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Practical Significance

Apple Inc. is a multinational company that majors in the designing, developing and selling of electronic gadgets, computer software, and provision of other online services (O’Grady, 2009). The company is responsible for production of hardware devices such as the Mac line computers, the iPod media player, and the iPhone smartphone. It also offers online services such as iCloud to customers.
Through its suppliers, Apple Inc. produces a wide variety of devices and customizes its own software according to the changing technology .The company has got standards and targets for each device it produces. This enhances the quality of products it releases in the market.
Apple Inc. has various departments which are divided according to the specialization of each product and service. The legal department is made up of the company secretary and legal advisors. A legal advisor advises the company in an official capacity on legal concepts. They are responsible for formulating and developing legal strategies and plans to ensure legal policy guidelines compliance. They also oversee contractual obligations between the company and its employee, suppliers, contractors, investors and other corporations.
Apple Inc. faces stiff competition from other global companies such as Samsung, Nokia and Microsoft. This has led to the development of new products of the relevant quality that satisfies customer needs.

Ethical Significance

Apple Inc. tries to preserve the environment when conducting their business. Apple was the first laptop manufacturer to eliminate the inclusion of the PVC and BFRs when manufacturing their devices. It also stopped the use of coal on April 17, 2012, and shifted to 100% clean energy to avoid excessive exploitation of resources and pollution of the environment. As a way to give back to the community, Apple Inc. offers free information on emissions, material and electronic usage employed to create each of their devices.
Additionally, Apple Inc. has a major partnership with Product Red, a brand that engages corporate sectors in helping raise awareness on HIV/AIDS all over the world. In support of this, Apple Inc. makes one of their products with a red logo as a way of raising awareness. Income raised from the products is used to fund the brand and the victims. The company also sets aside global funds to fight HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria.

Significance of Written Communication and Community Expectations

Effective communication is essential to Apple Inc. since it is a multinational corporation. Its communication targets employees, the shareholders to the company, other subsidiary companies, and investors in other companies. The company uses various methods such as emails, internal memos, external memos, letters, press releases, investigative reports, and research and coded messages.
Written communication is mostly significant to Apple Inc. because of convenience. The company should endorse this form of communication since it allows the messages being communicated to be duplicated and conveyed to different people at various places at the same time. Written communication is also helpful in proper record keeping and monitoring the information flow.

Conclusion and Recommendations

I would recommend the legal advisor position to any classmate who is interested in the following: (a) conducting a legal research regarding products/services of the corresponding company, (b) responding to internal and external legal inquiries in respect to the company, (c) corporate and business law relations. Since Apple Inc. is seen as an opportunity for providing a conducive work environment, and is also an affirmative action employer, there are other departments worth giving a try including the manufacturing department. An individual can apply for positions such as a software engineer, an electrical engineer, a telecommunication engineer and a computer scientist. IT specialists could also work at the IT department. The sales and marketing department is also effective for the purpose of advertisement and sale of the products.


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