How to Restate a Thesis

Completing an academic writing, students come to the conclusion section in the course of time. This part requires summarizing the key points mentioned before and, what is really important, reformulating thesis statement. It seems to be quite troublesome for many students to make the final paragraph valid and comprehensive.

There is a great number of course books and writing guides with suggest restating thesis and cast the light on how you have reached the wanted result or, in another case, have not succeeded in this deal. You should also explain how you made your way through the whole investigation process and which traps and pitfalls you have encountered.

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The question is how to restate thesis so that it looked well-deserved and served for a powerful finishing statement for an academic paper. Our team of professional writers has compiled a list of helpful ideas on completing a final part of the paper, in particular regarding the way you can accomplish reformulating the thesis statement.

This guide contains tips on writing the final part for any type of writing. It shows how to do it effectively and successfully within a short period of time.

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How to Restate a Thesis Statement in the Concluding Section?

  1. Once the main body of your paper is already done, you logically come to the next section, which should briefly duplicate some information from the previous part and laconically repeat the main idea that penetrates the entire writing. You may be stressed thinking how to encapsulate it all together in these several pages. No hysteria. Here is a step-by-step approach we recommend:
  2. Select an exact placing for your thesis in the summary. When you’ll be working on the rough draft, think of the most fitting place for the restated thesis. You can do it the last sentence of the final, or, as an alternative, it may be a pre-last sentence, as far you would like to add some supporting sentence after to persuade a reader.
  3. It is not only the thesis idea that should be concluded. If you feel like adding some other details like emotional feedback or something else, just do it. What is more, you should not only follow the wording but the idea itself. 
  4. “And what?” This is the question that constantly hits a reader. Therefore, you should definitely address it and prepare precise, logical answers for your audience. Extend the initial thesis with the help of additional argumentation already presented in the main body of your paper. 
  5. Try not to sound hackneyed. There is a high risk to overuse all those language clichés. Of course, there is a dose of them you need to apply in order to connect the ideas. Nonetheless, too many of them make a text uninteresting and hoary. Remember, tired tropes do nothing good for your paper. So, devote enough time to write it originally and present your outcomes appropriately. The result will be satisfactory in many aspects, it may make you contended, as well as your professor, who will eloquently express it with the point you’ll get. 
  6. Reread you conclusion and evaluate if it is convincing and well-founded. Sometimes, it also happens that the result we have received is not something that we have been waiting for. But that is also not a problem, be honest and tell that there is the lack of data or that this issue was not yet investigated by leading scholars in the sphere. Do not worry, you have already made good effort and achieved some progress. 

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The ideas above are all aimed at your success. Following them, you may receive a solid and well-thought-out restated thesis for finalizing part of your writing assignment. Whenever you face difficulties during the process and have things to be clarified, do not doubt to contact our writing team and buy thesis that would be perfectly fitting!