The process of management is among the issues that are related to an organization’s profitability and efficiency. The appropriate management technique employed determines the effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of the organization. In fact, research shows that most organizations have had challenges in providing and efficient method and solution to quality sustainability in the firm. It is essential for the business to build strong management techniques to ensure workflow of their workforce and the company’s profitability. It is usually hard to restructure the management and provide efficiency since it is related to different business aspect such as the human resource department and the financial aspect or objective of the organization. The paper will examine the important management techniques, with which an organization can ensure efficiency of its work.

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Performance Management

Performance management process includes the steps, used in an organization to determine how employees contribute to the growth and goals of the organization. It is important for the managers to review the staff workflow to determine the growth of the organization. Performance management plan will involve the following techniques.

The process of planning performance management will include planning. It will lay out a framework for the organization and guidelines. It will include a complete mission and vision of the business that will help workers get the primary objective of the firm. The process of planning will include the manner and the human resource to evaluate the job description of each employee in the organization. This job description will enable every employee to know what exactly is expected of him in the organization. It is crucial since it facilitates growth and development in the institution. Secondly, it will develop a relationship between the employee job description and his central work plan to ensure productivity development and growth. This link will help the employees get the primary purpose of the job description and work plan in the organization. Furthermore, performance management process will include a work plan, with the details of the objectives giving the employees the primary purpose of their skill in the organization. It will also help the management to discover the key areas in the organization that will develop in the region. It is important to note that by doing so, the company will grow to, thus improving employee development. The planning of a performance management objective will follow the SMART analysis to make sure it has a high level of efficiency. Therefore, it is specific, measurable, attainable, and most of all, relevant to the business.


The process of organizing is one of the crucial steps for the company performance management process. First, it involves coordinating the objectives of the work plan according to the time for a single project. Thus, the most time sensitive project is done first as compared to others that have a longer period. At the same time, the most sensitive plans are given greater concentration to allow efficiency and growth. It is imperative since it will determine how the industry will perform in different scenarios, which will give the company a chance to develop and, the same time, focus on important projects. Furthermore, it will include designing a work plan that is efficiently organized and related to the skills of employees. When an action plan is related to the skill of the worker, they usually have a high level of efficiency to the extent that they enjoy their job.

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One of the most important aspects of the organization of performance management process is training of the workers to ensure they have adequate skills. It will also draw employees towards each other, thus giving them some of the most valuable skills such as teamwork. It will enhance productivity in the organization and ensure growth and sustainability. In fact, this aspect will increase the performance of each employee since it enhances additional skills for managerial sustainability. Training develops management and operation standards in the organization. Consequently, employees know how to react to a particular job task. Having standards helps the manager create a bottom line for enhancing research and ensure that employees have a standard way of responding to different situations in the organization that need their reaction.


A review includes certain factors that are paramount to the quality and efficiency of work. The first step will involve monitoring the aspect of time by identifying whether projects are done within an efficient time-frame. It is unconstructive for an employee to work on a given project for a very long time. It will also include the process of monitoring the progress of work a of a given employee. Next comes identifying some of the important factors, such as barriers, that limit productivity and finding the solution quickly. During this stage, one will also identify crucial changes in the work plan. Some of the projects require customization and need the manager interference to make it more efficient. Lastly, it will determine whether extra support is needed by the manager, employees asking for additional help that will enhance productivity to a large extent.

Talent Pools and the Talent Review Process

A talent pool is a group of individuals who are interested in a particular job expertise in the organization that they are willing to work for. It is important to a firm since it enables the organization to get the required job skills. The process of analyzing the talents of particular people and whether they meet job expectations is what is known as talent review process.

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Talent Pools

The following are the concepts used to identify talent pools in the organization.

Job objectives. The talent pool process will involve grouping people into given task groups that meet the job criteria. For instance, individuals with the same skill will be grouped to do a similar project to enhance efficiency in the firm.

Skills. Individuals with the same skills will be grouped under the same talent pool. However, in some projects, skills will be mixed to ensure that employees have a broad range of expertise in each cluster. 

Identifying employees’ interest. The talent pool will require employees, who are interested in a particular project, to be combined. Research shows that when employees are interested in some project, they will work effectively for the projects they need, thus increasing efficiency (Stewart, 2010). It enables growth and sustainability in the company since there is maximization in productivity.

Talent Reviews

Career goals. Employees will be categorized according to their career goals for a better review of these goals. It is sensitive to note how the employees view their career and the extent of their goals. 

Strengths. The talent review will also analyze each goal of the employee looking for employment in the firm. The strengths will improve an easy categorization of workers to ensure their maximum quality in terms of productivity.

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Talent Management Objectives

The management technique will involve SMART technique to cover all the sensitive areas in the organization.

Specific. This technique entails designing a concreate performance management plan using design methodologies. It will increase the efficiency of employees by increasing knowledge and, at the same time, skill variety acquired.

Measurable. The unit for measuring will be the aspect of time. Choosing a particular date and finding out whether the objectives and goals are met is one of the techniques that will be used.

Achievable. The employees and the management must agree on the objectives of each project to determine the main goal behind the performance management plan. Additionally, the process must challenge the employees even though it is attainable to use the employees’ skills effectively.

Relevant. The performance objective plan goals and objectives must relate to the mission and vision of the whole organization. The whole process will include identifying the link between the PMP goals and the main mission of the business (Stewart, 2010). The two factors must correlate to ensure that they coordinate and make sense since the goal of the PMP is to enhance and add value to the mission of the organization.

Time. Every management plan must ensure it has a given time-frame to increase productivity. Thus, choosing a certain date for a project is very important for the company’s growth and development in different ways.

Global Management

One of the greatest challenges in an organization is to ensure that the management in a company meets the global management standards and that are effective to ensure sustainability in the organization. The global management plan will include the following principles – integration of talent process and business planning, while relating the two aspects will enhance global management sustainability. Ensuring that individuals with a specific talent are chosen to work in the organization increases its efficiency.

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Internal consistency. Simply put, it is the process, in which a company’s talent management processes correlate with each other. For instance, if a company performance management plan requires more training, the company must increase the rate of employee retention and motivation. Global management plan requires training. However, it is expensive and time costly to train an individual effectively. Thus, investing in employee retention plans will be a good aspect for the global management plan.

Culture. Most multi-international agencies that have a wide customer base and good management techniques have developed a management culture unique to the organization, and they maintain global management skills. It relates the talents available in the organization with the objectives and goals of the business.

Sustainable Talent Management Process

It is important to develop a sustainable management process that will enhance growth and development regarding talent in the organization. The following are the management processes that will strengthen sustainability.

Business strategy. It is essential for an organization to reflect on its weaknesses, strengths, and the targets it would desire to achieve within a specified period. In relation to these objectives, a strategy (a step-by-step set of the processes needed fro success) should be developed to assist the organization, and its members abide by their (managerial/ operational) roles in the race to the achievement of their goals as an institution.

Effective recruitment: when an organization has re-evaluated itself and discerned that its managerial operations are up to par yet its targets are still not met, it is important to re-examine the potential in its task force. If there are no promising enough (intellectually/talent-wise) employees in its talent pool, the organization should be keener in its hiring process.

Talent evaluation and management. Today, various multinational organizations today realized the importance of talent in their agencies. In the current business world, it is more advisable to implement talent management in company operations since it ensures greater interaction between employees and the managerial staff. The effective interaction between these two parties promotes training, employee motivation, coaching, and mentoring right within the institution. It is a good trend for the success of the company.


In summary, the management sector is a vital part of an institution. The operational continuation of any established organization relies largely on the effective management of various segments of the company for the company’s operations to run smoothly. This essay has served the purpose of clearly outlining the various expectations of management about any organization’s success. As noted earlier, performance management systems are paramount for the functioning of an organization since they help it build a good framework in its operations. However, the process of setting up a performance management system requires more time and money, which hinders many organizations from adapting to search techniques.

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