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The Philadelphia Story

The Lord Family and the Kinds of Possessions that they Value

The Lord family in The Philadelphia Story is presented as being very wealthy. They live in a multi-story, huge, and luxurious house and have several servants and a large swimming pool. We also see expensive antiques all over their house, and the cars that the family uses are very expensive. Judging by this, the viewer learns that this, the Lords are people from the upper-class community in Philadelphia. From the movie, it is also obvious that the family is very famous because the wedding of their daughter was such a big event that the journalists wanted to sneak into it with an aim of making a report about the events.

The Major Characters in the Movie

There are several characters in the movie who represent different themes. Tracy Lord is a wealthy woman who had earlier on divorced C.K Dexter that also happened to come from the same class as she. The woman asked for the divorce because she considered Dexter to be far from her standards. He was an alcoholic, and she never believed that it was possible to change him. In the movie, Tracy is trying to marry another rich man who was by the name George Kittredge. In his turn, George was trying to change himself with the aim of fitting in the Philadelphia community. In the movie, we see the publisher of Spy magazine wanting to make a clear report about the wedding. Therefore, he asks his employees, Mike and Liz, to pretend to be the friends of Tracy’s brother and make a report about the wedding.

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Cary Grant is introduced as a rich man who was married to Tracy for ten months, but later they separated. The man is twenty-eight years old; he designs and races sailboats and also plays Polo. In their marriage with Tracy they always had arguments. Cary Grant is witty and urbane; moreover, he has an outspoken character. The viewer sees that Cary Grant is sarcastic when he argues that occasional misdeeds are good for an individual as persistent virtues. In the movie, we also realize that he still loves Tracy, and he has a plan of winning her back.

Jimmy Steward is a thirty years old man, and he is a writer who comes from the South Bend. In the film, we meet him when he was sent by the Destiny magazine to write a report about Tracy’s wedding. The man disliked the assignment that was given to him. He has a bias towards the rich people like Tracy, and he thinks that such individuals have no right to exist. In the movie, we see that Tracy considers him to be an intellectual snob and advises him to change his mind about people.

Ruth Hussey is a photographer who is not happy with how things are going in her life. She falls in love with Jimmy Stewart, but since she feels that Jimmy has a lot to learn, the woman decides to wait for a longer period before she is ready to profess how she felt about Jimmy. Ruth takes photos with the aim of making money and, unlike Jimmy, she does not hate anybody. The woman states, “I cannot afford to hate anyone” (The Philadelphia Story).

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Importance of the Costume Changes of the Female Characters

Different female characters in the movie keep on changing their costumes. The clothes in the movie have been used to signal the features of the characters. Tracy has more dresses in the movie than all the other characters; she has a hilarious character. On the other hand, Ruth is presented as being a simple lady. It is obvious from the way she changes her costumes. The woman does not have so many clothing; she does not seem as the type of a lady who despises others.

Themes in the Film

There are several themes in the movie, the director wanted to bring out. They will be discussed further.

Love and Marriage

The theme of love and marriage has been shown in several scenes of the film. As the movie starts, we see Tracy being in love. Finally, she gets married to Dexter. However, after ten months the problems start arising in their mutual life: Dexter started drinking heavily and, as a result, Tracy decides to give up on her marriage instead of advising and trying to revive it. Towards the end of the movie, the viewer realizes that for Tracy to sustain any marriage she has to change her behavior. Also, the theme of love is seen when Ruth Hussey falls in love with Jimmy Stewart, but since she realizes that Jimmy has a lot to learn, she decides to wait before telling him of her feelings.

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Tolerance in the Society

Tolerance in the society is another major theme in the movie. The three main characters, Jimmy, Tracy, and George, are committed only to their own ideas, and they do not accept people the way they are. They also do not enjoy the differences that exist in the society. At the beginning of the movie, their prejudices are clearly seen. They obtain this feature despite the fact that both Jimmy and George come from humble backgrounds, and they do not understand what the Lords are like. Jimmy considers the Lords to be brainless and heartless parasites. On the other hand, we see Tracy disliking and distrusting the reporters, and she is furious because her father has allowed them to attend the wedding.


In the film, the theme of family is seen from the very beginning. Also, we observe Tracy struggling to make a family. After her marriage breaks, she falls in love with George and decides to wed him. Finally, they wed and settled a family.

My Impressions about the Movie

The structure in which the movie is arranged impressed me a lot. The transition from one scene to another is also done in a systematic way, and it interferes with me watching the movie. The beginning of the movie arises the interest of the viewer. We see Tracy throwing Dexter out of the house and in this process she breaks one of his golf clubs. Dexter responds to this behavior by placing his hand on her face and gently pushing her away. This start is designed to make the viewer continue watching the movie. I was also impressed by the way Tracy decided to drink alcohol despite the fact she never drank before. I was also impressed by Dexter’s plans to interfere with the wedding.

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