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IMC Extra Credit

Advertising is a way of reaching out to the society in order to inform about the existence of a certain product or service. The idea is to draw the customers towards the product. Using a strategy that can remain vivid in their mind is boosting consumer behavior. Some of the ways of advertising include publicity, sales and marketing, promotions, displays, exhibitions, and show rooms. One can use any of these ways to reach out to the target group and draw them to one’s product.

There are four spheres of advertising, according to the article (Rayport, 2013). They are public sphere, social sphere, tribal sphere and the psychological sphere (Brett, 2003). In the public sphere, the advertisement is done during the break times, when people are moving from one activity or place to another and have some free time to absorb new things. Thus, it is important to capture this moment and provide an ad that is relevant to the customer. It is also important to put billboards or other ads where they are likely to make the most impact. Mobile phones have also become a key for marketing products, since half of the times people use them is mostly for relaxation. Thus, correctly placed ads and applications would boost a product at such times.

Another way of advertising through the public sphere is using an already existing problem. For instance, an offering may be useful for an emergency problem that has just occurred to create public awareness of the product and initiate or guide its usage to solve the existing problem. In such cases, especially when people have been unaware about what to use and when, the marketer introduces a product that sorts out the problem. Such product is likely to become popular and get more customers. One can also boost their product through an event or social gathering by being a host or co-host and contributing to the welfare of the society. Gifts like bags, t-shirts, hampers, among others, could also be given to the participants and supporters of the social project. Such events compel and attract the consumers and help to attain the set objective.

Another way of advertising is through the social sphere. Social sphere advertisement is where one markets the goods or services in a group that is enjoying each other or a group with a common agenda. The product solves a social need and must be relevant to both the social group and timing. Such advertising is mainly done through a network. For example, WhatsApp is a necessary social platform, as it serves to link people at all times to be able to pass a message and chat with each other at no cost. Therefore, it can boost social interactions and is also a relevant platform for advertising some other products. Facebook and Instagram have also been designed to enhance relationships. Therefore, manufacturers or service providers find them important and use them to market their products. Even the media houses and politician use social platforms like Facebook to write a message to their fans and influence the society’s opinions in their favor (Sendzikas, 2006). Promotional events are also another form of advertising, which involves engaging some people in a mission with the product in question to reach out to the society. As a result, they share the product with others and let them experience the product. That way, the marketers can can reach the target they would not have reached otherwise.

The tribal sphere of advertising is the one that must cut across the tribe in question or the tribe the product is being advertised to, and come out as friendly as possible. It means adjusting the strategy to suit the tribe in question. For example, if the marketer is targeting the group of females, then he should also consider their values, beliefs, cultures, and education level so that he does not use the wrong approach or design when presenting the product to the prospective client (Koc, 2002). Another example is football products like t-shirts, bangles, shorts or even caps. When one is advertising such offerings, it is important to know the team the group or individual are supporting so as to satisfy the desires of the target group. Other companies use brands to identify their target groups. Some people are attracted to certain brands, while others admire a totally different brand. A good example is branding of soaps. Each uses own taste to choose, but it does not mean that some producers should stop manufacturing because there are other brands. All products or services are important and unique to their own target market.

Psychological sphere of advertising is where a product maximizes the beliefs and emotions of an individual to prove its importance and thus making it irresistible to the consumer. Thus, psychological selling involves using mind-capturing words and designs. Once they grab the attention of the consumer, they are unable to let go off the thought of the product, unless they try it. It could also mean that the marketer really persuades the consumer by engaging him mentally and playing around with his emotions until he agrees to buy the product. Another way would be by promoting the products in such a way that the consumer gets a bonus when buying the product or a price reduction. Other products use words that have been branded. When a customer is encouraged or stimulated to buy, he repeatedly keeps going back. Additionally, some brands are connected to moods (Brett, 2003). For example, some drinks are advertised in a way as to mean instant mood elevation.

Beyond all doubts, the advertisements are more consumer-based than media-based. Thus, the best strategy is the one that incorporates the consumer’s needs and captures his attention. Therefore, while implementing any of the four spheres of advertising, one should start by defining objectives from the customer’s point of view. The marketer should be able to enter the consumer’s world and view the product from the consumer’s angle. As a result, the advertisement will have the capacity to capture people’s attention and create or improve the value of the consumer by listening and improving the product or service. Finally, it is important to keep reviewing one’s advertisement, as humans evolve very fast, and so should the advertising strategy. This is a viable and worthy IMC (Clow & Baack, 2007).

Coca-Cola is a beverage company. Since there are many drinks in the world today, they have to be branded in a unique way and be protected from the counterfeits. In order to keep the product evolving, the advertisers have to keep constantly promoting their products despite them being in the market for several years and having an already established market and target group. Coca-Cola is also one of the most consumed drinks in the world. However, the company still puts a lot of time and resources in advertising. For any good product, advertising is a must. This goal can be achieved either through publicity or by taking the product to the consumer to serve as a constant reminder. A tribal sphere of advertisement would work when it comes to advertising Coca-Cola. It is an already established brand in the market and the consumer only needs to be reminded that it is still in stock. Some of the ways such products are advertised include other people flying or gaining supernatural energy after consuming the product. As a result, clients are drawn to it, and it is important to keep reminding people of its existence. Billboards can serve as such reminders.

Conclusively, the four spheres of advertising are significant. For a marketer, it is important to understand the product before even introducing it into the market. Whether direct or indirect, marketing is something that cannot be avoided. Even if one decides not to market a product, it will market itself – either positively or negatively. For example, if the manufacturer has launched new shoes in the market, and this product is comfortable, then the buyer will be likely to spread the negative word of mouth. Thus, whether one likes it or not, advertisement always finds its way into the market through publicity or individual referrals. Therefore, the key task for a manufacturer should be producing quality offerings that can even market themselves. Allowing positive or negative feedback from the customers and attending to their feedback in the right way is also important, as it is one of the reasons the product is manufactured.

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