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Concert Report Entertainment Essay

On Friday, May 20, 2015 at 7 pm, the University of Oregon held a Jazz concert festival and show at Beall Concert Hall. The concert attracted many Jazz musicians, including graduate students and music mentors. The show was divided into three groups, with each group having their distinct method of presenting their talents. The groups included the Jazz Ensembles II, Jazz Lab Band II, and the Oregon Jazz Ensembles. The groups were seen to be in four parts with the three major parts being the Organ trio. In each group, there was one Hammond organ player, drummers, and guitar and saxophone players. The last two rows were taken by horn players. With my limited knowledge of Jazz music, I came to realize that the players used various styles and techniques to bring the livelihood of the music, thus, making the presentation interesting. Beall concert hall was big enough to accommodate all the fans. The room was well-lit and costumes were properly chosen. The fans stayed in a dark environment while the performers were in a well-lit, customized space. This was done purposely to help the viewers’ get in touch with the performance. In the beginning, people seemed to be calm and relaxed. As the evening progressed, the people applauded when the music reached its climax. This encouraged the band to put more efforts into making necessary changes in their presentation styles. In many instances, the Hammond organ player played a bigger role in ensuring the presentation was well done.

The first band, Jazz Ensemble II presented themselves on stage. The songs presented were Basie Straight Ahead, Dog Tired, Lil Darlin, and Tunnel Vision. The bass drum and the guitar player started contributed. The bass drummer dominated the introductory part of the music performance. The conductor was the main person, who used more gestures and body movements for presentation to lead the other members. Sammy Nestico made use of hands to give the members directions on how they can lead and present their song. In the presentation, the members of the band made use of a variety of Jazz music equipment. Drummers and guitar players dominated the 1nd row members, while the 2nd and 3rd rows were dominated by the main horn components, which included the trombone and trumpet.  Since the components were beaten and blown together, overlapping of sounds and alternation from 3/3 and 4/4 timing were noted. The note of the song and choice of players also varied, thus, creating the rhythm and melody. From the first song performance by Sammy, I noted that the bass drum, guitar, banjo and piano were the main components that creates the rhythm. Also, the woodwind instruments such as the clarinet and saxophone brought the big sound and brass development to the music performance.

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The second conductor in the Jazz Ensemble II was David Kampen. He introduces the song Dog Tired. The band made use of the horns in this section. The brass/wind instruments dominated in this song. Though it was introduced by the use of electric guitar and bass drum was used in the beginning of the song, the saxophone blowing dominated the whole performance. The harmony and sensation of the song was brought into play with the continual blowing of the trumpet and trombone by the last two rows of performers. Later, the Jazz Ensemble II performed the songs Lil Darlin and Tunnel Vision to conclude the first presentation. The two conductors seemed to make the presentation lively. The use of alto and tenor saxophones continuously together seemed a greater idea. This creates the melody which makes people listen and be attentive. Thus, it can be seen that the Hammond players, Neal and Dan Cavanagh, lead the group with making their Organ trio team active as well as interacting with the horn team. The two directors seemed to possess the same skills and interest of playing the Jazz music. The way they lead the teams were unique as they allowed full participation of each member. Though, from far it was noted that saxophone and bass drums were the major instruments used in the performance.

The Oregon Jazz ensemble looked so nice and had a systematic presentation. Tony Clausi dominated the presentation. He came with the song Fallen Trees which was presented clearly and in a unique manner. The rhythm was created with the proper use of the character skills and available instruments. The guitar players and bass drummers were the first to introduce the song. The guitar and drum were beaten with lower efforts. The climax starts when the last row blew their trumpets, which was followed by the second row who played the trombones. The arrangement of the band members was so interesting and made in a modern four part Jazz presentation team. The presentation was one of its own, as the main theme and styles used to bring about the performance were clear and well-planned. Clarinet and saxophones are two main woodwind instruments used in the second performance. The saxophone was played in a 2/2 timing so as to look as if it was played with regard to flute and the clarinet.

The Hammond organ player dominated the whole performance. Jaleel Shaw was included in the five songs presented by the OJEW/guest artist session. He came into play by blowing the saxophone and was assisted by the Organ trio to bring about melody and the playback lead of the songs. The guest artist was helped by Clint Ashlock, Tony Glausi, Clint Ashlock and Dan Gailay respectively in the five songs. Most members were silent with them being silent and playing their instruments slowly and in low tone so as to bring about the saxophone lead rhythm and melody. The sensation of happiness was intense in my mind and came as a result of the antiphony aspect use. The most fascinating song was Faith. This showed concern and dedication of the conductor necessary to show how to make use of the instruments. Jaleel Shaw in Muna’s Sleeping and The Flipside together with whole band were the climax on that night’s presentation. The songs seems to pick many familiar sounds that were put together and brought melody and rhythm. The use of tenor saxophone and piano brought the playback in the whole performance. Also, I noted that the piano came by and died suddenly, thus, bringing edgy sounds. The band got along well with the creation of high levels of presentation of the really old and present day Jazz music styles.

The performance was really interesting. Characters such as Jaleel Shaw and Dan Cavanagh were skillful in the Jazz music performance. Also, all the bands were talented and made proper use of their instrument to make the whole performance enjoyable. The presentation made me interested in the Jazz music performance and also becoming a member of one of the bands. The members used the instruments well and the chosen music was refreshing. People came out of the hall feeling satisfied. The planning was well done and each member played their role effectively. It was this performance that made me interested in Jazz music and also taught me that Jazz professionals and artist deserved respect and to be accorded with proper ethical presentation. 

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