How to Write a Film Critique Paper

A critical essay is an evaluation of a work of art. Students are regularly faced with the task of creating film critique papers. Work on a movie consists of several stages. Read these tips to learn how to analyze movies correctly. If you do not have time to write an essay, address to professional film critique writing service.


The variety of the currently existing genre transformations of the critical essay requires the identification of a stable, invariant system of components that are mandatory for such a text. The critical essay should include such components as an informative part, an evaluation unit, and an analytical (or argumentative and analytical) part. These elements of the text correspond to the main functions of the review, such as informative (statement of fact), appraisal (assessing the subject of the review), and argumentative-analytical (justification of the assessment, analysis of the subject under review). In addition to these functions, it is customary to single out the impact on the intended audience.

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The heading is an element of the text that is closely related to the other components of this system, adopting a stylistically strong position, naming the text and giving the initial information about it. Being one of the most significant parts of the text, it is an initial impulse for the audience to read the text of a critical essay.


The critic can plan the content side of the introduction in different ways, for example, giving meaningful information about the work, reporting the impression that the reviewed work made to him or her, etc. The strategy for entering a topic can be implemented in various ways. The reviewer may begin the paper with information about the characters. Your article may begin with an evaluative or ironic statement. As a rule, a critical essay begins directly with the description of the plot of the work. Entering the topic can be done by referring to the events of the past. There may be some variants the introduction (a quote from the analyzed film; impressions of the writer; an issue requiring resolution; biographical or bibliographic information, but only if they are essential for the development of the author’s thought).


As a rule, in the main part of the essay, the critic reports some information about the picture, such as features of the process of working on the film, the place of this movie in a series of the director’s works, the reaction of critics, which was caused by the premiere of the film. In addition, the writer informs the readers about the content of the movie, introduces them to the main characters. The main part of the paper contains a general assessment of the picture and an evaluation of its components, as well as the rationale for this assessment. Literary ethics requires the writer to inform the readers about the content of the film. Such a brief retelling requires not only reasonableness and integrity but also focus on the main problems of the work. It is necessary to note interesting, unusual moments, for example, an unconventional manner of presentation, some aspects of style, etc. In other words, it should mull over the analysis of the essential elements of the film, regardless of the author’s attitude. You can proceed to the subjective evaluation of the movie only after an objective analysis.


  • Description of the work.
  • Information about the author and director.
  • The plot of the movie, the most vivid episodes (explain your choice).
  • The author’s creative intent and its implementation (theme, idea, problems raised by the author; what are the features of the director’s idea).
  • Features of the genre and composition.
  • Evaluation of mastery of the image of characters, the acting.
  • The problem questions of the film, their relevance, and importance.
  • Work of director (creative interpretations, impressions from stage design, musical accompaniment, and special effects). 
  • Your impressions.