Personal Ethics – Passion: Why Am I Here?

I have always had a passion for all humanity. I believe that the best way to find myself is to devote myself to serving others. It brings me great satisfaction when I serve people, and nursing gives me the opportunity to experience this satisfaction. Nursing as practice requires passion because of the nature of the services offered. Usually, nurses are exposed to the situations that many people may find hard to put up with. Such things make many people keep away from this profession. However, I have all it takes since I have a passion for nursing. I have always given the nursing practice my best since I believe that it is my main mission on earth.

In their practice, nurses have to follow the nursing code of ethics, which gives guidelines on how responsibilities in nursing have to be carried out (Singh, 2011). While nurses are obliged to stick to the set code of ethics for the nursing practice, personal ethics may also come in handy. There are a number of personal, cultural, and spiritual values that contribute to my worldview and philosophy of nursing. I believe that nursing is a profession that requires a lot of passion. Therefore, the spirit of love and care must drive nurses in their profession. Furthermore, since the ancient times, nurses have always been entrusted with the life of patients. This responsibility comes with the access to a lot of confidential information; therefore, nurses must treat their patients with utmost dignity and respect. These values shape and influence my nursing practice. They encourage me to provide good nursing care to patients using the skills and competencies that I have acquired through training and my own understanding of the nursing profession. This makes it possible for me to provide comfort to patients and enhance their quality of life. Therefore, I do not limit myself to the code of ethics for nurses as I strive to offer the best services to my patient.

Motivation: What Moves Me to Act?

Desire is the beginning of each achievement. The belief that my contribution to the nursing practice leaves patients comforted and improves the quality of their lives motivates me to act. I am usually driven by the desire to nurse patients until they get better by successfully going through the healing process and accepting irreversible conditions. Watching how patients get better as I nurse them motivates me even more.

Inspiration: What Keeps Me in Motion?

My main inspiration comes from the improvements that have been witnessed over the years in the medical industry. As more cures and machines are discovered and services get better day by day, I hope that more patients will recover and successfully make it through life threatening conditions. Hopeful and determined patients also inspire me. They make me go beyond the constraints of my profession to maintain their high spirits. All these inspire me to work to get good and then better results.
Personal ethics is a set of values and principles that govern people’s interactions as they go about their daily activities. Professional ethics, on the other hand, has to be adhered to by individuals in their professional life. In the nursing practice, the values, morals, and ethics refer to the acceptable standards of actions that have to be observed by nurses. A number of values are believed to be important in influencing the performance of nurses. These values include quality, integrity, caring, and diversity (The President’s Council on Bioethics, 2014). Quality, for instance, is not limited just to the quality of the medical attention provided but also includes the relationship between the nurse and the patient. The patient should always feel comforted regardless of whether the healing process becomes a success or not.

Loyalty: Whom do I Serve?

My loyalty lies in the nursing profession itself, which stipulates that I should attend to all people who require my attention. I am always ready to serve them without expecting anything in return. Therefore, I do not discriminate against patients based on such factors as gender, race, religion, and color but rather treat them equally. I believe that I am in the nursing profession by my own choice; that is the reason why my loyalty is in the profession itself.

However, it should be noted that sometimes, professional and personal ethics might clash depending on the profession in question. This makes it necessary for people to find a balance between the two to ensure that moral conflicts do not arise. For this reason, individuals have to draw a clear line between their personal and professional life. As it has always been the case, professionals usually include personal ethics in their work. This is also likely to affect me as an individual since I am human. My personal ethics plays a huge role in my decision-making, both in my personal and professional life. For instance, it is a requirement that all details of a patient’s condition are disclosed at all times. However, I may find it hard to abide by this requirement and withhold the information that may depress the patient until the time that I would find it necessary. Since I believe that the patient’s comfort is a priority, I would rather make him/her happy as he or she approaches death. My personal experiences have also molded my worldview. I have seen many patients helpless and hopeless as they lie on their deathbeds. This sometimes puts me in a dilemma on whether to disclose sad news to the patients and their loved ones or not.

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