Hasan Rouhani’s Dialog Pro Iran and Repercussions It Received from Eastern Media


In June 2013, Iran held presidential elections where Hasan Rouhani emerged the winner. During his campaigns, Rouhani had promised to prepare a civil rights charter, restore the economy, and improve the rocky relation with the Western nations. This meant that much was to be expected from his presidency. As an experienced nuclear technology negotiator, Rouhani would be expected to formulate a different approach to the issue of nuclear technology in Iran. Generally, a new face of Iran was expected under the Rouhani’s presidency. This would mean better relations with other countries.

The issue of the interim nuclear deal reached between Iran and the five permanent UN secretary council plus Germany was to be of greater concern. It would be upon the president Rouhani to implement the deal. The president was to be in total control of the deal which primarily aims at improving the countries’ foreign affairs. The Eastern media reacted much upon these changes in Iran. This includes the Iran’s plan of streamlining its processing of visas for most countries.

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The paper generally gives an outline of the Rouhani’s pro dialog. The repercussions that it received from the eastern media are also outlined in the paper. The research to be conducted will analyze the Rouhani’s activities since the moment he was elected as the president of Iran. Therefore, the question is; what repercussions did the dialog pro get from the eastern media? The purpose of the paper will be to give a clear outline of the repercussions and how Rouhani reacted upon them. Therefore, the paper outlines the Rouhani’s dialog pro and clearly highlights the reactions from the eastern media. The main reasons for the repercussions and their nature are also discussed in the paper.


To get a detailed information about the dialog pro and the repercussions from the eastern media, some steps must be taken into consideration. The study would involve various reliable sources of Iran news. These will include but not limited to; the journals, articles and updates from the eastern media. The study will majorly consider the reactions of the eastern media and their effects to the Iran’s presidency.

The various ways that Hasan Rouhani will use to bring Iran back into the world’s mainstream will be studied. These ways will outline the main reason of the eastern media’s reaction towards the dialog pro. The study will be extended to the Rouhani’s reaction on President Obama’s stand over the observation of the international treaties. This will address the Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. Thus, the study will indirectly show the relationship between Iran and the United States. This includes the president Obama’s efforts to establish a lasting good relation between United States and Iran (Takeyh & Gvosdev, 2004, pp. 41). The initial limitations encountered in the study may include the limited sources of the reliable information. In addition to that, the contradicting reactions from different eastern media may pose a challenge.

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The methodology applied is bound to give the desired results. , it is expected to have the United States react on the Iran’s development of nuclear weapons. The reaction is expected to be in line with the international treaties. In addition to that, the study is expected to realize that the nuclear deal may not necessarily change the nature of Iran’s ruling regime. The results are also expected to show that the eastern media is concerned on the international welfare. This is concerning the development of the nuclear weapons by Iran.

There is a working hypothesis based on the thesis of the paper. The hypothesis states that the repercussions from the eastern media on Rouhani’s dialog pro are aimed at international welfare. This narrows down to international peaceful coexistence and observation of the international treaties (HadŇĺikadunińá, 2014, pp. 10). The hypothesis indicates the initial assumption. The methodologies employed will be aimed at examining the hypothesis and its applicability. From my perception, these initial assumptions will be proven correct. This is because the assumptions are made upon some considerations that favor international peaceful coexistence. In addition to that, the assumptions are made considering the speculated impact of the dialog pro to the eastern nations. The eastern media is, therefore, expected to react in a manner to suggest peace.

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After the results are obtained from the methodologies, there is a need to analyze them before drawing a conclusion. An analysis strategy based on the current Iran’s political and social status needs no be embraced. The analysis should consider the effect of the nuclear deal to the Iran’s regional policies. The analysis strategy should also focus on the strategic blunders that the Middle East, Central Asian and the Caucuses are exposed to (Beeman, 2014, pp. 2). These blunders are key drivers of the reactions from the eastern media. For instance, the emergence of Rouhani at a time when president Obama no longer needs to worry about re-election is a factor (Monshipouri & Dorraj, 2013, pp. 137). This means there is a direct force that can force the reconciliation between United States and Iran.

The analysis strategy should also take in to consideration the initial limitations of the study. The fact that there are contradicting reactions from the eastern media justifies this consideration. For instance, President Rouhani pledged to walk more on the path of transparency and boosting mutual trust between Iran and other countries. Different reactions are expected to emanate from this statement. Some individuals may consider the methods President Rouhani will embrace to achieve this mutual trust while others will study the results of the trust (Fürtig, 2014, pp. 37). This is bound to bring different reactions. The analysis strategy should be comprehensive enough to take care of these variables. Rouhani states the conditions for talks with United States. The conditions will require America to keep off the Iran’s domestic affairs and acknowledgment of their undeniable rights. This seems hard for the United States to satisfy (HadŇĺikadunińá, 2014, pp. 11). Therefore, the analysis strategy should consider the impact of these conditions which are of great relevance.

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In conclusion, the paper generally gives an outline if the Rouhani’s dialog pro and the repercussions it received from the eastern media. The basis of the reactions of the eastern media are also outlined in the paper. It is therefore clear that the repercussions from the eastern media could be generally caused by political and social forces. The fact that President Rouhani promises to restore the Iran’s world position as well as improve its relations with other nations sources the repercussions. Also, given that the nuclear deal would transform Iran, but wouldn’t temper its regional policies is another issue of concern. The conditional nature of the nuclear deal would also source the repercussions from the eastern media. The United States’ stand on development of nuclear weapons can also give the eastern media some reaction basis. Therefore, the results to be obtained should be comprehensively analyzed to give perfect information on the eastern media repercussions to Hasan Rouhani’s dialog pro.

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