Sexual Abuse


There are various problems in our society nowadays. Sexual assault is one of those essential issues of Western society that should be dealt very carefully. A lot of work should be conducted from both sides in order to prevent it and to treat its consequences. The given essay discusses various aspects of rape among the other kinds of sexual abuse. It is an attempt to define it and describe its dynamics, to find out which social or cultural factors influence and provoke it. At the same time, it is to explore personal and psychological factors that affect rapist. Moreover, the paper is aimed at discussing preventing, acquaintance, and other forms of rape.


People that became sexually assaulted, usually have broken trust or safety, and they have overcome through some sort of sexual violence. The aforementioned type of violence includes incest, rape, and sexual assault with child. It can also be a ritual abuse, partner on marital rape, date and acquaintance rape, sexual harassment or contact. Those types of sexual abuses usually take place during the sexual activities with a person who does not want it. As a rule, women are mostly the biggest sufferers from the rape. At the same time, such sexual conduct can also be done with a child. Another type of similar sexual abuse may be also characterized by taking pictures of others during sexual acts, or merely watching them. Furthermore, such sexual abuse can occur when person exposes a naked body.

Before proceeding further, the act of rape should be defined first. According to Rape, Abuse and Incest National Network (2014), rape is considered a sexual intercourse that is forced. It includes anal, vaginal, or oral penetration, which can be done by a part of the body or any object.

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When dealing with rape, it is essential to understand whether that act was consensual or not. In this case, the age of both people is meant, the fact with which they have a capacity to consent and whether they agreed to have sexual contact. Otherwise, it can be considered as a crime.

In the US, the consent age is 16 or 18. However, the age limits can vary depending on a state. Thus, it is essential to find out what is the age allowed for sex, according to the law of the state where the given person resides. It is also important to know whether both people possess the capacity to consent. In this case, both legal and mental capacity is meant. There can be individuals with disabilities or elder people. At the same time, there can be those, who have been drugged or unconscious, or those who do not have a legal ability to have sex.

Finally, it is essential to find out whether both participants agree to take part in the sexual intercourse. Moreover, it is important to find out whether any physical force was used to have sexual contact and whether anyone was threatening to have intercourse. If so, that act is considered as rape.

Considering the rape characteristics, it is vital to know how to protect oneself and others against such sexual abuse. Thus, Smothers and Smothers (2011) have designed a model to prevent sexual abuse in their study based on the example of mental health clinic in a non-profit community. They have successfully implemented it in the local public school.

The main aim of the aforementioned program was the creation and further promotion of a community change, based on the school community individuals. The goal was to reduce tolerance of both sexual harassment and violence (Smothers & Smothers, 2011). Rape is usually associated with some forced sexual abuse. However, in spite of the rape may involve some sort of penetration, in cases when it does not involve those, it is still claimed as an illegal act.

The dynamic of rape can depend upon the situation and time when it occurred. At the same time, it greatly depends on the identity of a perpetrator and a victim. Thus, depending on the rapist’s goal, the rape can be considered as an act of power or anger. Moreover, there are also various examples of sadistic rapes. The main purpose of the angry rapist is to humiliate and hurt the sufferer. As a rule, such sex offenders tend to demonstrate the contempt to their victims by using a corresponding language while applying physical violence. For the category of anger rapists, sex is something similar to a weapon that helps to degrade the victim when expressing their angry emotions. Thus, this type of rape is characterized by a physical brutality.

The rapist, who conducts his act as a symbol of power, attempts to compensate his inadequacy feelings present. Therefore, he behaves demonstrating the strength and authority, master and control. Furthermore, such types of rapists attempt to demonstrate their real power intent, by showing that they are competent rapists. During the course of this act, the offender usually uses various verbal threats and may intimidate with a weapon. It is essential to note that in order to win the battle, this type of rapist uses the exact amount of weapon that is necessary.

The power rapists may also picture fantasies regarding their future victim and possible consequences. This category can believe in the possibility of the victim to feel enjoyment from the rape. There is a need for these types of rapists to believe in the fact of enjoyment of the act by the victim. In addition, there is a chance for these rapists to ask the victim regarding their availability for possible prospective date. However, the presence of the aforementioned ideas and absence of positive reply from the victim means that the rapist may consider further search for the one who finally agrees for a later meeting.

Finally, the category of sadistic rapists is characterized by picturing their future rape along with different concepts. The sadists are usually excited about the fact that their victim is going to suffer. Thus, they intentionally hurt their victims in order to show all the pleasure from the process. They become quite happy to see their victims helpless and suffering. As a rule, such category of rapists thinks of a struggle with their victim as a chance to experience erotic feelings. Thus, they usually rape the victim during a long time, which reminds of some type of extensive and prolonged torture. Moreover, depending on their imagination, sadists may also apply particular rituals.

Because of the impact of cultural, economic, and social factors, rape can be also considered as an acquaintance, spousal, prison, date, war rape, etc. The acquaintance rape, for example, is usually an act that is done by a familiar person. When it occurs during dating, it is called a date rape. The latter usually takes place between two familiar people, who have been dating for a long time or have just started to date. It can happen in any social situation. At the same time, the victims of such type of rape can be friends, co-workers, family, teachers and other acquaintances.

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Various psychosocial and personal factors may affect further development of the rape course. For the aforementioned reason, it is vital to be able to prevent it. It is the task of non-governmental organizations, schools and other institutions to be able to organize corresponding activities and campaigns, which would help people to know how to prevent it. Thus, Jensen and Jensen (2013) attempt to reach the representatives of the community with the aim of explanation of how to protect their children from child molesters and various predators.


To conclude, it is vital to be aware of all types of rapes that can occur, and to know how to respond in different situations. At the same time, it is essential to avoid the factors that can provoke the rape. Thus, it is the task of parents and community representatives to prevent various conflicts or possible acts of domestic violence. Those that are aware of the situations are less tempted to be involved in these types of rapes, which generally make the society healthier and more progressive.

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