What I Learn: Electrical Engineering

My definition of vocation is that it is an occupation or employment that one chooses and which requires his/her dedication. I understand that a person ought to be passionate about his/her profession in order to make progress in it. Without passion, an individual will find it difficult to understand what is required from him/her in his/her work. Besides these aspects, it often takes time to develop in the vocation and to be good at it. For instance, an engineering profession would require a lot of time for a person to become a master of what he/she does. I established this definition basing on the requirements for a successful career.

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Finding my vocation was a result of analyzing many aspects brought together through experience, advice, skills, personal preferences, and most importantly my academic portfolio. After all these factors had been put into consideration, I chose electrical engineering as my profession. One way of making such a decision was a result of the conversation I had with my old professor immediately after I received a scholarship from Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. He gave me an advice to choose electrical engineering when given the choice by the institution to choose between electrical engineering and electronic engineering as my specialty.

Another reason I picked on electrical engineering as my vocation is that I have vast academic experience in this field. I have knowledge about many specialties at the Valparaiso University. My decision to pick on electrical engineering, however, is based on the degree received after two years of studying electricity. I also gained very valuable insight and experience in electrical engineering at the College of Technology at Al Kharj. That period was an important one for my career since I learned a lot about electricity and many other fields related to electricity.

The year 2011 saw my graduation from the College of Technology at Al Kharj. After that, I obtained a job at ABB Company. My experience at ABB has been very rewarding both in terms of career development and gaining important skills in this field. Through the application of the skills I had received in classroom conditions while studying I obtained a better understanding of what a successful vocation in electrical engineering entails. At the moment, my decision to focus on electrical engineering is well-informed and conscious owing to my background in this field.

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Reflecting on what I have always wanted to do for a living, I remember that I have always been fascinated by electricity and what it can do. As a small boy, I enjoyed creating circuits using batteries that I picked up in a vehicle garage close to our home. Growing up, I became more and more intrigued by the difference between alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) and how they could be converted to each other using simple methods. I also gained interest in the way circuit boards harnessed electricity to connect the components. Therefore, when I got the chance to choose what to do for the rest of my life, I allowed my passion to decide on electrical engineering.

At school, my writing assignments helped me a lot in making a decision on what I wanted my vocation to be. For instance, I realized that electrical engineering dealt much with the knowledge that I already possessed from my experience at ABB Company and class work at the College of Technology. The assignments also enabled me to determine my strengths and weaknesses. With that aspect in mind, I chose the vocation where I had the most strengths and the fewest weaknesses.

In pursuing my career as an electrical engineer, I face three major challenges the first of which is handling the huge workload presented by this field. Electrical engineers heavily depend on both theoretical and practical knowledge to become successful. Mastering both aspects requires experience and the willingness to learn more and accept challenges. To overcome this obstacle, I have to use the vast knowledge and experience I have gained previously to get even more knowledge and skills. Being an organized person will also help me succeed in this field.

The second challenge is managing the various costs within this field. Electrical engineering courses, tools, and equipment are very expensive yet necessary parts of this vocation. Without knowledge and the various tools and equipment required to carry out the various tasks in this area, all the knowledge will be useless. To overcome the obstacle of high costs, I am going to progress my education using scholarships such as one I have from the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation. Working with corporations in this field will enable me to obtain the required tools at discounted prices.

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The last major obstacle is balancing social life with my vocation. I found out that I tend to isolate myself each time I have a task to handle. I have lost many friends this way because my social skills have become poorer with time. As I take on more work, I may tend to isolate myself from the rest of the world further. However, I have found ways to overcome this challenge. I will focus on keeping the important relationships in my life alive while letting the not-so-important ones ebb away. My family, friends and close business associates will be the ones with whom I will keep close contact.

I intend to use my career in several ways. First of all, I will use my skills in electrical engineering to help electricity suppliers meet the requirements of their customers given the ever-growing demand for electricity. This, in fact, is an international problem, and many states face the issue of low electricity supply when compared to the demand. With my skills, I can aid firms produce and supply more electricity and at lower costs than the current ones. I intend to integrate my electrical engineering skills in helping authorities find better and cheaper ways of handling the massive urbanization that is currently being witnessed. Due to modern methods of land reclamation, cities are expanding intensively. In Dubai, for instance, a lot of land has been reclaimed from the sea. Such territories require electrification to be useful. With my skills in electrical engineering, I will endeavor to find the best way to electrify urban centers without harming the environment or placing electricity beyond the reach of many people around the world.

Another way I will integrate my electrical engineering skills in my life will be to help in the reduction of climate change intensity. In the recent past, this issue has become one of the most contentious in the world economy. Many countries are struggling with the adverse effects of this vice. One of the biggest contributors to pollution and climate change, in general, is power generation both for home and commercial use. The fuel used in large-scale generators and vehicles produces large amounts of greenhouse gases which are ejected directly to the atmosphere. To combat this menace, there is a need to manufacture more electric vehicles and, at the same time, make them affordable to the masses. My skills will prove invaluable in this field.

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Some of the people I consulted before choosing electrical engineering as my vocation included my professor from my previous college, my father, and a colleague at the ABB Company. Each of these individuals had their perceptions on my profession. My father, for instance, encouraged me to pursue any course as long as it was what my heart and talents needed. I value his advices in everything I as has built a successful career in the financial sector.

The conversation I had with the colleague at ABB Company was more informative than decisive. This person was of the opinion that I can fit into any engineering course. However, he stated that I had skills more suitable for electrical engineering than any other type of engineering. Thanks to him, I realized that I have good analytic and organizational skills. As the leader of one of the teams at ABB Company, I had also gained experience in the leadership role. He urged me that my enthusiasm for the current forms of technology might play an important role in future. To him, I am like an American industrialist Elon Musk.

The last person whose opinion I highly value and who gave me advice that allowed me to choose between electrical and electronic engineering was my professor from my previous college (College of Technology). Ever since I know him, he played an important role in my career by giving me invaluable counsel. I had the option of choosing between electrical and electronic engineering as my scholarship from the Technical and Vocational Training allowed. My professor advised me that if I chose electronic engineering I would not get good credit transfers and my scholarship would be limited to two years only.

I chose the profession of electrical engineer based on my knowledge, experience, strengths and advices of people whom I trust. My decision was well-informed and conscious and I am sure that it opens numerous opportunities I can use in my future career.

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