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Industrialization in North America


The Industrial revolution was a real step to advance the appropriate changes. It can be compared to War for Independence in the 18th century in North America. America as the nation was changed because of the Industrial revolution in 1800s. Industrialization extremely changed each part of the nation. The rise of industrialization brought many significant changes to society and economy of the USA. Some of the changes included the rise of big business, urbanization and non-interference of capitalism. Industrialization significantly changed the American economy and society in 1900s. It had both positive and negative effects on the economy and society of the USA. It allowed the United States to surpass its leading competitors such as Great Britain and Germany. However, it also led to the social division into the rich, middle and poor classes.


New inventions changed the transportation and the way humans worked. Being prevalent, agriculturally-based country, America gained the highly localized urban status. At that time, most of the states were just rural areas when the small cities became bigger. Such points as gender roles and ethical ideas of morality were evermore transformed.

Everybody considers that the American Industrial Revolution took a period of the late 19th century, when the factories exploded, and the population resided in the urban areas of the Northeast. However, the reality is that the revolution developed decades earlier. It was noticed due to the prompt growth with the advent of the first railroads and machines. In my opinion, it is difficult to realize the dramatic industrial changes of the nation because today society lives in a less affected informative era.

It seems that connection between the economy and agriculture was quite separate from the industrialization. The farmer was a subject to the unforeseen weather and nature consequences, which could result in the destruction and starvation. Moreover, the agrarian economy demanded a lot of land. The prevalence of isolated farmlands intended that people were taking care for themselves much more than for communities. Essentially, it was a standard way of life for the majority of Americans. It could establish the national and cultural ideology with strong influence that might be felt nowadays. I think that the origins of the Industrial Revolution were of great benefit even to the most skeptical farmer. The living could be properly earned as it was not connected to climate changes. People were ensured of constant income. However, such point did not result in an extensive farmers` shift to the new cities. Today, the youth has a chance to leave a well-known way of life being disappointed of it. They are able to escape to the urban areas known for their exciting and dangerous activities. It seems that at those times, youth was willing to work a lot and share space with peers.

The industrial progress made it possible to support the large population by exploiting a lot of natural resources. The agricultural, green and industrial revolutions led to the overpopulation. In my opinion, Industrialization is the reason of environmental failure. It is not a long-term solution to stability.

Immigrants came to the states during the industrial time to find a job. Moreover, this case led to a movement from rural regions to the urbanized cities as they provided labor with workplaces and market for the factories. Consequently, millions of young rural Americans decided to enjoy new economic opportunities in the cities. Industrialization had political, economic and social impacts. Before the period of Industrialization, the majority of rich Americans were people who had huge farms. In addition, the challenges appeared during the Industrial Revolution such as pollution, low wages, unsafe working conditions, lack of governmental support and child labor. Nowadays, many countries begin the new industrialization. The same points that happened in the US a century ago are occurring in many countries now.

I suppose that the period of Industrialization in American history was unpredictable. Self-made millionaires showed up with the capital investments. The American workforce went from farming to mainly industry, which also resulted in the change of American family. The USA was in front of a few developing countries and became the most powerful. The significant level of production and technological innovation created the economic and social changes.

Due to Industrialization, Carnegie, Rockefeller and other famous leaders made the significant fortunes. Moreover, the period of Industrialization led the United States to the entrance on the world stage. The country had the world power because of the industrialization that led to the Spanish-American War and the building of the Panama Canal. Talking about the social factor, it is evident that industrialization created new classes. The factory owners belonged to the rich class, which was the class of money-owners. The middle working class consisted of people from farms who came to the city in search for a better life. The competition and production were increasing at that point. Moreover, the whole world reached the significant economic growth. The growth of inventions led to the creation of trains, ships and railroads. All of the changes were accompanied by labor that supported the development of economy. I think that the significant changes in American life had profound reflections in various spheres. Industrialization significantly changed the American economy and society in the early 20th century. Despite Industrialization had both positive and negative effects on the economy and society of the USA, it still allows the United States to surpass its leading competitors such as Great Britain and Germany.

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