that a lot of males want to stay away from the hard and dangerous work to keep away from all kinds of hazards. One should not rely too much on a public opinion while choosing a job or a career that go well with the individual’s personal preferences. The happiness and satisfaction are two things that count the most in the author’s opinion. A lot of men prefer to leave factories nowadays. They are willing to make less money than to die in an accident. Analyzing the expectancy of life, one could say that working a low-stressful jobs and not being paid very well. This is still a wonderful choice in comparison to working several years and obtaining various health problems, spending a lot of finances on insurance, treatment, various medications and slowly passing away after several years.

Going deeply into the research that signifies the differences between males’ and females’ physical structure, it is fair to say that women are much more endured than men. When the economy faces hard times, women pretty often work two or even three jobs for years while men are looking for the job. The following issue influences on both male and female physical state of being. However, unlike men, women are more sensitive and, therefore, they are able to resist stress due to the unwillingness to keep it to themselves. Unfortunately, due to this reason, the life of women in rural parts of China is quite difficult. Sometimes this is even more stressful than life of women anywhere else in the world. Feminism does not sound as a major key word in this case. Males are occupied with having some rest. Women are concerned with taking care of the little ones, doing some work around the house and doing many other necessary things. Sometimes such amount of hard physical work drives women insane; and some of them even commit a suicide.


The research paper is significant for many audiences, at large. First of all, it might seem as an interesting approach for those trying to decide between female and male occupations as a choice for a future career. Secondly, this piece of work may interest professional researchers and sociologists being currently engaged in the recent study’s outcome on the issue of female and male significant aspects of work. Finally, it provides readers with the statistics of how effective males switch to blue-color jobs. It is a perfect opportunity to distribute the responsibility evenly so that nobody feels offended. It does not mean that men are not supposed to work. Staying at home and looking after children, cooking dinner, fixing electricity and water pipes, paying bills and some other things requires a great deal of time, efforts and hard will. They are even more difficult than going to work every day and receive a paycheck at the end of each month. This proves the point that both men and women are capable of taking care of the house and children. A man sometimes succeeds at this job even better than a woman does. The only thing considered is the dedication, responsibility and ability to do it in an outstanding way.

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