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How the Best Indian Companies Drive Performance by Investing in People

The author of the article focuses on elaborating the different management and leadership approaches used by Indian companies’ CEOs, which are non-conventional in the Western countries. The ideas that have been used by the leading and fast growing Indian companies is that of internal focus, long-term view, and employee development. Top on the priority is the motivation of employees and making the employees feel that they have a role to play in the business. The writer also paints a picture of organizations that put all employees from the top management to the subordinate at the same level of importance. Every employee feels important and they participate equally, with the same passion, to achieve the objective of the organization.

The other aspect that has been clearly presented by the author is the engagement of the Indian companies in strengthening the social mission. It has been achieved through the corporate social responsibility programs. A good example is the heart surgery program that has benefited the poor both in India and other countries. Through maximizing on numbers, they have been able to perfect on cardiac surgery with minimal cost and remarkable results. The leaders believe that by providing solutions to some of the challenges affecting the community, the nation will be welthy and the companies will prosper (Prahalad, & Hammond, 2002).

Through their policy that places the employee first and the company’s business second, the managers have developed a sense assurance on the employees that the business looks into their welfare, and that the very existence of the business is to their benefit. Such gestures make the employees feel that they ‘own’ the business, and they will, therefore, work hard in reciprocation. The management has also directed its efforts in the future through strategic thinking and guiding. The strategic has worked and has made the companies prepared ahead of time to deal with new and emerging trends in the corporate world. It has been achieved through research and investing in technology. It ensures that the companies are always competitive and able to thrive even in changing environments.

The companies have also created an environment that encourages openness, transparency, communication and decision making among the employees. Such environment has proved very beneficial to both the management and the employees. When the employees are empowered to make decisions at their level, it increases their level of confidence and their self esteem. The management, on the other hand, spares the time that can be utilized for other functions. The employees are free to air their grievances and proposals on ways of improving the operations of the organization. The leaders have also inculcated the sense of togetherness and created an environment in which each employee is free to communicate with the management and peers. The managers also invest heavily on training and development of employees. The management has given priority development and management of talent with the purpose of shaping the attitudes of the employees. The key aspect is to develop loyalty among the workers through which they can be retained in the company.

The primary source of information in this article is from the primary data sources that included conducting structured interviews. They interviewed 105 leaders form 98 companies on issues relating to the qualities that the CEOs considered as vital for their success and where they perceived as agreeing or disagreeing with the western practices. They author of the article asked about how they did their recruitment, team building, and the legacy they hoped to leave behind. Also, they collected secondary data from previous researches and by heads of human resource at the Indian companies and other case studies.

The author has focused much on the employer versus employee relationship and has not put into consideration other factors that could determine the success of the companies in India. Some of the factors include the current economic boom that is being experienced the India. The other issue is that there is no information from elsewhere in the world that can indicate that the method is not unique to Indian and could be as a result of culture and believes. There could be other influences including government incentives, access to market and capital, and the quality of the labor force available in the market (Kapur, & Ramamurti, 2001).

The fact that Indian companies have succeeded in their business by focusing on the employee, is an indication that it can provide a new way of management that can be replicated elsewhere in the world. Therefore, there is a need to conduct further research with emphasis on the culture and characters of the leaders in India in relation to their competitiveness, endurance, and management skills. Companies that have for long time adopted the western style of management may need to give a try to this new phenomenon that is likely to result in huge benefits for the companies and the investors as well (Sinha, Kanungo, 1997). The main aim of the business is to succeed in their endeavors and the means will justify the means.

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