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How to Write a Thesis Statement for a Research Paper

Regardless of whether you are writing a small essay or a dissertation, your thesis statement will probably be the most difficult part of your writing process. A properly written thesis reveals the purpose of your document, thereby serving as a means of controlling the functional purpose of the provisions of the research paper and its structure as a whole. Without a good thesis statement, your arguments may seem weak, inadequate and uninteresting for the readers.

What Is a Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the main idea that comes to mind when working on some research. Usually, the text should contain several provisions that need to be proven; they form the basis of the essay. The theses differ significantly from the plan. They convey the content of the work, the main conclusions of the author and their justification. With the help of these, the contents of the book or articles are discussed in more detail.

When writing this part of your thesis paper, you can use the method of brainstorming. This technique lies in noting interesting and useful ideas that relate to your topic. First, you need to write out all the thoughts that you have about the problem. Then you need to analyze them and focus on the main one. It will become your thesis statement. Remember your thesis should be as brief and informative as possible. Usually, authors write 1-2 sentences to express the main idea of the text or paragraph. These sentences should be clear and understandable. Do not use different epithets and metaphors in this part of the research paper. Remember your work should reflect all the features of the scientific style, which excludes the possibility of using the vernacular and literary, artistic tools. We can make an exception only for research in the field of literary criticism or linguistics, but such words can be applied only as arguments disclosed in the body of the text but not as thesis statements.

Where to Place the Thesis Phrases

Because of the role that such statements usually play, as a rule, they are placed after the first paragraph or after the introduction. However, you can use several thesis statements in any paragraph of your essay. Limit each thesis to 1-2 sentences. Your statements must be clear and substantive. They help to understand the topic and the way of thinking in the document, as well as your position on this theme.

Choose an Interesting Topic

This should be done as the first step of writing your research paper since the entire document will be based on the topic you have chosen. Explore your theme. The purpose of this phase is to find a specific area within the chosen topic that will interest both you and your audience. Use words and phrases that express your confidence

Learn Your Potential Audience

Find out the type and purpose of the document that you will write, as well as what audience it should be focused on. If you write an research paper, its goal will be certain evidence aimed at your readers. If you write a descriptive document, its goal will be a specific description of something for the target audience.

Stick to the Proper Structure

Remember that your thesis statement should contain two parts:

  • Presentation of your topic;
  • A summary of what you will talk about.

The draft of your thesis will help you move on the right track and think through them thoroughly, develop your ideas further and clarify the contents of the document.

There are two approaches to writing theses. Some people think that it is not worthwhile to start writing a document without having ready ideas, even if you have to correct them a little later. Another approach suggests that you cannot know where your train of thought may lead you until you write the document.