Literature Review

Literature Review


Literature review is supposed to give an overview of the important literature published on certain topics.

Such writings usually go through four stages:

  Examination of the topic or field – Formulation of the problem.

  Conducting research for the relevant material - Literature search.

  Selecting the right source that can fully interpret the topic - Information evaluation.

  Discussion of the conclusions and collected material - Analysis and interpretation.

Furthermore, your paper has to cover the elements like:

  Categorized division of the work.

  Comparative details, e.g. how the work differs from the others and in which way they are identical.

  Subject's overview with the theory in question and the exact purpose of your writing.

  Finalizing the details to ensure significant and proper understanding of the research.

It is necessary to make sure that your perspective and arguments are clear, the theses and conclusions are credible, and the paper offers the clear understanding of the topic. Full attention has to be paid to the attribution, value, expression, and the objective while assessing each part of the literature review.

You have to understand that reviewing literature is not something like listing or giving a summary of different parts or pieces of the literature. Instead of listing all the material published, evaluate and combine it according to the main idea of the research subject. Furthermore, instead of starting each paragraph with the name of a researcher, arrange the literature review with the theory in different sections to present the right theme or to identify trends.

Contrary to the literature review, in annotated bibliography you have to summarize each item briefly while following the concepts and themes and closely assessing the material. In literature review dissertation works you can group items into sections to show the relationship and compare them. It will be helpful to add paragraphs showing the main idea of each section. To highlight the main concept of the material and to elaborate on the question or problem, you should provide a general introduction and proper ending words.

Examination of the topic or field – Formulation of the problem.

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