Management Practices


Management in a corporation is a social procedure that involves accountability for efficient planning and controlling of its operation (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2008). Successful management helps achieve company’s goals and objectives. Management is considered to be a dynamic procedure comprising of different activities and components. The main responsibility of a manager is to make sure that the organization is led towards the set objectives. It requires employment of appropriate skills and resources, such as financial. Besides, the manager’s duty is to lead, plan, control, and organize. Moreover, involving every employee in accomplishing these activities is paramount. Achievement of organizational goals amplifies their value, which is a key factor for any business (Stroh, Northcraft, & Neale, 2002). Smooth operation of an organization, together with the attainment of the stated goals necessitates managers to bring forth right ideas. Current paper focuses on how the management practices of leading, planning, staffing, controlling as well as organizing are implemented at Winn-Dixie grocery store.

Tracing its origins back in 1915, Winn-Dixie Stores Inc. is a food retailer located in Jacksonville, Florida (Plunkett, 2009). It is one of the largest American supermarket chains. In 2012, the Stores Magazine ranked the company 45th biggest food retailer in the US on the basis of revenue. Currently, Winn-Dixie has 485 stores in various locations including Alabama, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi.


Leading is one of the most important practices in any organization. Organizational performance is tightly connected with the kind of leadership present. Leading entails the sources of control employed by leaders to stimulate behavior of their employees (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2008). Good leadership practice at Winn-Dixie brought success to the company. When practicing transformational leadership style, employees can be transformed through various ways in order to enhance the company’s success. They include training and involving them in decision-making processes. Such practice helps them become enthusiastic and exert their efforts towards achieving organizational goals. In addition, understanding the personalities, attitudes, values, and emotions of employees makes leadership effective (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2008). At Winn-Dixie, it is the only way through which leaders can learn who among the employees wants to become effective. In addition, considering that subordinates emulate their leaders, showing strong leadership is paramount.

Motivation theory offers valuable information regarding the manner through which employees can be stimulated to work more productively. Winn-Dixie leaders motivate their employees using different methods including better pay, appropriate work schedules, paid leaves, training, effective communication, good relationship between employees and their managers as well as engagement in decision-making process among others. Communicating effectively not only stimulates employees, but also results in successful completion of the given tasks (Kreitner & Cassidy, 2012). The company is proud of its great leadership, while employees term Winn-Dixie as one of the best workplaces.

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Planning is the basis of management practices. In order to attain the set goals and objectives of a company, a proper plan must be implemented. At Winn-Dixie grocery store, the managers are aware that appropriate planning helps to avoid poor performance. Through planning, the company can estimate its current position, as well as foresee its future situation. Winn-Dixie grocery store uses various planning activities including evaluating its present position, forecasting the future, selecting business and corporate strategies, defining objectives, determining the kinds of activities the firm would take part in, as well as the resources required for attaining the set goals (Veerabhadrappa, 2009). The assessment of present situation enables Winn-Dixie to recognize the modifications necessary for moving to the subsequent level. In this case, the company performs financial analysis, sales analysis and overall performance appraisal. It allows managers to predict probable future events, and thus determine the appropriate action for obtaining the continuous revenue. For instance, the company did a remodeling plan with the intention of fighting the increased competition in the food industry.

Winn-Dixie grocery store also carries out strategic planning. It entails assessing the company’s strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities (Plunkett, 2009). Such action enables the company to position itself in the market in order to gain a competitive advantage over its competitors. Founded on the company’s objectives, strategic planning entails formulating objectives (Plunkett, 2009). Being one of the key players in the food retail industry, Winn-Dixie understands that maximizing its strengths and opportunities can make it the industry leader.


Staffing has always been a key factor for successful organizations. Human behavior has become complex, technology has advanced, while companies have expanded. The ways in which organizations do staffing have altered as well. Staffing aims at hiring the right people for the right job (Kreitner & Cassidy, 2012). At Winn-Dixie, the practice of staffing entails manning the company through efficient and appropriate employees’ selection, their development through training, and evaluation of their performance. After employees are recruited, the company engages them in training and development to ensure that they provide the best results for the company. Performance appraisal is also conducted on a monthly basis. It enables the company to learn the performance of every employee to maintain high productivity. Those employees who show positive results while implementing the given tasks are promoted to higher levels. While, this is a way of staffing, it is also a method of motivation. Winn-Dixie also provides its employees with proper remuneration in forms of salaries and paid leaves. When appropriate staffing is conducted, the probability of the company succeeding increases. Therefore, the company understands that employees are the most important asset.


Controlling is another vital management practice (Veerabhadrappa, 2009). It entails ensuring that job performance does not diverse from organizational standards. Controlling includes the following three steps:

· Creating performance standards;

· Comparing performance against standards;

· Taking the right action when necessary.

Winn-Dixie states its performance standards in terms of money including revenue, profits and costs. Besides, it also states them in terms of units in and out of the grocery stores, number of defective units, customer service and quality levels.

The grocery measures its performance in numerous ways, which depend on the performance standards including sales reports, financial statements, customer satisfaction, production results, and previous performance appraisals. To some extent, Winn-Dixie’s managers participate in the managerial function of controlling at all levels.

According to studies conducted by Hayden (2014), controlling necessitates the existence of plans. It is for the reason that planning ensures a company has the right performance standards and objectives. Additionally, it requires an understanding of where the responsibility for divergence from standards lies. Winn-Dixie uses traditional controlling techniques of performance audits and budget. Winn-Dixie audits entail the evaluation and verification of records and supporting documents. The audit offers information on the location of grocery stores with respect of what had been planned or budgeted. It differs from the performance audit which determines whether the figures reported are a reflection of the actual organizational performance. Mostly, controlling is connected with financial criteria. Managers at Winn-Dixie are responsible for controlling sales, operation processes, procedures for service delivery, passivity to company policies and other organizational activities.


Proper organizing is an important aspect for the success of every company. It has been defined as the process of creating a systematic way of combining physical and human resources that catalyze the attainment of organizational goals and objectives (Hayden, 2014). Managers at Winn-Dixie grocery store ensure proper organizing by understanding the specific goals and objectives set by the organization. The managers have developed an organizational structure that helps them allocate human resources in a manner to ensure their employees accomplish organizational objectives. An organizational structure is the framework that enables an organization to coordinate its efforts. The structure at Winn-Dixie is presented in an organization chart. The structure provides a graphic representation of the hierarchy of command within the organization. It helps Winn-Dixie management make organizational design decisions to enhance performance.

Organizing at Winn-Dixie also comprises of the design of individual jobs within the organization. In an organization, it is important to make decisions about the responsibilities and duties of every employee, as well as the means to accomplish them (Veerabhadrappa, 2009). Therefore, it entails the job design decisions.

Recently, Winn-Dixie has attempted to foray a balance between the importance of worker specialization and the need for employees to have jobs with variety and self-sufficiency. Currently, many jobs at the grocery are designed on the basis of the following principles: job enrichment, empowerment and teamwork. For example, the grocery has rejected traditional operating methods, and is now focused on listening and addressing customers’ needs. Starting from the organizations wide meetings to team huddles, employees at Winn-Dixie know and understand their customers’ needs, which helps them provide high quality services.


As noted above, management is an important aspect for the organization’s success. Current paper has focused on how the management practices of leading, planning, staffing, controlling as well as organizing are implemented at Winn-Dixie grocery store. Evidently, Winn-Dixie managers use modern techniques to lead, plan, control, and organize the grocery. Besides, they motivate their employees to achieve the set goals and objectives.

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