Engaged organizational cultures

Davila, Epstein, and Shelton (2012) indicate that organizational culture is a system of shared values and beliefs that administer how individuals behave in a firm. The values in question usually have strong influence on individuals in a company and dictate how they undertake their role. The implication is that an organizational culture acts as the representation of a firm and it defines the atmosphere that employees work in. Fundamentally, this paper enumerates in detail three different firms on the basis of what they do to influence the individual desire of recruiters to join them. Furthermore, the paper offers a comparison between the cultures the firms in question practice and the principles that have to be practiced for a firm to be perceived as having a strong organizational culture. The firms that will be illustrated are Wal-Mart, Dell and Google because of their unique organizational cultures.

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Dell Corporation

The Reasons to Choose Dell Corporation

Dell is an international firm with the capability to operate in more than 34 countries. The firm is organized in a geographic line of America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Europe. The activities of Dell are arranged in each region on the basis of its team, customer, direct relationship and global citizenship. Dell corporation beliefs that their employees ought to work as a team as the best way to create better results in the market and are committed to retaining the best employees for better results in the future. The firm also is committed to building a connection with clients by offering the best products and services in the market. Their organizational culture is also based on the direct relationship between employees, clients and suppliers as the primary way to defeat their competitors (Davila et al., 2012). The organizational culture of Dell ensures that employees respect and understand the rules, culture and the regulations of their respective market as the way to benefit positively into the market.


Dell needs to use the online culture which objective would permit them to effectively sell their products online. The approach is fundamental and it would lure me to their work station because more people can be found online. In the modern market, business is best done online because it is first and cost effective for both parties. The firm also needs to have their own manufacturing firm which objective would be to process the parts needed to build efficient computers. The approach would be beneficial because it would save time and create a better platform for the organization (Davila et al., 2012). Lastly, all the mentioned approaches need to be implemented in all its operating regions so as to motivate me as a recruiter to work with them, because it will be a reliable and beneficial firm in the market.

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Google Inc.

The Reasons to Choose Google

The organizational culture of Google is open, innovative, hands-on, smart with emphasis on excellence and supports small companies. The services under the firm are made possible because of being under the contents of a corporate culture. With its organizational culture, the firm maintains an open atmosphere, especially with startups whereby every individual is a beneficial and efficient contributor (Schein, 2010). The approach undertaken by Google ensures that members of the company feel at ease on matters associated with sharing ideas and opinions on what needs to be implemented to generate significant results. The firm also encourages Googlers to query their senior colleagues on matters associated with the firm, and as a result, the firm builds a connection that is beneficial for all members.

Google also keeps their employees satisfied by creating a unique work atmosphere that attracts, encourages and retains the best employees within the firm. The organizational culture of Google also persuades employees to take risks and participate in innovating approaches. The firm also encourages decisions to be made by teams as a way of getting better results for the firm. Based on the fact that its culture is open, the firm permits a free flow of content through the organization and each member can share their ideas (Schein, 2010). Therefore, the firm uses a culture that fits my desire, which is the reason why I would like to work with them so as to attain better results in the market.

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So as to have more desire of Google as my preferred organization with the appropriate culture, Google needs to create more emphasis on the outcome and attention to detail. The approach of emphasizing on the outcome will ascertain that the firm works hard to ensure that the results are noted. The approach is fundamental because it works well with the attribute of being innovative. It is a trait that would motivate me to work harder with the objective of attaining results.

The trait of attention to detail coincides with the risk taking by an organization. The attribute enables employees to adequately implement the task assigned with a proper care because the outcome of the task is expected to be beneficial for the organization. Therefore, I would be more interested in Google if the contents of emphasizing on the outcome and attention to detail respectively were present. The reason is the two would be motivating me in a positive way because I have a clearly set objective for the market and the organization success (Schein, 2010).


The Reasons to Choose Wal-Mart

Wal-Mart has an organizational culture that practices the contents of service to client, respect for the individual, action with integrity and strive for excellence, which is making it an attractive place to work in. The firm makes their clients their primary priority by looking at them as the boss of their services and products in the market. The issue of terming the clients as their primary objective ensures that they deliver appropriate results for the clients, and consequently, they are able to attain positive results with ease. Respect for the individual is something that is attributed among the employees and the clients as well (Mathis, 2007). The approach is implemented to ascertain that understanding is attained to generate the firms set objective in the market.

On matters associated with the excellence, the firm is committed to motivate employees to generate appropriate ideas that can be used to help the market feel satisfied. The approach is emphasized within teams, individuals and the entire organization. Significantly, it is a culture that motivates and lures the firm in a collaborative entity, which has enabled them to be regarded as the best retailers in the world. The other attribute practiced by Wal-Mart is undertaking services delivery through action with integrity (Mathis, 2007). The firm emphasizes on the relevance of utilizing the contents of honesty, impartiality and fairness on matters associated with the decision making. Thus, the firm has an essential organizational culture that is designed to look after the needs of client, employee and the entire firm.

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The contents of teamwork, aggressive and innovative practices are significant attributes that need to be utilized to motivate my desire to work with them. Teamwork is a fundamental attribute that will motivate me positively because I will be able to learn from other employees while working in the assigned team. As a result, the outcome of the task assigned is likely to be effective and relevant for the final user. Being innovative entails coming up with new ideas that can be used for better service delivery for the firm. Emphasizing its usage will lure my desire to work with them because positive results are attained. Lastly, emphasizing on the aggressiveness ensures that employees are able to come up with better ways that can be used to compete the tasks in the market with ease (Mathis, 2007). The trait is significant because it is meant to help Wal-Mart employees come up with strategies that can counter competition with ease.


From the above paragraphs, it is apparent that each firm has its type of the organizational culture used to attain their set objectives in the market. The organizational culture of each of the above firms, i.e. Dell, Google and Wal-Mart have positively assisted them to stay in the market. Furthermore, improvements can be utilized to make their organizational culture stable and effective for the making business. Some of the proposed recommendations that can be put into consideration are being aggressive, being innovative and create more emphasis on the outcome of the work process. The recommendations made indicate that their presence in the organizational culture would generate better results in the market and for the firm as well. It is true because most of the people in the modern society prefer working in a firm that has the proper organizational culture. The reason for having such perception in the modern world of business is because people have learned the importance of getting right working atmosphere as the route path for success. Thus, an organizational culture is fundamental because it contributes towards the success of a firm.

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