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How to Write a Movie Review

How to Create a Film Review

In the modern world, the media, and cinema in particular, play an important role in shaping the information picture of the world and creating a unified communicative space. The media sphere is a pivotal component of modern mass culture. The texts functioning in the media sphere reflect the reality and organize the information space, thereby exerting a direct influence on the state of a sociocultural personality. Therefore, it is crucial to learn how to correctly write a movie review for students. As a rule, a movie review consists of the following parts:

  1. The title that attracts the attention of readers.
  2. The introduction, containing the main thesis and expressing the reviewer’s opinion about the film.
  3. The main part of the review, which contains the following paragraphs:
  • analysis and criticism of certain aspects of the film (the director’s intention, script, plot, style, soundtracks, special effects, etc.);
  • comparison with previous works of the director and actors, with other films;
  • the selection of successful and unsuccessful moments.
  1. The final part contains a summary of the reasoning and pieces of advice to the viewer about watching this movie.

As a rule, the assessment of the film by professional critics is of higher quality than that of the Internet users. In the reviews of an ordinary person, the emotional factor prevails, they are endowed with strong expression and have a pronounced evaluative, that is, explicit character.


A good essay usually consists of three main parts. The first paragraph of the text is an introduction. Here you have to tell readers about the genre and main theme of the film. Pay attention of the audience to the main mood and atmosphere of the film too.

Then start writing the main part of your work. In the body of the text, describe all the details that relate to the plot of the picture and note what storylines are presented by the director and due to which episodes they reveal best. Evaluate the role of the actors and their professionalism too. Remember to mention the importance of the scenery as recreate the right atmosphere has to be recreated. Explore also such a critical factor as the work of the camera operator. If the film presents a large number of special effects, describe how realistic they are.

The final part of your paper should be conclusions. Here you have to put the overall assessment of the film and express your opinion. Tell the audience why you find this movie interesting (or uninteresting).


Music plays a very important role in cinema. Many songs that sounded in the films became world hits. Music may recreate not only the mood of the characters but also convey their feelings and state. Note the best melodies you remember. Write the name of the composer and performers.


Having written a film review, it is necessary to edit its text and correct all errors. To do this, you must read the work as a whole first and note all inaccuracies that relate to the structure of the paper and the logical presentation of the material. Then you need to read each sentence separately. Do this several times. Pay attention to the spelling of complex words and the structure of sentences. A special role is played by punctuation in the text. Improper placement of punctuation marks may distort the content of your paper. In addition, make sure that your work has no spoken words, tautology, and speech clichés. Now you know how to write a good movie review correctly.