Success Essay Sample: Personal Success

Writing a success essay is difficult but possible. One difficulty is that everyone uses a different measure of success. Moreover, people cannot provide a single answer to the question, “what is success?” Success means different things to different people, which is why it is not always possible to describe it in the easiest terms. One thing is clear: every person is in a position to become successful. Every person has the talents and skills needed to become a success. It is just that everyone must have a clear idea of what it means and takes to be successful, in order to be able to reach the established goals.

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What is the key to success? No one can say with confidence. The thing is that being a success has different facets, and while someone measures success by the amount of money he has, someone else simply wants to have some food for the day. In all respects, success means the ability to accomplish one’s goals. For someone, these goals mean to conquer the universe, while for someone else these goals are limited to going to school and writing an A+ essay.

Still, money is the biggest concern for the modern society. Everyone needs money to buy the basic items, foods, pay for education and utilities. For millions of people on the planet, success means money. However, while some of them believe in the value of some money in the pocket, others consider money as just an investment in education, medical care, etc. Key to success is quality education, because in a competitive job market only the most talented and well educated individuals can have their share of success. It is a vicious circle of dependencies – people need money to pursue a college degree, and they also need a college degree to earn more money. Many people want to have their own house or they want to launch a business. They also need money for that. People want to be proud of their possessions, and they want others to see how successful they have been earning their profits. Throughout the human history and today, the amount of money a person had has been the main measure of success. Many people want the public to be envious about their earnings and achievements, which is why they publish messages about their earnings, trips, luxurious houses, and so on.

However, not everyone is focused on money. Thousands of people simply enjoy the happiness of life, no matter how much money they have managed to earn. The secret of happiness and success is in being able to see pleasure in smaller things. Some people do not need money at all to feel happy. For instance, one cannot buy health or love. A person may have millions of dollars on her bank accounts but no one to share her successes and pleasures with. At some point, people understand that money is nothing without love. In this essay on success, simple pleasures become obvious: money certainly matters, but it loses its relevance when it does not bring a feeling of satisfaction.

Another thing is health. It is also critically important for being successful. In fact, only people who have gone through hardships and have successfully combated serious illnesses know the secret of how to be successful. Personal success is impossible without being healthy. Nor is it possible without having someone who can share this success with you. Be successful and enjoy your life to the fullest! This is the best thing you can do while struggling to overcome your life difficulties.

Set clear and achievable goals. Your success depends on how well you can define your future. You are the one to shape your dreams and make them real. You know what you can accomplish, and nothing can stop you from your progress! Do not get lost or confused by those who have never even tried to be proactive. See what successful people do and follow their path.