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1984 by George Orwell

Love as an Important Theme in 1984

The author brings into light the relevance of bonds in a family institution. In addition, Orwell focuses how manipulating it has drastic effects to the society and the people. By weakening the strong family bonds, it makes it easier to manipulate the citizens through the mistrust and constant suspicion that the government created. By replacing the much-needed affection through brainwashing, the citizens believe that the big Brother was the only thing they needed to love (Orwell 1). It removed the independence of the people to think since they now believe that they cannot survive without the government. Removing all restrictions that are brought by bonds like strong family love, friends, and lovers was a necessity for the government to have complete dominance over the population. An effective example is the turning of child against parent, man against man, and wife against husband. This clearly shows that there is no more trust between the citizens (Orwell 10).

Another thing the writer demonstrates through the theme of love is that the people in Oceania live in a socialist environment that cannot allow the citizens to freely experience any natural emotion since they do not have any rights as citizens. In addition, any marriage was for the benefit of procreation to help the party and not personal interest. The love theme becomes more significant as it shows that the beauty and value affection can hold in a society, which does not have one. In relation to how the main characters view their experience of love they take it as a necessity as they clearly state that they could not live without each other. The love gives them both purpose to live, and it provides an alternative to the daily routine that their life had become. They no longer needed to do the old things they did, but they could use each other to vent out against the oppressive regime. Their instant attraction to each other brings out the principal that humans need affection, as it clearly shows since neither one was happy before they met. This feeling of oppression that their feeling of love awakened brings out the aspect of individuality in a society; no matter how a regime might oppress the citizens, it only creates more urge for them to revolt since it is impossible to control feelings of a fellow human being for long. It is in this context that the author demonstrates his theme of love (Orwell 23).

Newspeak in 1984

According to the author, the Newspeak is the official language in the Oceania society. It is to be fully implemented in 2050 and should encompass all the ideologies of the main party, which is in league with the main party’s overall goal for complete dominance. The Newspeak brings out well the complete acceptance of the population to the Oceania governments control and the communication part of the literature (Orwell 10). Through complete removal of the negative words from their vocabulary, they wipe out any chance of language that could cause revolt. The Newspeak vocabulary is divided into three main parts. The A vocabulary contain the normal used words. The B vocabularies contain the ideology or words that have political affiliations. The C vocabularies are those that relate to technical fields and science (Orwell 378). Its major role is to divide the information and technology into many departments, and as a result, this ensures no citizen can get hold of too much information.

The government was aware that if they translated many of the old documents, most of their citizens could realize the intention behind the Newspeak. Since most of the articles spoke of liberated societies where rights and freedoms exist like in the case of the declaration of independence, it is in this understanding that the party had to immediately stop the translation of the old documents into Newspeak until the year 2050. When talking about Newspeak, the aspect of doublethink also has to highlight since one cannot exist without the other. This is clearly demonstrated in the novel, as the government uses Newspeak in their language to control thoughts of the citizens. It also effectively implements doublethink to directly control their thoughts and make the person to completely forget, as in the case of the main character and his affair and during his torture or the article that ‘read big brother is watching which is meant to instill fear’ (Orwell 359).

It can be said that Newspeak not only amplifies the communication by the party and its leaders, but also removes all relevance to normal conversation as it is effectively created to control thought. One advantage that Newspeak has to the party is possibility to control any anti political action since only the vocabulary that has politically correct words exist. This increases the level of illiterates in the society, as many of the citizens will have a limited knowledge and this negatively affects vocabulary, and it will be hard to even follow any meaning full conversation. This is a disadvantage on both sides since even the politicians themselves will find it hard to communicate with the same people that they are controlling.

The Concept of Objective Truth in 1984

Objective truth in simple explanation is the case of things being as they are whether we wish them to be false or true, they cannot change by us simply wishing they were different. Moreover, they continue even if we do not exist or stop believing in them. Most people relate the reality of truth as being objective and can go according to their beliefs and their mindset. The pragmatic aspect of truth is a well working tool since it helps you to meet the overall goal that was intended. By bringing this argument into context, the best example in the novel is the constant reminder that big brother is the right person to love (Chapter 7) the lie eventually became the truth to the citizens and the government achieved their overall goal. It is through this understanding that through the media the Oceania government was able to successfully carry out their objective by using media to effectively control their citizens through feeding them propaganda and lies, which eventually the public embrace as total truths (Orwell 23).

As in the case of all the other ministries, the ministry of truth also brings out a different aspect of truth as it only seeks to satisfy its own agenda by changing and presenting false historical results to the public, it is actually the main ministry the governments uses to spread propaganda through its application of Newspeak. In the novel, the manipulation of the truth greatly affected the characters lives even though the ways that the government focused on doing it were wrong. Objective truth was still depicted in the end. The truth was that there was oppression and the scene where Julia one of the characters admits to having an affair to the main character illustrates that normalcy takes courage to show that especially in a society that does not allow it. The truth here is that even though fear plays a great part there are just some feelings that cannot be suppressed and will always come out in humans (Orwell 108).

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Experts argue that objective truth can be traced as far back as human existence. This is explained by being conscious of the state a person is in; that is, if you do not exist, you cannot have any feelings and through knowing, that you have feelings, it does not prove that you exist; the argument here is that feelings cannot be tailor-made to suit people since everyone reacts very different in every unique situation.

The Character of Winston Smith in 1984

Winston Smith, the character, we get to experience the story from his perspective, is a thirty-nine year old, thin frail man who is sexually depraved (Orwell 2). He is the main protagonist in the novel and an individual the readers can easily be accustomed to and empathize with. He stands out as being different from the others in the society as he struggles to hold on to his human spirit, which others have willingly discarded and are now only living to further the cause of the main party’s will in a society that does not welcome freedom, human emotions and truth. His intellect is clear as we see him working for one of the highest ministries in the country, and he constantly has questions about feelings and love unlike the others. This is shown when the reader knows the pain he felt during the tortures he undergoes in the party’s hands. In addition, when released he still goes on loving Julia, which is not allowed, and this results in him getting killed (Orwell 358).

The main attracting features that the character has that the readers relate to is the undying self-determination and his individuality. Through him, the complete package of a society’s decency, freedom, peace, and love are seen as well as the readers have a stake in the novel as they all wish that things would turn out differently for the character. Moreover, through his demise, all these things die with him, and this struggle shows familiar struggle of all humans with the good and bad in the society. Through the characters persistence to achieve the unadultered truth, which was through his rebelling against the strong laws of the totalitarian government only to crown his victory with consummate his love with Julia, he shows his focus and perseverance as he went on ahead to realize his dream of freedom even if it caused him his life in the process. Even though his unwavering focus, individuality, determination and fatalism are his strong points, they are also the main reasons for his failure in that; he became extremely paranoid with the party finding out what he was doing, and it became true in the end. This led him to take unnecessary risk and ended in him caught by the thought of police (Orwell 345).

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