Apple Inc.: Apple Music

In the 21st century, the media products have occupied entire people’s lives. An individual can hardly imagine an ordinary day without music, television, radio, and book services, websites, videogames, etc. Millions of companies propose their consumers new media products to make their life more improved, developed, and sophisticated. Apple Inc. is one of the largest companies around the globe that sell a variety of digital and media products. 

Steve Jobs and his friend Steve Wozniak founded Apple on April 1, 1976. Previously, the company had been called Apple Computer Inc.. However, it removed the word “computer” in 2007 to show its focus towards digital distribution and consumer electronics (Apple Company Overview, 2016). The vision of Apple Inc. is the commitment to bringing the best PC experience to consumers, including creative professionals, students, and educators around the globe through its interesting Internet offerings, as well as innovative hardware and software (Apple, 2016). 

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Nowadays, the list of the company’s products is endless. Apple Inc. designs, produces, and distributes personal computers, portable digital music players, media devices, as well as mobile communication devices. It sells digital applications and related content, software, services, and accessories. Apple’s products and services are Mac, iPhone, iPod, iPad, Apple Watch, operating systems, Apple Pay, Apple TV, iCloud, Apple Music, and others. According to The Guardian, the top 10 products of Apple Inc. are the first Macintosh, Apple II, iMac, iPod, iPod nano, iTunes, iPhone, iPad, iOS App Store, and Apple TV (The Guardian, 2016). The Company sells its services and applications with the help of the television APP Store, iTunes Store, Mac App Store iBooks Store, Apple Music, and App Store.  Apple has the excellent reputation in the market of electronics. J.D. Power considers that the company has the highest brand and repurchase loyalty of any computer manufacturer (Power 70). Additionally, in 2015, Fortune magazine named Apple “the most admired company” in the US (Apple Company Overview, 2016).  Apple’s success on the market of media products was proved by the introduction in 2015 a new media product, music-streaming service Apple Music 

Aplle Inc. is a parent company that owns Apple Music service. The history of Apple Music’s creation started after the purchase of the maker of audio equipment Beats Electronics in 2014. The company aimed to introduce a new service after getting ownership of service Beats Music. Therefore, Apple Inc. hired famous British radio DJ Zane Lowe as a music advisor. Top managers of the technology companies confirmed Apple Inc. would bring the functional product for the industry considering the streaming business (Noteburner, 2016).

Apple Inc. has launched Apple Music on June 30, 2015. New users got an additional option of a three-month trial subscription. Moreover, they should pay a monthly fee. But the family plan allows only six users to share a reduced rate subscription. The service was presented on the iOS 8.4 update. However, Apple Inc. has launched the Android version of Apple Music. It was Apple’s first user-centric Android app. Apple Music has reached 10 million subscribers during six months after launching. It was available in a total of 100 countries, reaching many areas of the world where music streaming services were absent. In June 2016, during the Worldwide Developer Conference, Apple announced that Apple Music had 15 million paid subscribers. In November 2016, Apple Music passed 17 million users (Apple, 2016).

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Apple Music streams at 256kbps that provides the sound of high quality. Its interface is very functional. It contains the following tabs: library, artists, albums, songs, downloaded music, for you, browse etc. “Library” consists of the user’s music collection that can be sorted by playlists, artists, genres, and albums. The tab “Downloaded music” shows songs that have been recently added to the library. Apple Music recommends music for its subscribers in the section “For you”. “Browse” presents new album releases from popular artists, as well as different categories, including top music, videos, curated playlists, and charts. Also, Apple Music contains the function of search and offers its users a superior experience in listening with the modern on-demand radio stations. 

Other beneficial media products of Apple Inc. is Apple TV that provides a direct access to digital content that enables to stream video, play music, view photos, and play games. Consumers can access Apple Music and other services on Apple TV. Apple TV streams digital information from Windows and Mac personal computers. It runs on the tvOS operating system on the basis of the television applications. Also, Apple TV contains Siri technology that assists users in searching and accessing content with their voice.

Apple Inc. has developed a business idea of purchasing small businesses to integrate them into the current line of production. The company has changed its strategy with the constant expansion of the electronics and media market. As of 2016, Apple had made 69 different acquisitions. The most notable products that the company has made over the years are NeXT Inc., Emagic, Siri, Beats Electronics, Novauris, PrimeSense. In 1997 Apple bought NeXT for $400 million. The company aimed to get an operating system to replace the aging Mac OS. As a result of this deal, Apple Inc. has produced the core of what is now known as Mac OS. Besides, the company has got the powerful web development tool WebObjects and the powerful programming environment OpenStep (Simpletense, 2016). 

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In 2002, Apple purchased Emagic for $30 million. The company produced the music software Logic Pro and provided recording effects and audio facilities for music synthesis. The company used the acquisition to develop the digital audio software GarageBand that is now an integral element of the iLife product suite. Logic Pro also supports Apple Loops that are known as instrument loops recorded in a professional manner (Apple Company Overview, 2016).

In 2010, Siri Inc. had a deal with Apple Inc. considering its intelligent personal assistant Siri. Apple Inc. aimed to use Siri and upgrade its products. As a result, iPhone 4S was produced. Its distinguishing feature was Siri technology. It could help carry out different actions, get guidelines, make reservations, and send text messages. Siri was also integrated into the new Apple Watch. In 2013, the company bought Novauris – a speech recognition company that was famous for its vast database of automatic speech recognition technology. It provided access to information stored on mobile devices or servers. Apple Inc. had a deal with Novauris with an aim to improve Apple’s Siri technology. Apple had also made attempts to acquire Nuance to update its products. However, the acquisition of Novauris ensured that Apple would have more research to improve and better develop its voice assistant Siri.

Apple Inc. has acquired a 3D motion sensor company Prime Sense for $345 million in November, 2013. The company sold its motion tracking software. Further, the company introduced phenomenally successful product a new iPad app called itSeez3D iPod. Its distinguishing feature was a function to capture 3D models that can be used in 3D and Cad printing. The company has sold over 100 million units of the iPad. The next successful Apple Inc.’s acquisition was Beats Electronics. It was one of the largest deal of the company that allowed Apple to sell the Beats line of headphones in their retail stores (Simpletense, 2016). 

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 Apple’s Inc. is a successful company due to its talented management team, efficient strategy to research and develop, and also strategic outside acquisitions. The ownership of other proprieties proves that Apple Inc. improves and aims to propose products of high quality. Apple Inc. has invested in music by purchasing Beats Electronics. This acquisition has become a base for new and innovative music product Apple Music. Apple Music contains Siri technology that Apple has used after the acquisition of Novauris. There is no contradiction considering Apple Inc.’s purchasing strategy, policy, mission, and deals that have the connection only with technologies and software. The company owns other companies with the aim to improve and upgrade its digital and media products. 

The company could easily take part in a joint venture to expand their clientele, product line, and revenue. A joint venture with some companies, for example, HRS or AT&T, could be extremely beneficial to Apple Inc. HRS is a company operating a global hotel portal for the nosiness and leisure travelers. It owns more than 250,000 hotels in 180 countries covering different hotel categories. As a rule, the company’s website has nearly 10 million visits a month. Also, HRS features the largest range of hotels that is easily available on the global scale. It includes hundreds of well-known chains and thousands of independent hotels. At the same time, AT&T is a leader in the telecommunications industry. The company has millions of clients worldwide. Currently, it is Apple Inc. product provider. This could only increase the profits of these companies (Apple Company Overview, 2016).

The findings analyzed in the paper influence my opinion considering consumption of Apple Music. This media product is available to the consumer not only on Mac, iOS, and Apple Watch but on Android phones and Windows PCs that is very functional. Apple Music’s catalog has more than 30 million songs. You can find almost all music you want. The steaming service is very easy in use. Apple Music’s users can upload favorite albums and songs and listen to it offline. Apple Music allows using a global radio station Beats 1 that is broadcasting to 100 countries. That is an advantage for people who don’t know what to listen.  Apple Music contains an additional option named “Connect”, where artists can share lyrics, photos, music, videos, and text with their fans. This streaming service satisfies my consumer’s demand for high quality, functional, easy to use media product. 

Apple Inc. has changed the way that people throughout the world search the Internet, talk on the phone, use a computer, and listen to music. The company’s well-known brand, fine reputation, efficient acquisition’s strategy, and production facilities influence the consumer’s choice to buy the product or not. Apple’s products are in great demand among consumers. Apple Music is a functional streaming music service and app. It is a competitive product on the line with Spotify, Tidal, Google Music.

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