Bioethics Interview

Bioethics refers to the study of controversial ethics that are a result of the advances in technology and medicine. Bioethics committees in hospitals are responsible for supporting the patients’ rights and help the family members of the patients make health care decisions. Committee members should first receive special training to equip them with skills to effectively and ethically help patients and their family members. Individuals on the committee should afford special medical training. Bioethics committees comprise a group of people who act as advisers to the issues pertaining to bioethics. The chair of the local hospital’s bioethics committee recommends that the members of bioethics committees should to come from different communities or backgrounds. The reason for requiring diversity in the committee is that the society has different people basing on their culture, race, religion, and economic status. Diversity is significant in the operation of the committee because it ensures that many perspectives in the health care sphere receive proper evaluation. According to the chair of the committee, operation of the department requires its members to have certain skills and proper education. The members should be educated in terms of ethics and medicine; they should be able to understand the political environment of the country. In addition, committee members should know the law. The bioethics committee faces difficult situations in making decisions, functioning efficiently and providing suitable recommendation for the health care system in the society.

According to the conducted interview, the ethics committee of the local hospital plays a significant role in the health sector in the community. The bioethics committee is responsible for involving people in supporting health care institutions. The committee of this facility engages in various activities such as providing medical ethics consultation. In addition, the committee has the responsibility of reviewing the policies of the medical institution that concern the welfare of its patients. The board body also has the responsibility of educating people about the issues based on medical ethics. Due to the conducted study and observation, it is evident that the committee usually promotes the rights of the hospital’s patients. The ability to improve the affairs of the patients requires the members of the committee to understand the patients’ state. Achieving the capacity to promote the rights of the patients, the committee should be able to have members of a diverse community that will assist the institution to solve different issues such as social, economic, and cultural cruxes in the hospital. Another role that the committee plays is promoting the sharing of decision-making between patients. Decision-making is a significant process in managing the affairs of the institution. The ability of the committee to participate in making decisions facilitates the efficiency of the organization. Allowing the sharing of decision making between patients and the employees of the medical system promotes the security of information within the organization. Another function that the bioethics committee has in the medical system is the ability to promote fair policies within the organization. The policies and procedures function by maximizing the probability of achieving better medical results. The service also helps in improving the patients’ information confidentiality in the institution. Another role that the bioethics committee is expected to play is to enhance the moral environment for health care practices and the professionals who work in that environment.

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According to the chair, in the medical institution, the bioethics committee should be able to answer the ethical questions concerning the moral conflicts that are affecting the operation of the system. The function of the committee is to provide advice to the issues related to the medicine sphere and institutional management. It also provides advice to the administrative body of the institution concerning matters on the policy implementation and the rules and regulations of the hospital. Another function is the ability to promote awareness of the ethical issues that relate to the medicine world. The ability to promote the ethical issues facilitates the bioethics committee to assist in the creation and implementation of policies that encourage the establishment of education and information activities in the health institution.

Since bioethics requires a member of the committee to possess several skills, one of them being the understanding of the law and politics in the country, the chair of the committee must verify whether their future physicians have relevant education before employing them. It is significant for the physicians to be familiar with the basic concept of law in order to conduct effective medicine practice. In addition, to enable one to practice medicine in the medical institution, the committee requires one to be able to understand the social aspects of health care in the society. The ability to understand the social needs of medicine enables an individual to understand how the medical institution operates and how the health care professionals and providers unite to work together. According to the interview, the ability to apply the concepts of bioethics in the institution is rather important in the committee’s operation; it is essential for the welfare of both the patients and the health professionals of the local hospital. The committee member’s knowledge and experience in the social ethics concept is a primary element in caring for the patients as people.

The ethical committee of the medical institution faces certain challenges in its operation. The main critical challenge that affects the committee is its inability to achieve uniform bioethical environment in the medicine world. Most bioethics activities in the medical institution fail to receive enough resources that would ensure their efficiency in operation. The bioethics committee has to survive on the funds allocated from the budget; however, the administration of the institution often decreases those expenditures. The people who end up suffering from lack of support of ethics in the institution are their patients. The ability of the financial institution to support the funding of the ethical activities in the medical environment is negatively affecting the conduct of some of the professionals, hence promoting the decline of the relationship between the patients and the medical professionals in the local hospital. Another challenge the bioethics committee faces is poor communication between the professionals and the patients, and the committee and the professionals. The ability of the committee to associate with the research team is inadequate. One of the responsibilities of the members of the committee is to evaluate the proposal that the research team has suggested. Certain inconveniences arise when the relationship between the researchers and the members of the committee is defective. The bioethics committee is responsible for evaluating the research proposal and approving it, but this requires the presence of a good relationship and effective communication within the institution.

In conclusion, the bioethics committee in the medical institution plays a substantial role in supporting the patients’ rights and promoting the legitimacy and efficiency of operations in the medical environment. The members of the committee have the responsibility of determining the ethical issues and making decision based on the ethical issues concerning the medical environment. The ability to promote the affairs of the patients requires the members of the committee to understand the patient’s state. Diversity is significant in the operation of the committee because it ensures that many perspectives in the health care sphere receive proper evaluation. The committee body also has the responsibility of educating people about the issues based on medical ethics.

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