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Persuasive Speech Topics


The ability to persuade is the core element of many successful projects. The art of persuasion changes opinions and creates both positive and negative metamorphoses within people’s minds. It affects narrow social groups as well as instigates global thinking. A politician who obtains a majority of votes, a teacher who instils interest in his students, an owner of a unicorn company, an artist of a post-modern sculpture that was sold for millions of dollars – all these people are impeccable persuaders. Do you see a correlation between this statistics and educational requirements to work with persuasive speech topics? Students all over the world are given tasks aimed to improve their persuasive skills or even discover own methods to convince the specific-purpose audience. The accent on persuasion is a cornerstone of education intended to transform an apprentice into a connoisseur.

How to Contrive Persuasive Speech Topics?

You may say that coming up with the conspicuous topic is the easiest task, while it is much more difficult to write a persuasive speech itself. Indeed, you need to display the whole spectrum of your wittiness, resourcefulness, and literacy, when explicating the course of your ideas and the reasons behind their significance. However, it will be so affronting if only a few people show interest in your speech simply because the topic was poorly crafted. Thus, keep in mind, “attention-grabbing” is not an unpretentious adjective – it should personify the audience that is willing to give you this Attention for something that cultivates a high profile.

What are the features of arresting persuasive speech topics? They are surprisingly easy to perceive and digest.

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Passion is the Energizer of Decent Thoughts

Can you imagine Elon Musk or any other popular personality searching through random topics over the Internet in order to write his speech? He does not have to ask for expert opinion on SpaceX as he is its founder. It means he can elucidate so many crucial details about the subject, being the primary specialist in the sphere. If not to delve into professional matters, how should a student generate speech topic ideas? The answer is simple – focus on your interests. You will be always more knowledgeable in something you like to explore regularly because it constitutes your life passion. Luckily, modern students are keen not only on video games, but also various creative stuff, along with social, economic, and political issues. Even if you have to invent a good persuasive speech topic related to something seemingly different from your hobbies, you can still find meeting points, when acting a bit cunningly. For instance, your task is to fletcherize a speech topic on the newest technologies, but your major interest is in Arts. It is possible to connect these two discrepant things. Why not to ponder over the inability of Artificial Intelligence to create paintings in all art genres? You can experiment with any contrasts, as it makes your way of thinking atypical and instantly attracts attention!

Lists of Persuasive Speech Topics to Help You Develop Various Thinking Patterns

Although we expressed the thought that it is better to devise persuasive speech topics on your own, as it makes you work with your knowledge and imagination, we decided to provide you with valuable hints. These suggestions will be especially relevant to students, who are recurrently assigned with persuasive speech assignments. We have formulated enticing speech topics according to separate categories. You will find classic variants for conventional target audience, as well as alternative persuasive topics that are less known or under-investigated.

The dexterous writers of Exclusivethesis.com know what a good persuasive speech topic is. Therefore, we would like to share miscellaneous categories of persuasive speech ideas’ lists with you.

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Persuasive Speech Assignments Topics for College Students

  1. Why textbooks become outdated. Laptops and iPads should be widely used by college students.
  2. Students should not be allowed to complete their homework via mobile phones.
  3. Certain lectures should be always given online to provide students with more time for essays.
  4. Unjust professors should be punished for causing students’ burnouts.
  5. The gap year opportunities should be widely promoted.
  6. Students suffering from ADHD should take notes voluntarily.
  7. Remote studies should be organized in every country in case of a new pandemic.
  8. Students should be more knowledgeable about the tuition fee loans.
  9. It should be possible to cancel the whole study course if the majority of students vote against it.
  10. Valedictorians should not be rewarded in front of students who lag behind to avoid low self-esteem issues.

Persuasive Speech Topics on General Educational Matters

  1. Modern teachers do not have to obtain new certificates to prove their proficiency, as their experience of tutorship speaks for itself.
  2. Low-income families should be able to educate their children for free.
  3. Why IQ tests do not reflect genuine capabilities of people.
  4. The effective ways to fight cyberbullying are only radical ones.
  5. The secrets of successful Erasmus applications. How not to fail your dream program.
  6. Why a British TV series “Sex Education” cannot solve all sex-related problems of real students.
  7. Students, who are auspicious sportsmen can be released from homework before the important competitions.
  8. Liberal arts are no less essential than exact sciences.
  9. Academic mentors should regularly enlighten students on the harmful effects of drugs and the consequences of their usage on campus.
  10. Classical music should be played on lectures to help students memorize the material better.

Persuasive Speech Ideas Related to Business World

  1. Customer-centric attitude makes your business more successful. Informative vs persuasive speech essay with trendy examples.
  2. Can freelancers become successful entrepreneurs?
  3. If your start-up idea is focused on Artificial Intelligence, you have more chances to turn into a unicorn company.
  4. Bed and breakfast hotels vs Bohemian hostels. Which business concept will win?
  5. Each new business needs a decent Social Media Marketing Manager.
  6. You cannot build a business without passion.
  7. Investment is not always beneficial unless you get rid of the way of thinking typical of the underprivileged.
  8. How to stay motivated and revitalized when working from home during pandemic.
  9. How to transform negative comments from clients into your strong features.
  10. CEOs should not make their employees feel inferior.
  11. People’s professionalism should not be judged by their social media accounts.
  12. What do modern consumers expect from an affordable fashion designer? Clothing production business tips.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Economy

  1. Domestic products should be well promoted but their quality must be seamless.
  2. What happens to the global economy during the times of serious epidemic?
  3. The drawbacks of free trade agreements that the employees do not notice at first.
  4. Why commercial relations between China and the USA are critical.
  5. The increased average salary improves the overall economy, as motivated people work more efficiently.
  6. The perquisites of a natural monopoly.
  7. Solar energy projects instigate the reduction of oil companies’ income.
  8. How to generate brand loyalty without advertising. Building trust through bush telegraph.
  9. It is detrimental for the state companies to hire low-wage labor.

Persuasive Speech Topic Ideas on Finances

  1. You can leave your hat outside the bank. The regulation should be made to visit banks without headwear to prevent burglary.
  2. Cases when student loans can be discounted.
  3. How health insurance prices are determined in developed and developing countries.
  4. Meticulous debt management plans can prevent you from spending extra costs.
  5. The risks of long-term investment.
  6. How the strength of the dollar affects the economies of developing countries.
  7. American dollar is not the currency of the future.
  8. How people with the lowest salaries in Eastern Europe manage to buy expensive Western products.
  9. Why it is more beneficial to invest in electro car.
  10. The comparison of mortgage rates in Canada and America.
  11. Reasons why saving money can make you constantly on a budget.

Persuasive Speech Topics Governmental Issues

  1. Governmental programs related to educational changes interfere with the necessities of contemporary students.
  2. Democratic way of thinking should be endorsed by democratic deeds.
  3. The majority of governmental projects on cultural diversity are not implemented.
  4. Why it is damaging for a citizen to skip presidential election.
  5. Why do people vote for unpopular candidates?
  6. Should politicians be more transparent and people-centered on social media?
  7. Equal Rights Amendment should be restated.
  8. Financing the healthcare sector by the government is more important than supporting the military sector.
  9. Tolerance campaigns are becoming more effective nowadays, but particular factors hinder their full realization.

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Persuasive Speech Topics on General Politics

  1. Global political predictions of the British TV series “Years and Years”.
  2. Nationalism versus globalization must be on the agenda of American political projects.
  3. Can more totalitarian regimes appear in the nearest future?
  4. Psychological constituents of Barack Obama’s political profile.
  5. Are political scandals artificially created?
  6. Who can benefit from Donald Trump’s immigration regulations?
  7. The political failure to eradicate terrorism.
  8. Why Democrats initiate the majority of global warming projects.
  9. Drug addiction is a national problem, but politicians are silent about it.
  10. The challenges related to modern political reforms.

Persuasive Speech Topics on National Security

  1. Why airports’ security must be even stricter. People learned to trick screenings.
  2. How the 9/11 attacks influenced the overall national security.
  3. Police must carry weapons, especially in metropolitan cities.
  4. Every healthy individual should serve in the national army despite the sexual orientation.
  5. Cybersecurity acquires new-fangled regulations on protecting personal data.
  6. Human trafficking has not been totally eradicated, which makes national security sensitive.

Persuasive Speech Topics on International Relations

  1. Modern Russia does not have chances to become the next superpower.
  2. The advanced countries should stop supporting corrupted nations.
  3. Volunteering in small but prospective communities contributes to the enhancement of international relations between the two involved countries.
  4. Justifiable reasons why Scotland should be completely sovereign.
  5. China is a global force. Why should the relations with this country not be underestimated?
  6. Fictional independence of Eastern European countries tormented by corrupted politicians.
  7. Women and men equality in Muslim countries. Is it even possible?
  8. Countries that benefit from international relations with African states.
  9. Damaging Consequences of the Syrian conflict.
  10. What the Vietnam War still teaches Americans.
  11. The European Union loses its strength.
  12. How Brexit affects trade agreements between the UK and European countries.
  13. Developing countries with feigned human rights.

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Speech Topics on Ecology

  1. Smart houses of the future should be fully eco-friendly.
  2. Rare exotic plants should not be allowed in private gardens.
  3. Bicycle culture should be more widespread.
  4. The mismanagement of natural resources in developing nations.
  5. Air contamination in metropolises is too dangerous for the overall health.
  6. How to make solar panels affordable even to low-income citizens.
  7. Deforestation of the mountains damage vital ecosystems.
  8. It is surprising how many countries continue using the unnecessary plastic.
  9. Electric cars should be cheaper to encourage the majority to use more ecological means of transport.
  10. You can protect nature, starting from your home.
  11. Marine species that should never turn into humans’ food.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Laws

  1. Intoxicated drivers should be penalized more severely.
  2. Reasons why smoking marijuana is legalized in developed countries.
  3. Music piracy will stop existing if every composition becomes free for regular users.
  4. Illegal immigrants should have more rights if they are not discovered during 3 years.
  5. Why awkward British laws like “handling a salmon in suspicious circumstances” still exist.
  6. Legal penalties should be endorsed for sexism and ageism.
  7. It is justifiable to arrest a person carrying a toy gun.
  8. Illegal workers should be released, but their employers should be punished.
  9. 18 should be a legal drinking age in all countries because teenagers drink alcohol anyway. When you allow something, you automatically reduce the adverse effects.
  10. Discrimination against people with disabilities is not properly handled in third-world countries.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Medicine

  1. It is wrong to keep underage abortion decisions confidential. Parents must be aware.
  2. Cases when fetuses can be utilized for scientific purposes.
  3. Educational incentives on contraceptive medical treatment for high school students.
  4. The flaws of post-Soviet healthcare systems.
  5. Free distribution of condoms at educational establishments only makes things worse, serving as an additional reminder about sex, which distracts youngsters from studying.
  6. Global workout hype makes the world healthier.
  7. Eating out makes people forget about healthy nutrition at home.
  8. Arts therapy in every office. Imagine the scenario when the usual coffee break turns into a creative leisure.
  9. Animal testing is not always useful for medical investigations, but are scientists able to find an appropriate alternative?
  10. Panic attacks are more dangerous than they seem. Ways to help the sufferers.
  11. Degenerative spine disease affects many skillful employees. Isn’t it time to create more medical centers to cure it?
  12. How wholesome breakfasts can change your life.
  13. The paradox of healthy fast food.
  14. Sexual disfunction enormously distresses self-confidence.
  15. The myths about drinking water.
  16. It is healthier to be a vegetarian or a pescatarian than a meatarian.
  17. When you work intellectually on a daily basis, you should consume melatonin before sleep.
  18. Not every child is mentally prepared for sex education. Defining individual age limits is essential, in this case.
  19. Superfoods that help your brain work incredibly well.
  20. Being a vegan is harmful in cold climates.

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Persuasive Speech Topics on Psychology

  1. Existential crisis after turning 40 years old.
  2. The intricacies of Electra complex in modern families.
  3. People with high IQ are less likely to address psychologists.
  4. Love as a panacea. Mental disorders are not typical of people who feel loved.
  5. Financial status and overall happiness.
  6. Introverts are usually smarter, but their in-depth perception of the world causes unexpected mental issues.
  7. Antidepressants kill people’s emotions, which influences their social relationships.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Family

  1. Happy childhood protects us from a range of mental disorders.
  2. Nervousness can be hereditary.
  3. Family business reveals previously concealed problems.
  4. Do parents have to provide for a teenager who reached the age of 18?
  5. Regular family dinners improve the relationships between parents and children.
  6. The most critical age for siblings that results in never-ending conflicts.
  7. Why some grandparents become exemplars of care, while others remain distant with their grandchildren.
  8. The majority of Digital Age parents can be blamed for their children’s obsession with virtual reality.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Relationships

  1. Is it safer for youngsters to imitate dating via Internet?
  2. Why people rarely find their soul mates and stay faithful for a lifetime.
  3. The positive aspects of long-distance relationships.
  4. Why getting married is not necessary anymore.
  5. Teenagers must be allowed to live separately from their parents, even if they do not study in a different city.
  6. Jealous people can be dangerous, as extreme jealousy can indicate a mental disorder.
  7. People stop indulging in polygamic relationships when they fall in love for real.
  8. Couples’ therapy is essential to understand whether the family can be saved.
  9. Controversial views on intimacy before marriage.
  10. Cheating issues. Is jealous woman more likely to cheat?
  11. World religions should become liberal enough to allow marriages between people with discrepant religious backgrounds.
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Persuasive Speeches for Children

  1. A child before 12 should not be allowed to use smartphones.
  2. Tutorship should be creative and interesting.
  3. Playing video games once a week develops mental agility and critical thinking.
  4. Many teen idols embody harmful habits and psychic disorders.
  5. Children should start studying psychology at an early age.
  6. Instagram sets unrealistic expectations for teens.
  7. Grades should not be disclosed in front of the class.
  8. Bullying in schools should be made illegal.
  9. Homework overload is immense, so children suffer from excessive information.
  10. How to boost self-esteem in middle school.
  11. Schools have to offer more creative activities.
  12. How to make your first speech interesting for peers?
  13. Public speaking phobia in reclusive teens.
  14. Outdated subjects that do not reflect the demands of modernity should be excluded.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Society

  1. European families should have more than two children due to the general aging of the population.
  2. Alcohol consumption should be regulated by law. Society should promote sobriety.
  3. Elderly people should use transport for free.
  4. Community service must be an obligation for every self-conscious citizen.
  5. Everyone should be allowed to protest against ridiculous laws.
  6. Social programs for the poor are not helpful without the financial support.
  7. People become less sociable in big cities.

Speech Topics on Poverty and Homeless

  1. We live in the world with billionaires. Why don’t oligarchs help the poor?
  2. Poverty is a state of mind, and some people are unable to get rid of it.
  3. Give job to homeless people and they will be still without homes.
  4. We have enough natural resources to eradicate hunger in any country in the world.
  5. Poverty stems from inertia, unwillingness to put efforts. Nowadays, everyone can obtain education and a job.
  6. Money-saving secrets that will make you forget that you lived on a shoestring.
  7. Low salaries are not necessarily synonyms to poverty. Developing countries will teach you how to survive.
  8. The list of charitable organizations with the most positive achievements.
  9. Homeless people need psychiatric help.

Persuasive Speech Topics on Technology

  1. Google has made classical libraries irrelevant.
  2. Artificial intelligence will become visible in every home of the future.
  3. Technological progress has already surpassed the plots of science fiction.
  4. More and more teens dream to become transhuman. “Years and Years” allusion.
  5. Cafes with barmen-robots already have regular visitors.
  6. The unbelievable advancement of high technology over the last 20 years.
  7. Imagine the world without Internet, when all virtual connections suddenly disappear and you cannot be online anymore. What will happen?
  8. Should screen should be strictly controlled both for children and adults.
  9. Recent governmental regulations regarding cybersecurity.
  10. Social media makes people less resourceful. Restore your creativity offline.
  11. Flying taxis are not make-believe anymore.

The wordsmiths of Exclusivethesis.com are able to cope with a variety of research papers, including informative vs persuasive speech essays, as well as creative speeches aimed to boost your reputation and make a difference in this world. Persuasion is inspiration, and if you inspire others, you turn into the influencer, who gains the deserved followers.