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How to Celebrate Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day

Parents in the United States as well as in other countries are offered to follow a program encouraging them to take their kids to workplace. It is called “Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day.” If you are a working parent, you should be aware of some historical facts about this day and the way it is celebrated.

Historical Background

The so-called holiday was founded in New York in 1992. The creators of this day were the president of the Ms. Foundation for Women, Marie C. Wilson, its founder Gloria Steinem and its treasurer Ms. Daren Ball. These women thought taking their daughters to work would affirm their self-worth and help them decide which profession to choose.

At first, this day was celebrated on April 22, 1993. Since that time, it has been celebrated on the fourth Thursday in April every year. When choosing the date for such an occasion, it was decided to select a school day. Each educational establishment is provided with informative material on this day. Besides, schools are greatly encouraged to undertake such program. Teachers are given educational material on career development which they then include in the academic curriculum.

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Below, there is a calendar indicating the dates of celebrating the mentioned day:

Month Date Year
April 27 2017
April 26 2018
April 25 2019
April 23 2020
April 22 2021
April 28 2022

In 2003, the discussed program was officially designed to involve boys too. On the website of the program, it was officially stated that such changes were implemented to give both boys and girls a chance to find out more about different professions. According to the Ms. Foundation, celebrating this day will give fathers a great opportunity to show that they can properly carry out not only their professional responsibilities but also the parental ones. Participating in such celebration is a great way of challenging the stereotypes that taking care about children is women’s duty only. It should be admitted that the bring your child to work day is created not only for your own children. Every parent is free to take their nieces or neighbors to work too.

Before it has been decided to expand the program for boys too, it was solely focused on addressing the girls’ needs. However, the pressure from educators was great, as they did not want to include such a day into their curricula. They said there was no encouragement for boys to join the celebration.

In 2007, the control over the program was given to Carolyn McKecuen. She worked as the executive director of the foundation. Gloria Steinem, one of the founders of the program, keeps being a member of the board of directors of the foundation.

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What Do Americans Do on This Day?

In the United States, the employees take their children, friends or relatives to their work. Nevertheless, a strong accent is put on the necessity of inviting children from shelters to participate in such a program. The point is that they may have no opportunity to undertake such kind of activity.

On the take your child to work day, parents will have a wonderful chance to combine their family and work life. They will be able to introduce their sons and daughters to their colleagues and their children. It will be definitely an interesting experience, regardless of some misunderstandings that often occur when dealing with children.

In addition, taking one’s children to work is a good way of showing them how you spend your time when they are at school. Mind that your children may have a lot of questions concerning the working process. It is a marvelous opportunity for you to build strong relationship with your kids.

On the eve of TYCTWD, you should make a plan for the next working day. Decide on the tasks you will do. You should put away carrying out some complicated projects as your children may distract you. In case, you must complete a certain task, you may ask your colleagues for help.

You also need to plan your children’s working day. You should ask them if there are any tasks they would like to fulfill while being at work. Note that your children will be pleasantly surprised if you prepare something interesting for them.

In case your company does not follow the program celebrated on fourth Thursday in April, you may show your own initiative. Provide your HR managers with basic information about celebrating this day and give them several interesting suggestions. If there is a plan, it will be much easier to encourage all parents to take their children to work.

Celebrating This Day for the First Time

If you have never taken your children to work before, you may ask your experienced colleagues for advice. Was there a cozy place for children? How did parents managed to interest their children in their work? Are there any toys that can be used in such cases?

Invite other parents and their children to have lunch. Thus, you will find out how other parents spend #TakeOurChildrenToWorkDay. By the way, if you take all children together, it will be more interesting for them to do some tasks.

The most important thing you need to do is set the rules before taking your children to work. Explain them how to behave in the office. It would be good to promise a great reward for being a good worker.