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7 Tips on Completing a Marketing Plan

Writing a marketing plan is a growing trend nowadays as far as businesses face fierce competition in pursuit of better funding and higher brand awareness. It may serve as a good example that public libraries have started this practice in order to show clients and management how necessary they are and to solve existing budget problems. Either starting fee-based services or well-promoted corporations are in need of this type of plan. The question is how to approach completing a sophisticated marketing plan that would be truly efficacious?

What is a Marketing Plan?

A marketing plan is a report that comprises data about the target audience and the way a company should direct its activity to fulfill their needs. This procedure is considered to be an indispensable one to achieve success and get revenue. An initial step to complete is gathering enough information through research of a market, surveys, circulation reports, etc.

The following guide suggests the main components of a marketing plan you should bear in mind.

How to Write a Marketing Plan

1. Think of the Goal-Setting

To create a marketing plan, get ready with the assignment of missions. It should be a clearly formulated statement related to the business identity, its services, and markets it is involved in. Usually, the objectives may be described in a couple of sentences. In the case of corporate giants, it is also possible to make a combination of a mission and vision statements taking few paragraphs. Have a look at marketing plan templates in the Internet.

2. Mention Niche and Target Markets

It is essential to pay attention to the groups of clients that may be interested in the products offered. List the potential customer base and identify the desired market segments. Working on this section, you may refer to concrete people by the position held, for instance, a general manager or a chief accountant. When analyzing target consumers, it would be helpful to take into account age groups. Additionally, include some information on the niche markets.

3. What Services Do You Provide?

By the means of research, you get to know the interests of the clients your business is aimed at. Describe the services you already offer and take some time to come up with a number of fresh ideas. Figure out the prospected requirements and costs if you decide to implement something new.

4. Set Forth a Precise Marketing Plan and Strategies for Promotion

To determine the triumphant path to go, you should be heedful of the things that appeal to your intended audience and make them buy what you propose. There should be something that people would like to respond to. Having this in your mind, check the latest trends, clients’ wishes, and problems in the sphere. You may skim through trade journals or visit professionally-oriented conferences. Many things will become clear after spreading the channel of communication with potential buyers. What is more, do not lose the possibility to form alliances with other companies. The point is to find out the methods that will work well for your business. This is only possible if you are not scared to try again and again until you get a positive result.

Here is an overview of the most used marketing strategies:

  • A network that appears in personal interaction or online, where people have a chance to comment.
  • Direct techniques including sending brochures, letters, flyers that inform about a special occasion or sale. These messages may be regularly distributed among a special circle of users.
  • Promotion through print media. It should draw attention to an offer that should be immediately responded to.
  • Making the audience aware of your brand with various training programs.
  • Articles printed in professional journals that tell in which way a person may get the advantage of getting your assistance.
  • Direct selling is one of the most expensive ways of promotion. It allows you to get to one client in one hit.
  • Press releases could be sent to the regional radio, newspapers, and TV stations.
  • Taking part in a trade show is one more chance to show up.

There is no reason for disappointment if you have done everything correctly but it doesn’t work for you. The way out is to leave it aside and seek for something different that would be appropriate. Polish your skills in the process and you will be able to make good use of each of the methods introduced. There is a range of books on sales and marketing that will teach you to act wisely while running a business.

5. Realize the Competition

This is extremely important to stay informed about your competitors and make a decision on how you will approach them. It is significant to investigate who your indirect and direct competitors are and evaluate their effectiveness in the field. There should be some feature that makes them stand out. Your business is also special in some way, so find the things that differs it from the rest. Estimate your strong and weak sides to put emphasis on the things that would represent you in a positive light.

6. Spell Out Marketing Goals

At each step of the development, a company focuses on a certain characteristic and takes effort to improve it. It may be the widening the customer base or increasing the amount of profit you get per period of time. But to make those aims a reality, you need to formulate and write them down allowing for all possibilities. It requires you to be realistic and applying practical approach. Assess critically what resources you have to implement and change.

7. Check the progress constantly

Track the productiveness of the strategies that you have adopted. Some of them may be absolutely inactive. Study the ones that elevate sales and engage new customers. One of the methods to identify them is to keep users’ response under observation. Ask people who use your services why they choose you. Such surveys should conclude a question about suggestions that they find relevant.

Issues not to Forget about:

  1. Search for the clients that provide you with a long-term outlook.
  2. Interview your buyers and get to know them better.
  3. Concentrate on the target markets that you would like to reach.
  4. There is a risk to scatter too much. Instead, think about the marketing plan for a particular group of people.
  5. Be ready to fail and to implement some new methods numerous times. This is how you become more experienced and learn about the nature of business.
  6. All the time you should revise your marketing plan.

Marketing Plan Format

This type of reference document should be formatted according to the basic writing rules.  

  • The first and the last component. Introductory section and summary are weighty elements in the plan. To start, you should present a short overview of the marketing plan. An executive summary should be also presented as you sum up the writing. This helps to estimate if there is any sense in the paper that you have composed. Tell what is the mission of your business, its objectives, and the broad strategy applied.
  • Carry out research. Add the results obtained after the internal and external research. Investigate the environment to get aware of the possible threats and prospects for your company. The factors you should take care of are changes in society, technological nuances, economics, environmental issues, politics, law regulations, and ethical policies. Moreover, you need to look over the real capabilities and problems existing in your business. Consequently, a solution should be found to overcome the weak points.
  • Grasp the objectives. Determine your objectives. This is not just something you wish to achieve; objectives should be based on a number of components as the strengths of a business and the peculiarities of the environment. They need to fulfill the criteria of being specific, measurable, realistic, achievable, and time-bound.
  • Work out a marketing strategy. Clarify the exact marketing strategies you opt for. It shows a step-by-step approach to make your marketing plan function in reality. At this point, you need to state the steps you are going to take. Explore the interests and needs of each segment, so that you could reach them with the things you can offer. Expect whether there is a chance to take an advantageous place in the competition. That is why bear in mind to do your best to position yourself favorably.
  • Elaborate in detail the chosen tactics. You need to gain an insight into the real plan to follow. Understand what are the values of your clients and if your product fits in these criteria. Be realistic about the pricing as far as some buyers will simply refuse to pay for your service with an artificially high price. To add to that, consider the place to sell and distribute what you produce.

Remember that a well-formulated marketing plan is halfway to success. Roll up your sleeves to make it precise, informative, and balanced to have a powerful effect on your company’s performance!