Speech About Poverty

Speech about Poverty

Even though we are living in the 21st century, we should remember that poverty remains one of the biggest problems. This phenomenon is particularly dangerous not only for poor strata but also for other social classes. Poverty is closely connected with hunger, corruption, growth of crime, and many other problems. Therefore, people should look for some efficient ways to solve this problem.

Poverty is a subject for many speeches and discussions. Although it may seem pretty easy to talk about poverty, we want you to know that creating an impressive speech about poverty isn’t that simple. To engage your audience and make these people follow the flow of your ideas, you will need to use relevant facts and statistics, tell about your real-life experience, as well as use various persuasive techniques that would convince your audience that your point of view is correct. Keep in mind that irrelevant information, hypocrisy, and fake facts will greatly affect the quality of your speech. Thus, if you want to compose a good-looking speech, you will need to do your best to organize the creative process properly. Below, you will find some suggestions that will help you cope with your speech assignment successfully.

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Writing a Speech about Poverty: Common Guidelines

When it comes to creating a speech, one should be aware of all the common standards and conventions of speech writing. By your speech, you will demonstrate your knowledge, background, values, experience, and emotions. Therefore, you need to apply maximum effort to make your speech sound convincing.

Before you start working on your speech, you will need to figure out who your target audience is. By obtaining this information, you will be able to understand what tone and style of writing to choose, as well as what arguments to suggest to convince your listeners. When writing a speech about poverty, there is a high risk that you will make it too emotional. Pay attention that your task is to talk about the rights of unprivileged and depraved individuals in an objective way; thus, you need to clear your mind from social and personal prejudices.

To figure out how to develop your arguments, you may need to study some effective speeches available online. By having good samples, you will find it easier to understand how to grab the attention of your audience, how to develop your arguments, how to finalize your speech in an efficient way, etc.

A very important thing that should be considered when working on a speech is a logical sequence of ideas. By jumping from one idea to another without smooth transitions, you will puzzle and confuse your reader, which will have a negative effect on the overall result of your speech.


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How to Write a Speech on Poverty?

To write a good speech, you will need to follow a traditional structure that will help you develop your arguments in a logical way. Have a look at the main parts of any speech:

  1. Salutation remarks. The opening part of your speech serves for the salutation of your audience. For instance, you may say, “Dear Guests,” “Honorable Audience,” “Respectable Judges,” etc.;
  2. Topic introduction. Next, you will need to contextualize the topic of your speech by providing your audience with the appropriate background information. Most probably, you will need to make a claim that will be proven or rejected in your speech;
  3. Main body. In the main body of your speech, you will need to provide convincing arguments supporting your claim. In this part, you are free to analyze the problem from different angles supporting your evidence with credible academic sources;
  4. Conclusion. When it comes to speech writing, a conclusion is the most important part as it allows making the right impression on the audience.
  5. Say “Thank you!” At the end of your speech, you will need to express your gratitude for the attention of your audience. After all, your audience has spent time, attention, and patience when listening to your speech. At the same time, you should not make long statements expressing your warm feelings. Just a short notice “Thank you all!” will be enough.

Find the Best Topics for a Speech on Poverty

  • Do you lack writing inspiration? Have a look at a couple of topics that will help you figure out what angles of the subject still require thorough analysis:
  • Discussion of poverty among different schools of thought;
  • What are the main consequences of being poor?
  • What are the main obstacles on the way to eliminating poverty?
  • How can public opinion change the situation of poverty?
  • What should be done by the developed states to overcome poverty in underdeveloped countries?
  • Can poor people be comfortable with their living conditions?
  • How can a single individual transform public opinion about poverty?
  • What are the responsibilities of the state towards the poor?

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Even if you are good at writing academic papers, speech writing may be a great challenge as it requires using a totally different approach. When writing a speech, you will need to combine your good writing skills with your persuasive capacity. Having no time or sufficient experience, you may fail to write a good speech. However, you should not be worried about that because you can always buy a speech on our user-friendly website, and we will do our best to provide you with an impeccable piece that will meet and exceed your expectations. In our team, we have many professional writers who are capable of producing great speeches on different occasions. No matter what the subject of your speech is, we will assign a skilled and competent writer who will handle your task professionally. In fact, cooperation with our service will become one of the best investments in your career because we used to provide our customers with nothing but the best. When you are dealing with our service, you can totally forget about the poor quality, missed deadlines, plagiarism, or other problems. Having many years of experience in speech writing, we know how to impress the most demanding audience.

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We Can Help You with Different Types of Speeches

There are many different types of speeches, but our writers know all of them. No matter what kind of speech you want to order at our service, we will provide you with an impressive piece corresponding to your instructions. Have a look at what speeches you can order at our service:

Persuasive speech

A persuasive speech is a speech that is written with the purpose of inviting the audience to a specific point of view. When writing such a speech, the author should appeal to logos, ethos, and pathos. When writing a persuasive speech about poverty, one should pick up a certain argument and support it by using convincing arguments;

Informative speech

As it is clear from its title, the main purpose of this speech is to inform the audience about some information. Unlike a persuasive speech, an informative speech does not appeal to the emotions of the audience as it should just provide them with a compilation of accurate facts;

Special occasion speech

Such a speech is typically prepared for a special occasion and combines the characteristic features of the speeches presented above. Very often, such a speech is based on the author`s personal experience.

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