The Personal Narrative Essay


One year from our life can bring nothing in terms of any meaningful events. However, it does not mean that one cannot change our perception of this world. This essay will tell about my personal experience when I was a child. It will show a story of a person that forced me to change my thoughts about the family. It will highlight how family violence can make people regret about what they did.

Personal Narrative Essay

Life is an interesting thing that can easily turn your attention from something small to something large and meaningful in one moment. For the first moment, it seems that small things and events that happen to people do not mean anything significant in their lives. Modern society lives in a hurry and is very busy due to the development of computer technologies, private businesses and the way how people communicate with each other. Consequently, people forget to pay attention to small things. Only when you are a child, it is possible to appreciate each moment. The child’s imagination turns a small event into a large and great adventure. I remember one particular day as my little finding of a wallet on the street changed something inside of me.

It was the last month of summer, and it was the last opportunity for me to enjoy a warm season before going the school. As always, I liked to spend my time with my friends and was trying to think less about serious things. During that day, I was moving to my friend’s apartment and did not expect to turn from this way. It was a sunny day, and I put on my sunglasses, and confidently made a step by step. Suddenly, I stumbled over something and looked down. There was a shabby wallet right next to my feet. I put one knee down and grabbed the wallet off the ground. I looked around in order to see somebody to whom my finding could belong to. There was nobody around, so I decided to open the wallet. In general, I was not a very lucky person that could find something valuable like money or wallet on the street. Thus, I was not surprised that there was a little amount of money and a few credit cards inside. If I took that money, it would not be even enough to spend on a movie ticket or dinner in a restaurant.

Except the money, there were two little photos of a man and a little girl. A little girl was very beautiful and had a nice smile on the photo. She was dressed in a white dress and held a blue balloon in a left hand. I recognized a man who was on the photo. It was a single man who lived in our community for the last four years. I saw him very often when he went to the local art shop. On the whole, nobody clearly knows anything about this man. We knew that he moved to the apartment that was sold by our former neighbors. He did not have visitors or friends and did not attract much attention to himself. Many considered him as a single man who just like to drink and nothing more. As for me, I never thought about that person, but I also never saw a little girl with him. I knew exactly where he was living and decided to come and give him back the wallet. I completely forgot about my friend and was on my way to a strange man.

As a child, I was a curious person, and liked to read detective stories. In some way, it was interesting to find out who exactly this man was. When I came to the front door of his apartment, I rang the door bell, but nobody opened. I noticed that the door was a little bit open. I pushed it, and it opened. I loudly asked if somebody was home. In return, I only heard silence. Through the hall, I saw the small part of the room. There was a picture on the floor. I took a deep breath and quietly walked inside. When I went into the room, to my surprise I found many different pictures in it. There were paintings of different sizes on the floor and walls. All of them were very realistic and colorful. It was easy to notice that those pictures were representing the life of one family. In the end of the room, there was a big bright painting of a little girl that was dressed in a white dress, and in the left hand she held the blue balloon.

Suddenly, I felt that someone was standing behind my back. I turned around and saw an owner of the wallet who was standing and looking right at me. I was a little bit scared, but quickly pulled myself together and said that I found his wallet on the street and came here to give it back to him. He took the wallet from my hand and thanked me for this. Then, he said that I can go. Out of my curiosity, I asked him about the paintings. Probably, he did not talk with anybody for a long time. That is why, he told me his story. It turned out that this man was not a drinker at all. All his free time he spent painting the pictures. Four years ago, he inadvertently hit his wife during a family quarrel. At that time, she was pregnant with his daughter. After that event, she left him, and he never saw his daughter. The only one thing that he had from his wife was a little picture that I found in the wallet. He called his wife many times, but all times she refused to listen and did not want to show his daughter to him. In order to return her, he decided to paint pictures that would represent all wonderful moments from their life when they were together. When the works would be finished, he would present all those paintings to his wife and ask for an apology. When he finished telling the story, there were tears in his eyes.

Three months later, I saw how he put all his paintings in a car and drove away. From that time, I never saw him again. I hoped that his wife forgave him, and he finally met his daughter. This significant event in my life changed my attitude towards family relationships. Now, I know that it is very easy to ruin everything and very hard to return it. I understood that a family life is not easy and it is something that people are ready to fight for whatever the reason is. Probably, family is the most important thing in our life, and we should appreciate it every day.

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