Teacher Career Coursework

Part 1

If you visit the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP) website and Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD) website, you will find a variety of information that can help you to learn more about them.

National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP)

Available information

NAESP has provided information regarding online professional learning and especially about the ways, in which it enables people to connect with their peers. You can also acquire such information about them as the membership benefits, the board of directors, strategic plan, and the ways, in which they can be contacted. There is also information regarding advocacy for education that shows how people can get involved. It has also outlined the outstanding programs for students, which are promoted by them. Moreover, there are blogs for their upcoming events.

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Advocacy for educational issues

NAESP advocates for various educational issues by bringing them to the Congress, the White House, the national news media, and the US Department of Education. It is a way in which they help school leaders and the community to make their voice on issues regarding education be heard by the Congress. It also provides school leaders with the necessary resources and information, which they require to become successful advocates for their staff, students. and schools (Tenreiro, 2016). It plays the role of a crafting state with federal and regional policies that promote students’ success and achievements. NAESP also ensures that the funding for leaders in school is increased. It encourages an appropriate funding that would enable children to have high-quality school leaders and teachers. It also fosters a perfect environment for teachers’ growth by ensuring that the district offers them sufficient payment for the professional development (Paine, 2016). It is their role to make certain that NASSP position regarding competency-based education is promoted in each school. 


Competency-based education is a subject that has been advocated by NASSP. They looked at the case of Cumberland High School and decided that there was a need to shift towards grading that is based on proficiency. They designed two strategies, which involved using performance levels of each student to check the scoring consistency of each teacher. They relied on a strong, distinguished, and moderate command standard (Paine, 2016). On the other hand, they ensured that all the students are informed about the ways, in which they can improve their performance.

The participants, who are served by NASSP, include high and middle-level school leaders that help in improving the performance in the country. The group of leaders comprises of department heads, principals, superintendents, assistant principals, and student activity advisers such as National Association of Student Councils and National Honor Society (NASSP, n.d). The issues that are addressed by them involve education improvement through various means. NASSP satisfies their needs by making certain that they meet their demands in regards to performance and production.

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Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development (ASCD)

Available information

ASCD has provided information that they are a global community, which comprises of educators, focused on promoting excellence in leading, learning and teaching. There are also details about membership, as they have more than 125, 000 principals, administrators, teachers, and superintendents, whose role is to ensure that each child is successful in their education. There is information about educational leadership, and according to ASCD, they deliver the best practices and new ideas that are appropriate for practicing educators. Other available details are related to advocacy, because their role is to influence funding and education policy by offering support to legislators in order to help them understand the challenges, opportunities, and issues that are daily faced by the educators (ASCD, 2016a). ASCD also promotes online learning and teacher leadership, offers books, and provides consulting services. It is also easy to acquire details regarding ASCD upcoming events and conferences, educational leadership, and books or publications that they have at their store. There are also topics on various issues that the organization is promoting.

Advocacy for education

ASCD advocates for education by promoting policies that aim at enhancing the growth and learning of the educators. They provide such resources as various books, videos, events, and online courses that would empower the students to reach the required goals in learning. It is also their role as a global community institution to ask federal lawmakers to offer financial support that would promote well-rounded education (ASCD, 2016b). They also ensure that ASSA helps educators, schools, and students to meet the challenges of the new era. It has conducted webinars to tackle all the federal requirements that often transform. It is the way in which they can maintain accountability as well as improve school performance and assessments. 

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One issue, on which ASCD has been focusing more persistently, is educational leadership (EL), which delivers best practices and new ideas that are relevant to practicing educators. The aim is to provide essential reading materials for all the educators. ASCD has involved more than 135, 000 EL, making them known as the world suppliers of authoritative information sources regarding learning and teaching, as well as about current issues and trends that affect the pre-kindergarten schools (ASCD, 2016b).

According to the position of ASCD, educational leadership is paramount for all educators, due to the fact that immense information, practices, and ideas are contained in it. EL enables teachers to exchange ideas regarding lesson planning and at the same time look deeper into the issue of content. EL also acts as a study guide for the teachers, who need to tackle, pre-publish and plan lessons that involve the engagement of the kids, while at the same time address the issue of content (ASCD, 2016b).

The main stockholders, served by ASCD, include teachers, the government, the media, administrators, parents, and politicians. The needs of these key people are described in the statement as the basis of the organization. They also help in assessing their progress in educational issues.

Part 2

Effective leadership ensures that leaders are provided with necessary knowledge and skills that would enable them to attain a particular goal. Each effective leader has beliefs or guiding principles, which they use to lead their team. When I was an administrator (principal), I have learned more about leadership and the conditions, on which one can become successful. One thing, in which I always believe, is success and constant growth. However, it is my role as a principal to get involved and set strategies that will lead my school to the state, in which I want it to be. I have been involved in the development of the school vision, which acts as a guideline to the school and to the teachers. We all work together towards achieving the vision of becoming the best institution in the district. In order to achieve it, I make certain that the environment is conducive for both students’ and teachers’ growth.

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I advocate for regional training and conferences, whereby teachers meet with their colleagues as well as discuss and share ideas about the best possible ways to achieve success. They can decide to adopt one or two ideas in order to use them towards achieving the school vision. During the conference teachers are also taught the ways to achieve better results and performance. I believe that it is the desire of each teacher to be listed as “the teacher of the year”, that is why constant growth enables them to work towards the implementation of the school vision. When teachers are motivated, I believe that the students have a desire to learn more too. In the end, the right attitude, resources, and vision will help our school to gain the desirable position.

However, apart from the school vision, I also have my own vision for the school success. My idea is to influence others by allowing them to take part in the school management. I believe that if more people are involved then the chances for success are higher. By allowing teachers and other stakeholders work together, I will not only encourage the teamwork, but will also develop an environment of trust. My aim is to involve the staff members in the decision making process of school, especially when it is necessary to decide what is needed for the school to achieve success.

As a principal I would try to establish a positive school culture that would provide the right environment for learning, growing, and achieving success. It is the primary aim, because we are all here to help each other to become successful. Teachers need students to earn more, while students need teachers to perform well academically, and at the same time, I need both sides to achieve the school vision. My goal is to set a positive culture in the school, because it would increase achievements of my teachers and students. By attaining this type of culture, I would make sure that the school has instructional program that facilitates learning in the right way in order to achieve improvements and good results in studying. It is paramount that the staff members adhere to the school culture when they work together towards acquiring the set vision. After employing cohesive staff members, who are adjusted to each other and work towards the implementation of school needs, it will be possible to achieve the set vision of being the best school in the district.

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