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Political Bias in Mainstream News Media

Mainstream political Bias in Mainstream News Mediaws media are a reflection of all the political, cultural and intellectual events in the state. However, it is obvious that each of them supports certain political positions as it is hard to stick to neutral point of view in the world of mounting pressure from the ruling authority and surrounding environment. The MSM traditions are rooted in the long history of formation of the key ideas the oppose racism and support democratic equality. Conservatives are sure that media are characterized by significant liberal bias, while Liberals regard this claim as a myth. In any case, everything depends on the current balance of power because the MSM in the United States are constantly emphasising particular ideas and points of view that in fact, does not follow the main rules of journalism. All in all, the activity of the mainstream news media in America relies on political processes sharing both liberal and conservative ideas.

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Liberal Bias in Mainstream News Media

As it has been stated above, the Conservatives are sure that the liberal bias is a reality present on the majority of channels and in publications in the USA. At first sight, it seems good as the liberal ideas in the hearts of Americans can lead to bright future leaving racial, social, gender and national conflicts in the painful past. However, any kind of bias including liberal diminishes the quality of journalism and violates the democratic standards within the country and in the world in general. A senior political columnist at the Washington Examiner, Timothy Carney (2015), is sure that the media are not worth being trusted because their assessments are unfair. Carney explains his beliefs concerning the politics of mainstream news media in his publication in The New York Times stating that “The Washington news media is biased toward Washington-based solutions” (2015). Additionally, the visiting fellow at the American Enterprise Institute gives an essential example of Bill Keller who attained a high position of an executive editor in The Times having strong liberal views as a columnist in The New York Times (Carney, 2015).

As a rule, the journalists state what is necessary to tell; they convince people what they need to do. Liberal bias in the mainstream news media is a serious issue, and the politicians often accuse journalists of their liberal inclinations mostly during the elections. For instance, during the elections in 2008, one could observe a serious conflict because the news demonstrated obvious opposition toward John McCain supporting Obama as much as possible so that their open claims were easily noticeable.

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However, the counterclaims reject the Conservatives’ considerations about liberal bias in the news, and Liberals claim that its presence is a myth. Many individuals admit that the field is an additional area where the politicians can act to gain the political advantages making people disappointed and suspicious toward the news because of the possible conspiracy. The Republicans believe that spoiling the rival’s reputation is a way to attain the biggest benefits. It is supported by The Federalist that informs that the mainstream media does not have a liberal bias being only successful tactics of the Republicans (Pahman, 2015). The source tries to convince that the Republicans have a strategy with an aim to spoil not only the reputation of the Liberals but also the journalists and make people believe in some confederacy. The article presents some statistics in opposition to conservative ideas and highlights that the Newseum Institute First Amendment Center poll informs that in 2015 only 19 percent of Republicans and 36 percent of Democrats believed the media tried to report the news without bias (Pahman, 2015).

Furthermore, it is possible to notice some cases from the history when the media did not take part in political issues. Glenn Halbrooks (2016) provides an example drawing attention to the fact that Walter Cronkite as a famous TV star criticized the war in Vietnam while the White House was under the control of the Liberal President Johnson, though the earlier reaction was quite positive. Actually, Holbrooks (2016) tries to make people believe that the media has mostly neutral position. Nevertheless, it is hard to support neutrality being a human and having personal political views. The journalist may demonstrate some preferences in their works without direct intention to do it; they just do their work.

The Job of the Media

The job of the media in a democratic society is to inform the population understanding its responsibility for the unlimited power of influence, and to protect and watch the democratic standards in a state, safeguard public interests and raise social awareness. The journalists realize their job of the carriers of the facts reaching and addressing a huge amount of audience. Today, media plays one of the most significant roles in shaping and creating general opinion in a community. American Press Institute (2017) claims that “The purpose of journalism is thus to provide citizens with the information they need to make the best possible decisions about their lives, their communities, their societies, and their governments”. It also informs and confirms that the job of a journalist should be accurate and omit any kind of bias (American Press Institute, 2017). However, the publications in the newspapers and magazines often have personal opinion, which cannot be unbiased and neutral concerning the political aspects. Therefore, although the job of a journalist is to be able to avoid vulnerable information and to include necessary elements, the problem is what they think is vulnerable, and what is necessary. It is an obstacle for the unbiased presentation of information.

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The Viewpoints of the Experts

The experts have made a conclusion that the media allows the government and current authority of the country to shape public opinion being some kind of a brainwash. In other words, it is an uncovered or hidden propaganda. That is why The New Yorker and Slate are preferred by the Liberals for their open liberalism (Blake, 2014). In opposition to them, viewpoints of Fox News are more moderate (Blake, 2014). A senior writer for Natural News and News Target and an editor of The National Sentinel, J. D. Heyes (2017), states that all the mainstream news are fake information aimed to perform mind control, which can be attained through the set of social means for programming human consciousness. Therefore, the media facts cannot be unbiased but suppressed by the authority. In fact, subliminal method of the influence is basic for the contemporary media techniques. Cleverly concluded and presented information evokes deep emotions and complicated mental processes like fear, despair, sexual desire and others. The media news cannot be independent and neutral; it is politically biased.

As it has been highlighted, the mainstream news media is the most responsible source of information shaping public views as the majority of American citizens watch TV news and read newspapers, being sure in their unbiased position. The most influential politicians use this aspect for implementing their hidden propaganda and controlling the social consciousness. A senior political reporter of The Fix, Aaron Blake (2014), has presented the results of the examination of the national media system and concluded that the half of the 32 outlets clearly leans to the liberal ideas, while seven prefer conservative aspects of information. The rest of the information news sources are somewhere in between the two.

The Personal Observations

Having examined a variety of the ideas and beliefs, I support the position of the experts and famous journalists. It is a big responsibility to speak openly about the political bias in the media being a part of this system. Therefore, one can conclude that such individuals can be the most independent and politically unbiased. I believe that all the mainstream media of America as well as in any part of the world is politically biased. I have watched more than three hours of MSNBC and Fox News on May 19 and it is obvious for me that MSNBC has open liberal position. For instance, speaking about the President Trump and his changes in the office of the FBI, the journalist made interesting jokes and some kind of slight mocking expressions delivering his speech without any emotions. The news compares the Administration of the President with the game play or school competitions. Thus, I can confirm that the liberal reputation of MSNBC is quite right. Moving on, the information from the Fox News is rather neutral but, in fact, one can distinguish a slightly conservative inclination. One of the news presented was a message about the President and his 9-day visit to the Middle East and Europe. I did not hear or see something vulnerable concerning the personality of Trump. Moreover, the reporters repeated several times claims about some positive effect of the American message to the Middle East and world in general. Certainly, the Fox News is more moderate than MSNBC.

As for me, media have strong and hidden pressure on the human consciousness. It is high time people recognized it and presented the news as an alternative election campaign. Additionally, I do not believe the American media at all since it is not only politically biased but also a source of total lie and subconscious programming supported by the state power in order to manipulate the society, avoid panics, disagreements, riots and any other issues.

To sum up, the media system of America is politically biased and performs its informing functions expressing both liberal and conservative points of view. The Liberals are sure that the media are not liberally biased or unbiased at all, while the Conservatives give the examples of biased information aimed to disqualify them. A lot of people have forgotten that the purpose of journalism is to present neutral and free of politics information as the biased media violates the democratic standards and reduces the quality of the news. Moreover, politics of the Republicans is directed to show the opponents in the dark light by accusing them of politically biased propaganda. Nevertheless, the experts admit a huge influence of the media on humanВ’s life and consciousness, confirm conspiracy, and biased character of the contemporary media in America.

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