Planning a musical event

As an event planner, my primary responsibility is to create experiences for attending people for any type of event. I am going to use the skills that I learned as a part of my career training. Besides, I also will use my own intuition and creativity to go the extra mile and provide a memorable musical experience. I believe that music is the best way to bring people together and give them creative inspiration for fulfilling the most important projects in their lives. Accordingly, the event has a potential to combine both educative and communicative content, which eventually leads to a new social experience based on music.

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The planned project is based on R&B music and those people who appreciate this genre. I have accommodated three legendary R&B artists (Stevie Wonder, Tina Turner, and Aretha Franklin) as guests in order to educate people on the origin of R&B, its evolution, and its place in the context of music industry. The main goal is to unite these people with others by a common purpose, thus creating a reason for communication as well as relaxation. They will meet my guests in 5PM, the time of events official start, forming a pleasant atmosphere with their preferred music, as they have an appreciation for R&B music. I believe that reminiscence on good times would be a perfect way to spark conversations. Also, I plan to include other musical activities in order to demonstrate the importance of music to these legends. These activities include a musical concert open to everyone who is interested in participating. The performers will be judged by the artists, and they will receive a symbolic prize at the end of it. Also I plan to continue cooperation with these artists, so it is important to establish good contacts with them.

I think music is a key tool for facilitating social connections between people because it makes it easy to interact with each other in a relaxing atmosphere. Music can easily change peoples emotions. In this case, the idea that music illuminating thought processes to which we aspire has been very much in the forefront for other cultures (McComb 1997) is very important. People behave differently in an unfamiliar environment, but due to music they would feel more comfortable. For example, classical music is suitable for stress relief, and jazz is ideal for costumed parties. Accordingly, ecstatic music makes people feel happy. People listen to music while performing a job to make a tedious work objective more bearable. Upbeat songs motivate people to prepare certain things for work. Love songs play a very important role in courtship. Soothing melodies help people relieve stress and sleep after a hard day. For me, it was important to choose music that could awake good emotions and memories of certain events, and therefore create positive vibes for the audience. To my mind, R&B is the most suitable music for this purpose, because it is associated with summer, relaxation, and a good company.

It was not easy for me to choose my field of study and profession. I have known for a long time that I wanted to work with people, but I did not know how could I apply myself. My choice in the field of event planning relates to the amount of customer service that I would be able to provide. However, many people have misconceptions about the profession of an event planner. To plan an event, one must consider many different factors. First, one should prepare a concept of an upcoming event. A lot of events are not very interesting because they do not have a coherent and consistent concept. Some events are boring because their planners use the same ideas over and over again. The organizers should be well informed in various fields of knowledge. Someone with a broad outlook can come up with interesting and original ideas, thus creating a well-remembered performance or event. The choice can be quite a lengthy process, so one should be patient and prepared. In this case, it is important to have a separate notebook for recording different ideas and experiences.

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Another important factor in any events organization is having a thorough plan. An event planner must think through every detail, because each event can be very unpredictable. I often had unnecessary problems because I did not plan the event properly. Every detail is very important. For example, the color choice for invitations plays no less important role than the choice of music. Obviously, there are many unpredictable and uncontrollable factors such as weather, but everything else should be planed for as much as possible, because plans can be extended to cover many years (Aaker 58).

The last important point in an events preparation is the question of financing. Each event is a primarily creative act, but the base of the ideal event should be a rational distribution of resources. Administrative management is an important form of self-insurance against a financial failure (Aaker 12), especially by taking into account an events cost and profit. In the present case, it is always important to have financial resources, but more importantly to have useful contacts and friends. Through communication, it is possible not only to get very cheap items, but also to get a rare stage property.

There are some important details about the artistic field. In my case, music plays a entertaining role, so I did not focus on classical music, ambient or experimental compositions. Music is always associated with a particular type of aesthetic pleasure, but mostly it unites people around certain ideas. For example, some ancient cultures used music for their rituals, thus maintaining a tribes integrity (McComb). Music is used in almost all types of events in the modern culture in order to create the planned atmosphere. There is a system of criteria for selecting music that organizers should study.

It is also important to keep in mind that music is often associated with dancing, a point that is especially important for my event, because whenever we hear our favorite songs we often like to dance, tap our feet or nod our heads to the beat of the song (The Purpose of Music). Analyzing some similar events, I noticed that R&B is often used as a background for communication and dancing, because it combines elements of jazz and blues, thus creating a very personalized form of melody and rhythm (Rhythm and Blues). This genre sets a slow rhythm for dancing, perfect for parties. In addition, R&B music usually has pleasant melodies that are not boring.

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Planning a music event is a very responsible and lengthy process. My project relies on R&B as the best genre for communication, entertainment, and dancing. Besides, I decided to invite three professional musicians for better involvement in the context. R&B has nice melodies and rhythms, so it will be very easy for people to relax after the stresses of everyday life. This music is universal as it combines elements of jazz, blues, and gospel, thus it is suitable for people of any social class and identity.

It is important not only to listen to music and dance, but also to stay in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The event involves a careful plan, so my experience helps me in avoiding common mistakes, including searching the requisite, selection of guests as well as the choice of music. Thus, my event combines important educational and entertainment components, making it different from many similar events. There will be competitions for challenging the audience, and creating a more relaxing atmosphere to facilitate communication. The dancing part will complete my event, because dancing always helps to communicate without words.

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