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Favourite Media – Hanna Montana

Every video programme, blog or a show must present a certain theme to the audience. The manner that the programme is presented can affect perception and conception of the theme. Programmes, language, voice, arguments and reasoning ingredients prepare the audience to what the programme will present. Current paper presents an analysis of Hanna Montana TV programme. The programme is about the life of a young girl who has a tween life. Hanna Montana was a TV programme that was aired through Disney’s network. Disney is an American national mass media corporation. The programme uses a song as an opening ingredient. The song “The Best of Both Worlds” carries the theme in the programme. Montana lives two different lives and only her family and close friends know about it. The central ingredient in the programme is the song that introduces the programme in every series. The song gives a theme of how Hanna wants to achieve the best out of the two types of lives she is living. The programme reveals the theme of double life, teenage life, and celebrity (Blue, 2013).

What Comes to Mind?

After watching the programme, the audience realizes both sides of Hanna Montana’s life. The question that comes to mind is why Hanna Montana decided to live both lives. Hanna attends a public school; she hangs out just like other average girls in the city, and makes friends. On the other side of life, she leaves as a star; she attends shows and parties with other celebrities. She wears a wig and costumes to hide her identity. Hanna becomes famous due to her exceptional performance in concerts, shows, and parties. Little did people know about her and she was the same girl as Miley Stewart. The act of Hanna Montana possessing two different identities is due to the lack of acceptance of celebrity life by the society. Most parents would like their children to pursue professions that appear to be more dignified than being in the entertainment field. Hanna does not want to annoy the community and still she wants to pursue her dream. Maybe if the society fully allowed teenagers to pursue whichever dreams they wanted the teenagers would be more open, and parents would help them in fulfilling their dreams.

The other thing that comes to mind is the role of a single parent in raising a child. Montana’s mother died while Montana was very young. The father had to take care of Hanna despite him being a man. The father takes a feminine role. He spends time in the kitchen frying snacks; he takes his time to style Hanna’s hair and nap her. Her father’s role at home and Montana’s role as a superstar and a breadwinner for her family shows the change in roles in the modern society. Men are left at home while women engage in financial activities to support the family (Blue, 2013).

How the Programme Made Me Feel

The programme made me feel that the society needs to appreciate their young children in their line of dreams. If the society had accepted that their children could do well both in school and the entertainment industry then, Montana would have performed even better. I also feel that roles in the society have changed. Men can take up feminine roles comfortably. The programme gives me a feeling of how celebrity is viewed by the community. It is evident that Hanna Montana is treated badly by the public when wearing the mask of an artist and the same public treats her nicely when she is Miley. Miley and Montana are the same persons, but people treat the same person in a bad way when she is Montana and in a good way when she is Miley (Poryes, Correll, & O’Brien, 2006–2011).

The society has a bad perception of celebrity’s lives. Some people think that they abuse drugs and lack moral. However, other people think that actors and musicians are celebrities who should not be respected. People easily recognise Montana in her disguise, but they rarely recognise her as Miley. The programme made me feel that celebrity life can be challenging and entertaining at the same time. It is challenging when people think that you are immoral. The programme has made me feel that people can pretend and live two totally different lives. The same way people pretend to be good but are immoral in the real sense. They perform immoral acts when away from people who can recognise and judge them.

Thoughts Evoked

The programme evokes the thought of life of a teenage girl throughout the series. Montana and her friends are teenagers. The whole audience never fails to think how a teenage life feels. The audience can see the need to be successful in a person’s career or dreams. Montana is only a teenager who has excelled in the music industry. To her this is like a dream that has come true but she does not want to reveal it to the public. The programme also evokes the idea of how friends and family are important in personal development. Montana does not have a mother: only a father; the rest of the family and her friends stand a strong pillar in encouraging Montana to pursue her dream. It also evokes the thought of wealth and celebrity.

Analysis of the Main Character

Hanna Montana is the main character of the programme. She is a teenage girl known by the name Miley Cyrus by her schoolmates. She lives a double live. One life is the life of a celebrity where she is invited to perform in shows, TV talks, and parties. She is an artist who performs extraordinary, and she became famous in no time. The other part of her life belongs to Miley Cyrus where she acts as a timid girl with little know how on celebrity life. The rest of the society does not know that Montana is a celebrity.

In the first season, she is portrayed as a shy and awkward girl. She lacks respect to people in authority, and she appears clumsy. Her character changes after the first season. She becomes funny and more beautiful; she becomes obnoxious which makes the audience laugh at her outwardly when her show backfires.

Where She Focuses Most

The main character of the programme focuses most on achieving the best from both sides of life she is living. She is working hard to excel in the entertainment industry and at the same time she tries her best to maintain her character as Miley Cyrus.

Observations/data in this programme is the disguise and double life lived by Montana. The programme shows two different characters of the same person. The other observation concerns family and friends. Only Montana’s family and her close friends know her double world secret, and they support her to maintain it. Lily shows her unquestionable friendship to her friend Montana. Lily fully supports Miley when people suspect her of dating Jackson. Another observation is Montana’s father’s support. He raised her all alone after her mother died while Montana was a young child. The observation reveals the roles of friends and family in people’s lives. Conclusion/ hypothesis in this programme is that people judge others without enough investigation of whether what they believe is true.

What Is Lacking in The Programme

The programme did not include much on male characters. There are only few male characters in the programme. It would have been better to include other male entertainers in the programme so as to have equal presentation. Having more female involvement than males makes the programme biased and the programme mostly attracts female audience of teenage age.

The programme portrays a bad picture to young children at some point. The use of obnoxious language is not be the best for a teenage girl to use. The rude language used in the programme is a bad example for young children. The numerous laughs throughout the show are not appropriate since they are played even when the act is not funny (Bryson, n.d.).

What to Ask Characters

I would ask Montana’s father what he thinks is the experience of single parents in raising children. The father succeeded so well in performing his part despite Montana being of the opposite sex. I would also ask Montana about her experience of living a double life. I would also ask her the challenges she experienced as while changing roles.


Hanna Montana programme provides a clear and concise theme of living a double life. As Hanna Montana, the character portrays bad morals of using abusive language and lack of respect to people in authority. The obnoxious character creates hatred towards Montana from the side of the public. While assuming the role Miley Cyrus, Montana is a very disciplined and obedient teenage girl who is adored by every member of the society. The two versions of life create a paradox of how language and change of character can change people’s perception about a person. Even though Montana is obnoxious and uses abusive language, she is liked by the majority of people who do not know the bad side of her. She earns a lot of money from her celebrity role. The programme presents a rhetorical situation, and only the audience can choose what version of Hanna Montana they think is right.

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